Apo View Hotel Davao

Apo View Hotel Davao – Perfectly located in the heart of the city, Apo View Hotel offers its guests modern accommodation, excellent service and warm hospitality, while enjoying the hotel’s rich heritage – amidst beautiful vignettes of its famous city. Known as the second oldest hotel in the country, Apo View Hotel has maintained its grandeur and remains a destination of choice for foreign and local tourists.

The beautiful and picturesque views of Davao await you at the most prominent location in the city. Imagine the perfect backdrop to make any gathering unforgettable.

Apo View Hotel Davao

A perfect venue for large events such as conventions, weddings, performances. For special events, the ballroom can be divided into two ballrooms (Ballroom A, Ballroom B).

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Serving delicious menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of local and international cuisine, the restaurant is where you can indulge in a culinary feast.

A great place to relax in the sun and just relax or take a few laps to start or refresh the day.

I am proud to say that I was born in Davao City and “Apo View Hotel!” the best among the best..❤ When I was a child, I dreamed of going to beautiful and expensive hotels like The Apo View Hotel Managed by Icon in Davao City, but my parents couldn’t afford it because of the cost. food and their rooms…but I understand that I have to work and study hard to make my dream come true. After many years and past in “APO VIEV HOTEL”, I graduated from University of Mindanao. I had my own job and a big happy family, but my dream is always a dream, because even if I have a job, we can’ I won’t be there because of financial problems, but I can’t come either, but I always tell my friends/ recommend and introduce to my relatives to come and see the resort / environment and the view of almost a small facility and others also say: Until now my best friend calls me APO VIEV HOSTEL… ..I can say that the TIME and MONEY are worth it…and I am very grateful to my best friend for the opportunities and experiences..but one day my dream will come true…”I will come to APO VIEV HOTEL” with great happiness with my family, soon..

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Dear Apo view Hotel, Kanang mo apil ko sa inio 70th anniversary promotion. Dakong Php 20,000. Ingun ani akong speaks in simple language. Kanang dha ko naga coffee more than a year siguro naga balik balik ko dha kai kodor naga asa ko naai forever nia vala man diai diha ko naka kat on ug dars nga valai diai put to forever ang naa lang diai kai put to wifi murag kusug Wifi do If you haven’t switched to Wi-Fi in a coffee shop. Mo balik napod ko diha puhun pero with pool napod ninio kai naka MOVE ON naman ko Salamat kaaio bisag nasakitan ko pero naka move on man sad. Busa padag a ko ninio arun dili ko mo balhin sa laing hotel. joke #MyApoViewStory Regards, Jason

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Apo View Hotel was established in 1948 shortly after World War II as a 15-room residence. It was a business venture of the Pamintuan family. The hotel was expanded to 100 rooms in 1978, but was destroyed by fire in 1988. The hotel was renovated and 46 rooms were added. Apo View Hotel relaunched on October 19, 2017, at the time of the relaunch, the hotel had approximately 185 rooms. Three buildings will be constructed behind the hotel for residential and commercial use, and the construction of the tower will be completed in the 2018 commercial year. By the beginning of 2018, the hotel is expected to have more than 200 rooms. #MyApoViewStory Good day mom/sir: hello friendship, I would like to introduce you to one of the oldest hotels in Davao, Mindanao, Philippines. For nearly 70 years, Apo View Hotel has been providing excellent world-class service to many people. I remember when I was a child, my family went to church and after going to the mall near the hotel, I first saw a tall building with many people such as local Filipinos, celebrities, politicians and foreign tourists. At this time, I feel really ignorant and surprised, because I am interested in mini waterfalls with different lightnings for the first time, I expect there is a fish that I want to catch when I see it, there is no fish, just an artistic colored stone and the old tree, also known as the ballet tree, is very attractive. Over the years there are newly built hotels in the city, I must say competition, but apo view hotel is still a 3 star luxury hotel due to its hospitality, good customer service and the historical meaning of the name itself apo the view marks it as Mount Apo if you go. At the top building, you can see the highest peak of Mount Apo View as the largest mountain in the Philippines, that’s why it’s called Apo View, also witness a dazzling view. I visited apo viev many times because sometimes I was invited to some events, birthdays and seminars. I am very proud to be a Filipino as a daavenio because it is a welcoming and warm welcome to all visitors, I love the ambiance, amenities, friendly staff, delicious food and world class service. I recommend you to visit apo view hotel and experience the amazing place. Congratulations on the 70th anniversary of Apo View Hotel.

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Apo Viev will always be close to my heart as I celebrated not only my son’s first birthday here, but also my grandparents’ 70th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. My grandma always wanted to celebrate it with the whole family, but some of us are already out of the Philippines, so we organized something for them. We wanted to surprise them so we all came home from Australia and celebrated their wedding anniversary at Apo View Hotel on Christmas Day 2016. Unfortunately, a few months later, my brother passed away. I remember that he told me that he was very grateful for this holiday, because we celebrated it the way he always wanted. Looking at the photos from that day, I always remember how precious time is, and as my father always said, the time I spent with family was worth every second. Every time I see Apo View, I remember when our whole family celebrated that special day. Thank you Apo viev for being a part of this unforgettable event!

He is my husband Jeremy, he has a wonderful award of 10 years with the company … something to be proud of, it is a fruitful harvest of the seeds he planted with love, patience, courage, loyalty and determination to serve the company. to the best of his ability. As a wife, my endless support all these years would be my fulfillment, the challenges and struggles we face in life, don’t break the foundation we both are building, just as Apo View Hotel is living stronger years so far… my husband has been able to help his family tries to give all the support, has three kids who are all college graduates..knowing the trials and tribulations we’ve been through…you can’t imagine how we got here but the only reason we’ve survived our 26 year marriage…it’s all due to God and prayer is the only tool to continue the fight, we both believe we will survive…we will continue to dream…embrace the world in truth…and be grateful for what we have received and shared with the poor.. makes our lives complete… #MiApoViewStori..Thank you so much for this great opportunity to share our simple story mat…. God bless you….

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My experience at Apo View Hotel was full of pleasure, especially when I woke up in the morning with no one left in the room because breakfast is life. Going to the breakfast buffet was another level of excitement because the food was so good you stay there until 10am Lmao. Apo Viev serves as our second home away from Manila. Nice staff and nice receptionist no doubt about it. See you again Apo View.

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My life as an event organizer and producer requires a lot of focus and seriousness. I need a place to help my mind and body function properly. Apo View is just what I need in my busy schedule. I have to wake up early and start the day with a positive attitude! The only way to start the weekend off right is with a breakfast full of all the comfort food at Entree and, of course, coffee at Café Josefina. I plan all my meetings and appointments in the hotel restaurant, because you rarely see an empty space

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