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Alpha Venus For Men – Fearful mice become fat after their ‘alpha’ circuit is boosted, as results show ‘winner effect’ persists and mechanism may be similar in humans

Brash, bold and eager to impose their will on anyone who enters their sphere of existence: the alpha male in action is unmistakable.

Alpha Venus For Men

Now scientists claim to have identified the biological root of dominant behavior. New research has revealed a brain circuit that, when activated in mice, transforms timid individuals into bold alpha mice that almost always prevail in aggressive social encounters.

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In some cases, the social rank of the subordinate mice rose after the intervention of the scientists, suggesting that it might be possible to acquire “alphaness” simply by adopting the appropriate mental attitude. Or as Donald Trump would put it: “My whole life is about winning. I almost never lose.”

Professor Hailan Hu, a neuroscientist at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, who led the work, said: “We stimulate this brain region and can make the mice rank lower on the social scale.”

A region of the brain, called the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex (dmPFC), is already known to light up during social interactions that involve decisions about whether to be assertive or submissive with others. But brain imaging alone could not determine whether the circuit ultimately controls how people behave.

The latest findings answer this question, showing that when the circuit was artificially turned on, inactive mice were immediately encouraged. “It’s not aggressiveness per se,” Hu said. “It increases their perseverance, motivational drive, courage.”

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Mice generally organize themselves into stable social hierarchies that minimize conflicts between cage mates. So scientists have pitted animals of different ranks against each other in various tests to assess dominance.

In one, pairs of mice compete to push their opponent backwards out of a narrow tube. In the video, one subordinate mouse is seen to give only light resistance, but when the “alpha” circuit is stimulated for 10 seconds, it adopts a rugby style, chasing the opponent along the pipe. With brain stimulation, low-ranking mice won 90% of the time against animals that were otherwise losers.

“When we took mice that were losing in the test tube test, they could win within seconds of stimulation,” Hu said.

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Intriguingly, the experience of winning seemed to leave an imprint on the mice, making them more assertive, even if their brains were no longer artificially controlled. They were found to be more combative in another scenario where they struggled to occupy a warm corner of a cage with an ice floor.

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“We noticed that not all mice returned to their original rank,” Hu said. “Some mice [did], but some of them had this new dominant position.”

Scientists have described this as the “winner effect”, hinting that there may be a grain of truth to the self-help mantra of “fake it till you make it”.

The authors note that similar circuits exist in the human brain, and although our own social hierarchies are less rigid, they argue that similar mechanisms may be at play. The findings, they suggest, could have applications in understanding various psychiatric conditions in which people exhibit overly dominant behavior or lack motivation for social competition.

Ivan de Araujo, a psychiatry researcher at Yale University School of Medicine, agreed that the findings could be relevant to humans.

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“Rodent social behavior probably operates under very different conditions compared to human social behavior,” he said. “However, victory history is one feature of social dominance that is relevant to almost all studied social species, from insects to primates. Because each brain region studied has a direct primate homologue, the current study opens up new opportunities for understanding the involvement of brain regions associated with planning and by making decisions in the establishment of social hierarchies.

If the “winner effect” translates to humans, it would suggest that experiencing success in one area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife can help build confidence in another. “And you can imagine that for a really serious game, athletes could play a video game to have a winning experience to build confidence,” Hu said.

The study, published in the journal Science, used a technique called optogenetics, to identify and eventually take over the neural circuits involved in socially dominant behavior. The mice were genetically engineered so that the target neurons were sensitive to light, which meant the scientists could turn the circuit on and off at will by shining a laser into the mouse’s brain.

In recent years, optogenetics has opened a window into the brain circuits involved in a wide range of behaviors, from romantic attachment to predatory killer instinct. Venus is known as the planet of love, and its position in your birth chart can tell you a lot about your approach to love and relationships. It also has to do with how you value things in the material world and how you feel about your appearance.

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If you were born under Venus in Leo, you are a warm, generous and powerful lover. But you always want to be in the exciting “falling in love” phase, when the other person sees only your qualities and not your flaws.

You are very generous with your wealth and believe that success in the material world is best reflected in what you can do for others. You are very confident in your appearance and know how to use your aesthetic strengths.

While the position of Venus in our birth chart affects us on an individual level, the continuous passage of Venus through the signs affects us all because it dictates the type of “love energy that is in the air.”

When Venus moves into Leo, you are likely to feel more confident in your pursuit of the object of your love than usual. You will be generous and giving, but you may also suffer from a sensitive ego.

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Fortunately, Venus doesn’t retrograde through Leo often, but it will in 2023. Given its retrograde power over the heart, it’s good that Venus only retrogrades every 18 months.

When Venus is retrograde, we all tend to fall when it comes to love. If this combines with Leo energy, you’ll find that you don’t like the way other people, including your partner, see you and feel an intense need to rebel.

If you were born under Venus in Leo, you are a warm and generous lover in the love stages, but you may have trouble in the settling down stages. You can do distracting things to keep relationships in the “interesting” stages.

Your ego can also be quite wrapped up in how your partner sees you. Indeed, you want a partner who adores you and puts you on a pedestal. It can become very uncomfortable when you realize that your partner understands your flaws, even if they accept them.

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You have a fiery temper and can argue over small things, but these outbursts can be cathartic, and you’re not the type to hold on to silent hurt. Your passions are just as fierce in the bedroom, and you and your partner are always satisfied.

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While you want someone who adores you, you also want someone who you consider your equal and probably think of yourself as a “power couple”. This can sometimes make the road to true love bumpy, as you may prioritize the wrong characteristics of a partner.

Men born under Venus in Leo tend to be your classic, dominant alpha males. He is effortlessly confident and effortlessly warm. He doesn’t believe he has anything to lose by opening up and giving, which is very refreshing.

While he may feel like an ideal partner in the falling in love stages, he doesn’t like the lower energy levels in the settling down stages. For this reason, he may choose to fight or do frustrating things to “keep things interesting.” But these men are real and loyal and not the type to betray.

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Although they have a fiery and passionate nature in the bedroom, he is also concerned about creating a warm and safe den for the two of you. He tends to be very protective of his queen (and his cubs) in every aspect of life.

You can expect women born under Venus in Leo to be somewhat intimidating. They like to be admired and being a little hard to get is part of that. Plus, it helps them weed out potential partners who just aren’t up to the challenge.

She wants wine, food and to be adored. Whether you’ve been together for two weeks or 20 years, she wants a partner who makes every day special. If you forget the anniversary, you can expect to face her hot temper, which she uses to get what she wants.

In the bedroom, she is also very concerned about getting what she wants. She wants pleasure, and she wants a partner so in love that he will always come back for more.

Venus In Leo In The Birth Chart

Venus in Leo appreciates passion like Venus in other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius. They keep you on your toes and keep you satisfied

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