9 Night South Pacific Cruise

9 Night South Pacific Cruise – Continuing yesterday’s boarding of the Carnival Legend 9 overnight cruise in the South Pacific, we woke up to beautiful sunshine.

By the way people, for those who don’t know what the number of days is above. This is the number of days Moni () and I traveled.

9 Night South Pacific Cruise

You can always follow the movement of the ship and watch the weather on the TVs in the cabins or on the TVs in the lobby.

Princess Cruise Deals

We enjoyed quick service for breakfast in the main dining room of Truffles and enjoyed a fun day at sea. There was a miniature golf game between the four of us, in which Mr. B won in a playoff against Mona.

A good view is from deck 10, where you can walk all the way forward and out through the bridge, giving a great view of the side of the ship.

The condition of the course was decent, just that the balls were very light, with a slight breeze and the movement of the ocean, it was fun.

Next, it’s time to play Murder Mystery Cluedo. Just like a board game, only with live characters on stage. During the following days at sea you could solve the clues and the winner was chosen out of a hat on the last day at sea.

What To Pack For A South Pacific Cruise

This was followed by bingo where we sat and watched. Interestingly, the prize money for each bingo game remains the same until the last day, when a full house of $5,000 is announced for less than 48 balls.

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Today’s performance by Thomas Crane, who was a finalist on the show Australia’s got talent. Thomas Crane portrays the legendary Freddie Mercury from Queen.

This show was AMAZING, he sang a lot of hits and could have sung a lot more but what he did was fantastic. He looks and acts exactly like Freddy and really got the crowd going, don’t miss this show.

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