Australian Army Infantry Museum Singleton

Australian Army Infantry Museum Singleton – Ten minutes’ drive south of Singleton in the Hunter Valley, the Australian Army Infantry Museum charts the history of Australia’s infantry men and women from colonial times to the present day.

Entry is free for members of the Australian Defense Force with a modest charge of $8.00 for adults (2020) and discounts for children and pensioners.

Australian Army Infantry Museum Singleton

The museum, located next to Lone Pine Barracks, has a new parking lot with multiple parking spaces.

Australian Matilda With Waterline Red Stripes.

Housed in a new, modern, purpose-built building, the museum is a major improvement over the previous building. The showroom is large, spacious and dimly lit. Professionally designed exhibits tell the story of the Australian infantry, their equipment, training and deployment.

In the courtyard outside, the Matilda tank and the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle, an Australian-made four-wheeled armored vehicle.

At the entrance is a beautiful memorial wall covered with tulips, on which are written the names of those who died in battle.

The first exhibit that greets visitors is a huge bronze sculpture of an infantryman that makes a great first impression.

Lone Pine Barracks / Singleton

On the first floor, there are exhibits covering heavy equipment used by the infantry, from field guns and carriers to helicopters. The walls contain display cases depicting operational deployments ranging from Sudan in 1885 to current combat.

The exhibits on the upper floor range from personal weapons such as rifles and grenades to uniforms and mortars. All exhibits are accompanied by explanations that add great context to the displays. Displays show how they developed and influenced the tactics, techniques and procedures of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps.

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If you are traveling through the area, this is a great museum to visit. It tells the story of the Australian infantry without glorifying the war. It shows how the military has evolved from colonial times to the present day, showing this with very professional renderings.

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