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Australian Army Public Relations Service – USS Wasp (LHD-1) in Brisbane Harbour, Deputy Chief of Staff (left) Chief of Staff Roger Noble and Commander Cruiser Strike Group 7 (right) Rear Adm. Fred Kacher opened the closing ceremony. Use Talisman Saber on July 27, 2019. United States Army photo

Australia’s Defense Minister said that no country, including the United States, can go it alone to face the economic and military challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

Australian Army Public Relations Service

“Deterrence is a shared responsibility,” said Linda Reynolds, a retired brigadier-general in the Australian reserve forces and the country’s defense minister since May, during an appearance at the Hudson Institute on Friday. Canberra is “clear-eyed” that the “complete strategic environment no longer exists [and] will not return.”

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“We are at the heart of the Indo-Pacific Ocean” and “this fact requires hard work” to meet emerging challenges from North Korea with nuclear weapons capability and a missile arsenal that rapid expansion, continued instability in the South China Sea over the past decade.Beijing’s extensive renewal of territorial claims and military forces.New threats from hypersonic missiles and cyber attacks are particularly worrisome.

“The active role of the United States is the key to peace [and] prosperity,” she said. The appeal of US soft power—willingness to invest without burdening Britain with huge debt and he did with Lend-Lease during World War II—just as important to me as hard power” in fostering regional stability and demonstrating the “rules-based” benefits of continued growth. order”.

The alliance between the United States and Australia is an “alliance,” a relationship that began a century ago on the battlefields of France and continued into Afghanistan, Reynolds said. “But it’s a connection that needs to be renewed with each generation. ” In meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Reynolds said Canberra was prepared to take part in countering the threats. Strengthening the Indo-Pacific region economically and militarily, she said, is largely dependent on the tone Australia sets when dealing with other countries, large and small. small

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Beijing poses a security challenge to Canberra and remains its largest trading partner, leaving China as Australia’s biggest challenge.

“Our values ​​define us,” and “that’s not irreconcilable,” Reynolds said. “China is important … in a way that requires deft handling. “

In the “grey zone” operation, China maintains a “face of denial” that seriously threatens to “undermine the sovereignty of the state. ” She said China’s actions require immediate attention not only in Australia but throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

Australia is also taking direct measures to protect its systems from potential intrusions by Chinese hackers, she said. Chinese telecom giant Huawei has been banned from entering China’s 5G market. A Reynolds administration would provide more federal control over technology trends and curb political disinformation and propaganda on social media.

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At a time when economic growth in the Indo-Pacific region is at the forefront and national focus, “regional security has not received the same attention,” she said. It is now being addressed in different capitals. as they seek support from partners in training and equipping their forces, and Australia is willing to provide such support.

Reynolds said Australia was “willing to pay the price” to maintain regional security, starting to modernize its naval assets and spending more than 2 percent of its gross domestic product on defense in the years to coming More important than spending money to upgrade ships, “we are determined to use them.” 1/3 Show caption + Hide caption – Soldiers of the US 3rd Infantry Regiment (Old Guard) and US Band “Pershing’s Own”, Australian “Mateship” hosted by 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph F. Dunford Join the special Evening Tattoo by tattoo… (Photo Credit: US ) See Original

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2/3 Show caption + Hide caption – Soldiers of the US 3rd Infantry Regiment (Old Guard) perform the Twilight Tattoo concert at Conmey Hall, Joint Base Camp Hall Myer-Henderson Hall, June 27, 2018, in Va. Joe Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that Twilight Tattoo… (Photo credit: US ) View Original

3/3 Show Caption + Hide Caption – June 27, 2018 in Fort Myer, Va. US and Australian troops perform at a special Twilight Tattoo celebrates a special Twilight Tattoo at In 2018, Australia and the United States will celebrate 100 years of marriage. First created in the trenches… (Photo courtesy: U.S. ) View MORE

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Fort Myer, Va. – Being a “fellow” has a completely different meaning in Australia than it does in the US.

Australians trust each other. A spouse is one who shares the last drink of water or the last meal or the last beer of the six-pack.

A Mateship Shares Values ​​The United States and Australia celebrated 100 years of “Mateship” with a special Twilight Tattoo last night, with services at the National Cathedral yesterday morning.

For the US and Australian forces, the idea of ​​a partner reaches a higher level. On July 4, 1918, US and Australian troops fought together, attacking German lines on the Western Front. Fighting was hardened by the Australian troops. The Americans were green. For the first time in history, and one of the few times in the First World War, American soldiers were fighting under the direct supervision of another country. Australian and American soldiers – from the 33rd Infantry Division of the Illinois National Guard – fought literally shoulder to shoulder at the Battle of Hamel. Platoons of Americans were attached to Australian companies.

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Marine Corps General Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said cooperation began at Le Hamel and grew with each conflict. “That cooperation – that partnership – continued in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Somalia and – more recently – Afghanistan and Iraq,” he said at a ceremony before the Twilight Tattoo. “I know that we are all together … proud of what our countries represent and how important our relationship is.”

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Dunford cited incidents in World War II, Vietnam and Afghanistan where Australian soldiers worked alongside US forces to defend their values. “That’s what partnership means to me – I’m honored to be associated with the Australian Armed Forces,” he said. “I can speak for all Americans here when I say that We are extremely proud of our relationship and look forward to the next 100 years of collaboration.”

Assistant Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan spoke about the relationship between the two countries at a memorial service yesterday. He said that the United States and Australia had built a building as impressive as the National Cathedral during the First World War and beyond in their fight against tyranny. He said the mansion was in the north of France.

“Its walls were not made of stone or wood, but of flesh and blood. “His mortar was in the mud in the trenches. His foundation was to inspire confidence in young kids from Queens and Queensland to Adelaide to Appalachia.”

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Shanahan said the bonds built on the Western Front had endured and that Australia and the US stood together in an interesting and complex world, and that the relationship needed leaders who could deal with uncertainty, uncertainty and change.

“Today we are the trustees of the bond. “We live in an exciting world with many possibilities and many dangers. We will always face challenges that we cannot predict. But relationships like this will help us get through them.”

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