Barry Coulter Used Cars

Barry Coulter Used Cars – You may not have realized what you’ve been missing over the past two years, but it could be Fred Penner.

An acclaimed children’s performer and arguably Canada’s best music producer for families with children, he returns to a place familiar to him over the past 50 years. He returns for the Kootney Children’s Festival in Cranbrook on May 7th, and his multi-generational fan audience couldn’t be happier.

Barry Coulter Used Cars

“This is a solo trip,” Penner said of his show in an interview with Townsman. “Me on stage, me with the guitar. It will be fascinating. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a trip, but my bottom line is to bring music to the masses, engage them, sing along, and make requests. But it’s always that person. It’s an open experience. I love doing live shows because it’s a new mix of people I’ve never been with before. It’s like every show.”

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But a long time has passed. Penner’s pandemic shutdown began in early 2020 during her 40th anniversary tour (which marked one of her signature songs and albums), “The Cat Came Back,” when she returned home to Vancouver Island.

“I’ve been on the road for literally 45 years,” Penner told Townsman in an interview. “From the time I decided to become a professional entertainer in 1972. that’s all i did At that time, I took some theater classes, but I traveled a lot.

“So I didn’t have to suddenly hit the road and book a flight, rent a car, or make sure my supplies were ready. All of this was out of sight.

“I was able to focus more on my physical health and well-being. I turned 75 last November, so I and everything that comes with it are old.’

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But life on the road is back. Penner recently performed at Kelowna, Powell River in Revelstoke and will be attending the Kootenay Children’s Festival in Cranbrook on Saturday, May 7th.

“I’m starting to recover, but it’s still going to be a pretty quiet summer, so I’m not completely back. But it started to demand my energy. But that’s rare. It’s definitely weird.

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“But I’m healthy in every way and I’m excited to get back on the road and try the things I’ve been doing for years.”

After this hiatus, artists and performers can be forgiven for their little fear of returning to the stage. But whatever it is, Fred Penner’s demands are higher than ever. He was a key figure in what many consider the golden age of children’s entertainment in the 1980s and 1990s. His TV show “Fred Penner’s Place” aired for years in Canada and the United States. He has won the Juno Award four times. His songs are popular with children and adult generations.

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He said it was “hard to say” about how excited viewers were to return to the show. “But I feel the waves coming. In the midst of a world of covid and epidemics, people want to hold onto something with a positive element in this madness and all the negativity we’ve been dealing with. And that’s what my world has been like for the past few years. It’s positive and optimistic, and it’s about encouraging families and people to pursue their dreams.”

Fred Penner’s music and performances are about positive values ​​that families regularly practice, he says.

“It’s like pulling a tooth, but it seems permanent. I think the kids of the boomer generation are starting to have their own kids and they really want to go back to what they had. I think it’s pretty common with people. As you grow, you feel something affecting you, and it gives you the energy you need in that moment. And as life goes on and you start having your child, it’s like, “Oh, I want them to experience what I had.” And that’s going to affect all recovery or those who are going back to concerts now.’

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been on tour, but my essence is to deliver music to the audience, to engage with, sing along, and respond to their requests. But it’s always an experience open to that person. I love doing live shows. Because it’s a new combination of people who’ve never been together before.’

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But this, too, is starting to change, Penner says. “I think the new program we have with the Friendly Giants, Mr. Dress-Up, with myself… When the show started, it was very smooth and really engaging. . I felt like I was there, and it’s always been very important to me.

“When I was doing ‘Fred Penner’s Place,’ I was talking to a kid who was looking at the TV camera. I’m not talking to the thousands, or the many who were sympathetic at the time. But it is providing the energy of one-to-one communication.

Children’s entertainment of that generation, including Rafi and Sharon, Lois and Brahm, and Penner, appeared to the public in the 80’s and 90’s. For example, Penner recalls giving five sold-out performances in a 2,000-seat theater over the weekend in Windsor, Ontario.

“People were so hungry. The hunger is still there, but the offers are rather limited.’

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Back to the Present: The Kootenay Children’s Festival is the largest children’s event in Southeast BC and one of the last free festivals in the state. This year, it will be held on Saturday, May 7th from 10am to 4pm at Rotary Parks. This will be Penner’s third appearance as a headliner.

Penner is not just a legacy, it is an act today. But his career as an artist was epic.

“This trip was a very humble experience,” he said. “When I embarked on this journey, my sister was born with Down syndrome as a teenager and was very inspired to see the effect her music had on her. So when I started making music for families with children, it had the essence of being able to get inside and change lives.

“I have always had a particularly good relationship with special requirements at all levels. And no matter what support I received from the Down syndrome community and families with children with autism, they felt that my music could connect with them in a way no one else could. And I don’t quite understand how it goes, but in a way it’s not my job. I do the best I can.

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“And after all this time, I’m still interested, and I can’t thank you more for that. It has been an incredible journey and I will continue as long as I can.”

• Presenter Bonnie Harvey is from the Aq’am community. He was awarded the 2020 BC Achievement Community Award for her work in supporting the language and culture of Ktunaxa Nation.

“Bonnie is committed to being a lifelong student studying the isolated sounds of her ancestors and the way Ktunaxa exist and perceive,” said Key City Theater. “Bonnie ʔamakʔis, a storyteller, traveled throughout Ctunaxa and beyond to share her knowledge and love through legend.”

“An incredibly charismatic and passionate performer, choreographer and teacher, he has used his unparalleled Bollywood talents to entertain a diverse audience at festivals, theaters and schools across Canada,” said Key City Theater. Cranbrook Author and Publisher. Author of several books on historical aspects of the Cranbrook area, he plans to create a book called “The Forgotten Cranbrook” that tells the history of Cranbrook through historical photos.

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“I want to tell this story through photography,” Powell said. “People have pictures around, and it would be nice to show some of them.”

Powell said he had the opportunity to work with the Columbia Basin Regional History Institute, which has thousands of historical images of the area. And he will work with the lab to make the book.

“I will work with them, publish a book, and give them a percentage of the proceeds. So it will be fundraising for them too. They do an important job, and they do a great job preserving the image of the past.”

Powell expects “Forgotten Cranbrook” to have about 100 photos. Each page of the book is marked with a nice picture.

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“I’m mainly looking for pictures with people and stories,” he said.

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