2015 Land Cruiser Prado

2015 Land Cruiser Prado – There’s no denying that there are people who swear by the Land Cruiser. They won’t have any more. Can the new 2015 model named Land Cruiser win over loyal customers? Can I be a translator at the end of the exam?

Upcoming skiing with a group of teenagers is the perfect test for Prada. Let’s face it, at nearly $90,000, the Prado VX with permanent AWD can handle snow or tow a boat better than a mud field. The ski trip is aimed at teenagers and me, so the Prado will work for space, speed and grace.

2015 Land Cruiser Prado

Make no mistake, the Prado is big and bulky. It sits between the Highlander and the Land Cruiser 200, but while it’s the bigger 200’s smaller brother, it’s longer, longer and wider. When you sit in the driver’s seat, you will have a wonderful view of the wide engine hood. The new model has some changes compared to its predecessor – a different group of headlights and almost mandatory daytime running lights, a new mask. Is the new plan interesting? Physically it’s a nice car – I think one of these looks better in person than in pictures. It’s good for me from every point of view. It’s no Evoke (sigh), but it carries over the good design qualities of the previous Prado and makes it fresh. I think Toyota did a good job fitting the shape of the car to its size – it’s nice to look at. On the other hand, it’s a really gentle refresh – apart from the slightly different face, the other cars look good. Rear light change, but we have to say goodbye.

Sold 2015 Toyota Landcruiser Prado Gxl

The storage area is under the rear, so while it stays clear at the back, you can replace it with a shallower boot. This is one area where the Prado does not shine. There is not much space if you have 7 seats, because all 7 seats work, you can put some bags behind the third seat and that’s great. Genuine leather bag. Check a checked bag or buy a roof rack if you plan to carry 7 passengers and luggage at all times.

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On the plus side, the Prado’s entertainment trick raises and lowers the quiet third row electrically, and parts can be electrically adjusted individually when the seats are up. Before lifting the seat, you must first remove the package tray.

Of course, for those who like a lot of buttons and gadgets (I belong to that club), there is a lot to play with in the new Prado. Even the fancy GX model is equipped with a leather steering wheel with audio and Bluetooth controls, three-zone climate control, central locking, cruise control, built-in satellite navigation, hill-descent control, economy. gauge and engine block. The VX model (the one we tested) adds MID controls on the steering wheel, heated front and rear seats (good for that ski trip!), leather upholstery, a “full power input system,” fruit tones, a bag that connects the rails. , multi-terrain camera, electric tilt and telescopic steering column, front and rear parking sensors, rain effect wipers, automatic headlights, automatic adjustment of front and rear fog lights.

This revolutionary machine gets air when people see it for the first time. When you turn the car off, the wheel moves inward and up, out of the way. When you start the car, it goes down and out to where you had it before. Kids love it.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4wd 2.8 Diesel Tx L Package Navi Leather Japanese Used Suv

As mentioned, the front seats in the VX are 8-way power-adjustable on the driver’s side, including power-adjustable lumbar support that extends from zero to the knees behind you. Thank you very much for the long journey. The VX Limited model has memory buttons for the seats and steering wheel, while the GX and VX do not. The VX has 230V power (max 100 watts) on the back, which is ideal for charging phones or plugging in other inexpensive devices.

The VX Limited adds DVD Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) with 2 infrared headphones and 3 power sources. It also has a pre-collision safety system, safe, cruise control, advanced radar cruise control, multi-terrain selection and a power tilt/pop sunroof. At $99, the 990 VX Limited is at the higher end of this SUV class.

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Safety is well covered with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Wheel Slip Control (A-TRC), Hill Start Assist Control (DAC), Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) and Trailer Sway Control (TSC).

The new 2.8 liter diesel is a gem. Smooth and quiet, a bit more power (130Kw compared to 127Kw at 3400rpm for the one), better fuel economy and output and a good bit of extra torque than the 3-litre (450Nm compared to 410Nm). There was a change from a belt to a chain camshaft and a lower compression ratio (15.6 vs. 17.9). This new engine brightens up all types of riding. Add the new 6-speed automatic, which is also a beauty. The new gearbox selects the right gear at the right time – the shifting is smooth and the manual selector mechanism is excellent too – the quick shift of the lever gives instant feedback. Add to that a good gear selector and the new Prado will be fine on the road.

New Engine For 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

According to Toyota, “the new turbodiesel engine uses Thermo Swing Wall Insulation Technology (TSWIN) for the first time in the world. The thermal barrier technology helps the engine achieve a maximum thermal efficiency of 44 percent.” So you have to go. This is the same engine and gearbox that will be available in the 2016 Hilux – and it will be a great combination.

Interestingly, on the way back down the hill, the car decided not to shift into fourth gear for about 30 miles. Given the smoothness of the new engine, I couldn’t tell until I saw the tachometer read 3000 at 100km/h. This is wrong. It came of its own accord and was undoubtedly just a mistake. Might have to start over.

I read quite a bit about the Prado before I drove it – in fact I read a lot of magazines just writing this review. We walked on the winding road that is Mount Rimutaka. For those of you who don’t know it, let’s just say it’s backed by motorcyclists, and you’ll get the picture. It’s an atmosphere where anyone suffering from car sickness will lose everything. Prado surprised me. It also detects blood very well. I actually wish I had gone alone instead of staying with my wife and daughter, as I would have gone sooner. The problem is that the leather seats on the VX are comfortable, but also slippery. My daughter had to hang out in the back seat when I moved the Prada around a corner. And he had a lot, but the words from the passenger seat really let me down. Manual Prado. It looks like it settles down – it might look different from the outside – but it spins around corners, losing its length and 2.2 tonnes of weight. Excellent grip on 265/65R17 tires. I found that if I came out of a corner with a little rollover (rare), pressing the gas pedal brought it back into line. Not only is the management good, it’s also fun. I can’t believe I’m writing this. I’m laughing now. I’d like to go back to the top of the mountain with no traffic to slow me down and no passengers… all the while obeying the speed limit, of course. It’s no MX5, but for me it sets the bar for long and twisty four-wheel drive roads.

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I’m reading a newspaper. Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) is fitted to all VX models and adjusts the front and rear anti-roll bars based on the movement of hydraulic cylinders. Apparently, “higher tread stability is provided to stop rolling and provide a higher level of on-road performance.” Toyota, it runs and runs well. As for the suspension, it runs on a mechanical front suspension with double wishbones and a rigid outer link rear. Water resources are used in all four directions. It is intensively controlled and handled slowly. There is no suspension noise to speak of and the overall ride is very good, even with the driver and no extra cargo.

Toyota Adds New Diesel Engine To The Revised Land Cruiser

The Spot Monitoring System (BSM) performs the treatment; unobtrusive and easy to use. In fact, after driving the Prada and getting into the car without it, M

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