Asus Gaming Desktop Australia

Asus Gaming Desktop Australia – ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN is the fastest gaming monitor on the market. Beyond the amazing refresh rate, this monitor can do a lot more. With the PG259QN, ASUS has shown that it understands the esports market very well.

ASUS has been making Republic of Gamers (ROG) monitors for a while, always asking for a high price, and maintaining a good look with additional features that are not found in regular monitors.

Asus Gaming Desktop Australia

ROG Swift PG259QN is the definition of 2020 monitor overkill. ASUS created a 24.5″ Full HD monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate, but achieved this with an IPS panel instead of a TN panel. IPS screens offer better color reproduction and display quality, but I’ve never seen them available at these speeds. A response time of 1ms (gray to gray) eliminates static and blurring of moving images, or reduces them to blurry objects. From here we can see that it runs with good image quality. It’s a good start, but it doesn’t end there.

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The PG259QN also features NVIDIA G-SYNC and HDR with compatible HDR10 color and brightness. The G-SYNC processor is compact with a fixed heatsink in a larger area, eliminating the need for a fan, and providing quieter operation.

NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) is also available. This runs at 240Hz and requires G-SYNC to be disabled. ULMB prevents poor vision and poor mobility, but not for everyone. I personally tried it and turned it off in favor of 360Hz and G-SYNC.

ASUS has also included a USB 3.0 hub with two connection ports and a 3.5mm audio passthrough for headphones or external speakers.

As expected, ASUS has made the ROG logo easily recognizable by anyone looking for a monitor. Especially on the back is the big ROG Eye RGB logo. Another thing that goes with the ROG brand is its high-quality construction and great attention to detail.

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It is important to note that the target market is not so much hobbyists, but professional esports players or competitive players with money. The price tag of AUD$1299 is the first sign that this project is special. ASUS meets the technical needs of competitive gamers, and caters to those with a sense of pride that needs to be satisfied.

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After three weeks of testing, we are confident that the features and technologies implemented in the PG259QN will provide a minimal advantage to professional gamers playing competitive titles such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege. The reason for this will be explained in detail later.

The stand has tilt (+20 ° to -5 °), swivel (+25 °/ -25 °), horizontal to vertical (0-90 °) pivot and vertical height up to 120mm. It is also very stable thanks to the active heavy duty suspension. You won’t be distracted by dropping your desk. The PG259QN’s stand is one of the sturdiest I’ve seen. I’m 6’2″ tall and use almost all of my monitors on a riser or VESA stand for comfort. If you have the PG259QN, you’ll also need a mount for long-term use. Plus, the display I’ve never had any issues with or neck soreness, this isn’t an issue. and the PG259QN, it’s something that tall gamers should know about.

GamePlus – PG259QN offers crosshairs, timers, clocks, FPS counters and display tools. The frame counter can be set to look like a simple real-time graph or a dynamic display controller. This is overlaid on the display at the hardware level and can be turned off via the button on the back of the monitor under the menu cap. Add-ons that can be used at the software level are also available, but embedding them in hardware is a ‘nice to have’.

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Game icons are preset menus that change your appearance to different colors. I left it in G-SYNC Esports mode for my main test.

ASUS has implemented measures such as anti-flicker and adjustable blue light to reduce eye strain and improve comfort during long gaming sessions. This sounds good, but as a public service announcement – it’s also a good idea to get up and take a deep breath.

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Only the lower bezels are shown on the PG259QN. I’ve used monitors in the past with reflective bezel edges that can cause 2-3mm of light around the edge of the monitor to reflect and distort the light. PG259QN is unlikely to have a problem or the same. There were no defects on the bezel/perimeter of the monitor. The power/display LED is also located on the lower right side of the front, so it’s not too bright, so it’s visible if you’re looking at it, but it’s not intrusive. I didn’t notice.

The 24.5-inch panel itself is excellent with no bad pixels, backlight smearing or visual glitches. Matte Anti-Glare does not reduce sharpness or make images look dirty. You can have negative results when looking at a monitor with a light source behind you, like in the picture below, but I’ve used it with a window behind me often and never had any problems. . When it is working and the display is working, the anti-glare coating works well.

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The PG259QN’s IPS display is clear and the viewing angles are kept to a minimum, so whoever is sitting next to you watching your game won’t have to worry too much about color shifts.

The PG259QN also has the heaviest and most solid surface I’ve ever seen. I fell on the table several times and was surprised and impressed by how stable the place was. At the bottom are two non-locking screws that attach the rear arm of the monitor to the stand. Another notable feature is that the legs protrude forward to provide stability, but not further forward than the control group. Cable management has been thought out by the ASUS design team to provide an open stand thanks to the sturdy construction materials.

Most people don’t need it, but it has a Kensington lock on the back. This can be useful as a tournament organizer or as your confirmation for LAN events. Once we return to another culture we can meet again.

The plastic cover on the back allows easy removal of the back port cover and blends well with the back decoration. If the desk and monitor weren’t attached to the wall, this would be lost on me, but there’s no denying that it looks and performs well.

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Avoiding the use of discrete fans to cool the G-SYNC chip, ASUS used a standard cooler with a large heatsink and vents for the PG259QN to breathe. This also fits the aesthetics of the ‘gamer’ style.

The products for sale are regular but strong. Our inspection department determined that the box was an extension of the carrier tape, but the Styrofoam inside was undamaged and the box did not show any integrity issues.

The menu is clear and easy to follow. Unfortunately it didn’t take good pictures, but the top quality doesn’t have to be deleted to navigate and find menus easily. A person with larger hands should immediately find a hat/stick with a raised button on the bottom, with a wider finger.

The RGB backlighting is invisible and looks great when you play, but you can take it or leave it. It adds enough oomph to make this possible with complete confidence. You can’t blame ASUS for wanting to make sure that anyone looking at this monitor doesn’t just think about the manufacturer. If you don’t like RGB, you can easily turn it off via the OSD menu.

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The i9-10900K was the fastest CPU available at the time of testing, and the Maximus XII Extreme is the established beast. To take advantage of the high FPS, we used an ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti OC graphics card with both 5GHz overclocks.

I was able to run this demo with the most powerful gaming hardware available (I tested it before the RTX 3080 was released). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test the PG259QN with high-end players. It was up to me here due to Melbourne’s lockdown laws, so I took my team and tried out a very cool setup for FPS games.

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