Bangkok To Luang Prabang Flights

Bangkok To Luang Prabang Flights – BANGKOK, 19 May 2022 – AirAsia continues to relaunch its flight line celebrating the nation’s reopening policies and relaxation of entry requirements, bringing back two long-awaited routes Bangkok (Don Mueang) – Vientiane and Bangkok – Luang Prabang, Laos. From June 1, 2022, it will present proof of vaccination to fly only, as the requirements for testing for COVID-19 and quarantine requirements have been lifted. Members can book now – May 22, 2022 – one way only for 1,990 baht for travel from June 1, 2022 – March 25, 2023 through the Arecia Super App.

Sentisuk Klongchaiya, chief executive officer of AirAsia Thailand, said “The response has continued to be positive as AirAsia continues to resume flights and new routes in line with the national reopening policies and Thailand welcomes vaccinated travelers up.” due to the quarantine requirements of Covid-19. . With more convenience and lower travel costs, AirAsia is promoting and relaunching these two popular routes to Laos. Flying twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday) in Vientiane, travelers will once again be able to experience the Laotian capital, pray at Pha That Luang and eat at the city’s modern cafes from 1 June 2022. In addition, AirAsia will fly three times a week ( (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) Luang Prabang, a World Heritage City famous for its many Buddhist temples and natural wonders starting 2 July 2022.

Bangkok To Luang Prabang Flights

“AirAsia Thailand now flies to 8 countries on 20 routes, or more than 20 percent of our pre-COVID-19 network, supporting a strong recovery in the tourism sector. Passengers are particularly keen to travel to more ASEAN markets, as the flights are short and the cost of travel is low. At the same time, we see an opportunity to welcome international travelers back to Thailand, which is why we plan to increase the number of flights and routes to meet the strong demand. increasing,” said Mr. Sentisuk.

Get To Laos From Singapore By Flight, Singapore To Laos Flight Schedule

AirAsia currently flies to eight countries on 20 routes, namely; Direct flights from Bangkok to Laos (Vientiane, Luang Prabang), Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang), Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Siem Reap), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru), Indonesia (Bali) , Singapore, India (Chennai, Kochi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Jaipur) and the Maldives, as well as direct from Phuket to Singapore and Hat Yai to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). All routes allow travel without the need for quarantine and are operated in accordance with AirAsia’s strict health and safety measures. Bangkok Airways is a regional airline based in Bangkok, Thailand. It calls itself “Asia’s boutique airline”. It’s a fitting moniker because it’s small but beautiful. Bangkok Airways provided transportation from Bangkok, Thailand to Luang Prabang. It was my first trip to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

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Bangkok Airways operates 38 airlines. The main hub is Bangkok with secondary hubs in Phuket (HKT) and Chiang Mai (CNX). Bangkok Airways began scheduled service in 1986. Bangkok Airways flew its first jet, the 717, in 2000. I previously reported on a flight from Phuket to Bangkok in a “fake economy seat” on a Bangkok Airways A320.

Bangkok Airways has codeshare and other partnerships with Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad in addition to all three airline alliances. Frequent FlyerBonus program members can earn points and redeem rewards on Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Qatar and Jet Airways in addition to Bangkok Airways.

Bangkok Airways is unique in my experience in that all passengers are provided with snacks and soft drinks in the boutique lounge and courtesy corner/cap.

Bangkok Airways Inaugurates Direct Service From Chiang Mai To Luang Prabang (laos)

Boutique seating is one of my favorite things about Bangkok Airways. I didn’t use it on this flight. Instead I spent some time in the First Miracle Room near Door D5. Both it and the adjacent Chamber of Commerce Miracles are Priority Pass rooms. They have better drinks and food. It was a short walk to the bus gate for the long ride to the airport stand.

The cost of the trip was about $200. Lao Airlines also flies to BKK and LPQ. Using the same type of aircraft and in some cases the same aircraft, the price is usually a little cheaper.

Bangkok Airways’ fleet consists of six ATR 72-500s, nine ATR 72-600s, 14 A319s and nine A320s. Bangkok Airways ATR carries 70 passengers in a 2-2 row coach. A flight crew consists of two pilots and two crew members.

The flight was an ATR 72-600, a twin-engine, high-wing aircraft. The 500 and 600 models are identical except that the 600 has a new motor that can provide a 5% boost in power when cranking. Performance improvement begins in short terrain, high altitude and hot weather conditions.

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Direct (non Stop) Flights From Luang Prabang To Bangkok

I walked through the back door of the plane with my bag. The front exit row is located behind the cockpit and the front cargo hold. When I sat down I realized that I was carrying a much larger bin than the one above. I took it back again to put it on a luggage carrier that was in the back of the car. No problem

My seat was 1A, exit row, large seat. This seat has a good pitch because no one is sitting in front.

Unless the flight is full, Bangkok Airways and many other Asian airlines often leave exit row seats unassigned until check-in. The seats are free, and usually, in this case, I’m the only one sitting in the row. That’s another thing I like about this plane.

Northern area of ​​BKK. Bangkok is easy to irrigate but at five feet above sea level, it is vulnerable to rising sea levels.

Things To Look Out For In Luang Prabang, Laos

Bangkok Airways has excellent flight attendants. Vote it as my third favorite thing about Bangkok Airways. They offer hot meals on full A320 flights that are in the air for less than an hour. These flights start food service 14 minutes after take off. This morning flight had a sandwich.

There is no charge for beer and wine on Bangkok Airways international flights. Alcoholic beverages are not available on local streets. I commend airlines for free beer and wine on international flights and meals on almost all flights.

A large headrest protects someone from sitting in your seat but limits legroom. It doesn’t matter when you’re the only one in line. It was cold in the checkout line. I needed a blanket and Bangkok Airways has a coach.

Luang Prabang is an ancient capital in the mountains of north-central Laos where the Nam Khan and Mekong rivers meet. It has a metropolitan population of around 56,000. Landing began approximately one hour and forty minutes after the plane took off.

Lao Airlines Launches The Timetable 2022 2023

We landed on Runway 06 at 7200′ and parked on the ramp at 12:05. It took two hours and nine minutes to complete the 438-mile journey. I picked up my bag from the rear cargo area and enjoyed my walk to the terminal. Getting off the plane and walking through the terminal is much more fun and prestigious than using Jetbridge. Another thing I like about this airline is that they sometimes fly these promotional planes to small airports.

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Most tourists who need a Lao visa can get one on arrival. The fee for US citizens is $30. Some changes are a good idea but necessary.

The process of obtaining a visa is quick. Because most of the flights were Thai citizens or Lao residents who either had a visa or did not need one, the lines were short. Although I was one of the last people to enter the Terminal, getting the visa took less than five minutes and the journey was clear.

Bangkok Airways is a great little airline. The service is always excellent and the planes are new and in good condition. Aircraft such as the ATR 72-600 offer a large change of speed. They bring back the feeling of the early days of aviation. The walk between the plane and the terminal on a hot summer’s day is incredibly refreshing and cool, compared to transporting cattle cars to storage areas via the jet bridge. Incorrect email or password After 4 failed attempts, you will be locked out for 30 minutes Please reset your password to avoid being locked out

Airports In Laos

Many of the most beautiful places in the world are located in Southeast Asia so there is a high chance that Luang Prabang is not the only place on your must-see list. This region is a breath of fresh air from the rest of the world and unlike any other, so we strongly encourage you to see it all. Wherever you are from, we want your trip to Luang Prabang to be easy and stress-free. Continue with the easiest and cheapest direct and direct flights to Luang Prabang from all major cities in Southeast Asia. Please keep in mind that these prices change throughout the year.

Scoot Airlines flies directly to Luang Prabang from Singapore, the journey takes 3 hours and 10 minutes.

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