Aswan To Abu Simbel

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There are flights between Luxor International Airport and Aswan International Airport, but I found them very expensive. All the flights I’ve found are indirect flights with a stopover in Cairo and a journey longer than 5 hours.

Aswan To Abu Simbel

I used Seat61 information to book a train ticket to and from Luxor and Aswan online for 11€ for two first class. While this seemed like the perfect travel option, our train was 1 hour late. Since the ad was all in Arabic, the only way we could think of was a good tour guide who also took the train to Aswan to meet some clients. Luxor station was safe and once we got on the right train (passed a few while waiting for our delayed train, it was very confusing, didn’t understand the announcement) the train journey was relatively clean and simple.

Get Ali Private Tour Abu Simbel By Coach From Aswan

It is possible to drive between Luxor and Aswan, but locals told me that although the route is 3 hours, the roads are very bad, with potholes and speed bumps, and it will take longer. We did not consider this option due to safety concerns for self-driving in Egypt.

Honestly, if I had to start over, I would try to coordinate with the tour company we used in Luxor to arrange the Aswan tour and continue our tour in Aswan. Many personal guides or tour companies will take several private tours of the city. There are also full multi-city group tour packages, but I like the flexibility of a private tour.

I imagined Aswan would be a smaller city than Luxor, assuming the further south we went, the more rural Egypt would be, but I was wrong. Aswan is much more active than Luxor. You can move around the city by car, taxi or even a pre-arranged boat, which is necessary for visiting Elephant Island, Nubian villages, Mövenpick and the Temple of Philaesis.

Two famous hotels in Aswan are Sofitel Legend Old Falls Hotel and Mövenpick Aswan Resort. The Old Cataract Hotel became famous because Agatha Christie stayed at the hotel once a year to write her novel.

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Days 7 Nights Cairo, Cruise Nile Luxor ,aswan And Abu Simbel (4 Stars)

. Cataract Hotel has an old world feel with an updated interior! We chose to stay at the Mövenpick hotel on Elephant Island, the largest island in Aswan, one of the oldest sites in Egypt with artifacts dating back to pre-dynastic times. Since the hotel is on an island, there is a hotel boat from the mainland that can take you directly to the hotel and vice versa. I’ve eaten at most of the hotel’s restaurants and they’ve been great! Be sure to book the Italian restaurant at Mövenpick Panorama Bar and Restaurant, which offers stunning 360-degree views of the Nile and Aswan.

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Taxi: If you have no plans to go to the Temple of Isis, you can take a taxi to the Temple of Marina Philae, where you will need to take a local boat to the temple. This will involve haggling with a local boatman to take you to the temple. See below for some tips on how to do this.

Private Tour: To visit the Temple of Isis, we booked a private tour guide from TripAdvisor who picked us up from the train station and left our luggage in the car while we visited the God of Isis in the late morning Temple, after our visit the temple brought us to our hotel. Your schedule was great so we could visit in the morning without having to drop our luggage at the hotel first, the tour guide arranged a reasonable boat fee with the locals.

All Info You Must Know About Abu Simbel Temple Aswan

The Temple of Isis is one of the temples I am most excited to visit in Egypt as it is located on the island of Agilkia and can only be reached by boat. It is so dreamy that you have to take a boat to reach a temple. However, the temple was not always here. After the floods of Lake Nasser completely submerged the temple, the entire complex was moved from its original location on the island of Philae to its new location on the island of Agilkia.

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If you are not staying at Mövenpick Resort but still want to visit Koh Chang, you can still take a Mövenpick hotel boat from Mövenpick Resort Ferry Terminal to the island for a few EGP tips. Here you can see a large temple dedicated to the Aries god Khnum. There are also various sanctuaries and rock tombs belonging to the nobles of the city. Koh Chang is also home to two Nubian villages. Due to the Nubian villages on the island, women are advised to wear conservative clothing when visiting the island, but this is not required at the resort.

If you want to do that, I see a lot more people on the felucca boat in Aswan than in Luxor. A felucca boat is a wooden boat steered entirely by hand. I saw one passing by at dusk with music blasting and disco lights flickering. You can go to the many different ports on Aswan’s main boulevards and negotiate a ride directly with the driver (around EGP 300), or save yourself the hassle of haggling and book a hotel tour.

If you’ve already reached Aswan, take the time to drive a few more hours south to Abu Simbel, an Egyptian village close to the Sudanese border. Here you will find two stunning rock temples commissioned by King Ramses II. Some boldly say that if you haven’t seen the temples of Abu Simbel, you haven’t really seen Egypt.

Abu Simbel Excursion By Flight From Aswan

There is no train service to Abu Simbel, but there are local buses. The bus leaves Aswan at 07:00 and arrives in Abu Simbel at 10:00. This gives you plenty of time to explore the Abu Simbel Temples before the bus leaves Abu Simbel at 1:00 PM and returns to Aswan at 4:00 PM. You may not have as much time to wait for people to be removed from your photos, but it’s cheaper than a private car.

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If you do not have a pre-arranged tour, you can coordinate with your hotel to arrange a taxi to Abu Simbel. Contact your hotel once you know you want to take the day tour as they will need to find a licensed driver to complete the tour. There are several security checkpoints along the highway to Abu Simbel that only drivers with proper documentation can enter.

There are many group tours for day trips from Aswan to Abu Simbel. For safety reasons, the road between Aswan and Abu Simbel is only open at 5:00 am and closed again before 5:00 pm. Most tours depart around 5:00 or 6:00 on minibuses to Abu Simbel and arrive at 8:00 or 9:00. You can also schedule flexible private tours according to your schedule.

To visit the Abu Simbel temples without anyone else, either arrange a private tour that gets you started early and then the rest of the group tour is the first car on the highway, or plan an afternoon visit. After the tour is over. However, don’t forget that the road to Aswan closes again at 17:00 if you don’t plan to stay in Abu Simbel. At 4:00 in the morning, we meet our guide again on our first day in Aswan for a 3 hour tour of Abu Simbel. We were the first to hit the highway as it opened at 5am and arrived at the temple around 730am. Although the temple complex opened at 6am, we were the first to arrive from a day trip. Another way to visit without the crowds is to spend the night in Abu Simpur and avoid the 3-hour drive in the early morning.

How To Get To Abu Simbel: Everything You Need To Know

The main temple in Abu Simbel is the Great Temple of Ramses II, and you will feel small standing under the four huge and intact statues of King Ramses II at the entrance. The original Ramses II was arranged in such a way that each

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