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Bonny Hills Real Estate Agents – Our office specializes in real estate sales, management and acquisitions and has been serving the beautiful communities of Lake Cathie and Bonny Hills, as well as greater Hastings since 2004.

At Lake Cathie Bonny Hills Real Estate we strive to be recognized as a leader in customer service.

Bonny Hills Real Estate Agents

We live by the motto “treat people as you would like to be treated yourself” and understand that communication and empathy are the keys to understanding customers and the needs and wants of customers. Our goal at Lake Cathie Bonny Hills Real Estate is to create lifelong relationships. By providing quality service, we ensure that dealing with our office is a pleasant experience. Let us at Lake Cathie Bonny Hills Real Estate help you realize your dream home.

Rural & Farming Properties For Sale In Bonny Hills, Nsw 2445

By providing our customers with exceptional and professional service, we strive not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them and ensure that your experience is rewarding and satisfying.

At Lake Cathie Bonny Hills Real Estate we strive to provide our clients with exceptional and professional service, and we strive not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them and build successful long-term partnerships.

Keith and his team have looked after my property for the past two years. When it came time to sell, Keith was very helpful and knowledgeable, he got the house sold in a few weeks with a great result. I [Read more]

Debbi came to us after doing an Appraisal on our house, with people who were looking for a property in our area, and wanted to look at it, so we went to a cafe and we went, an hour later [ Read More ]

Beach Street, Bonny Hills, Nsw, 2445

We came to Debbi when we thought about downsizing and getting closer to the family. From the first phone call until Debbi walked into our home, we felt comfortable and confident in her abilities and [Read more]

We try to sell ourselves and end up giving everything to Debbi. He was always available for conversation. He informed us from start to finish. He did everything. Debbi is friendly [Read more]

Thanks Keith for selling my mom’s house. Keith was very knowledgeable and kept me informed about everything and even got a great price for us. Verified by RateMyAgent December 2021 [Read more]

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My sale at Lake Cathie is my third real estate sale in seven years. Of the three agents I sold my house to, Keith is the best, his presentation was excellent, [Read more]

Large Family Home

Keith was easy to deal with. Her pleasant, friendly and cheerful personality, combined with her expertise and knowledge of the market, made the whole process of selling a house easier than I [Read more]

Debbi was fun to shop for. He is always aware and aware of what is happening even when things are not good that were out of his control. He made us feel confident and assured [Read more]

I was very happy with the way Debbi sold my house after a little back and forth, but in the end you got me a lot that I was very pleased with thank you. [Read more]

Debbi was the best agent we have ever dealt with. His honest and caring attitude makes him a valuable asset to deal with. Even though we were the customers, we always felt that Debbi had our best interests in mind [Read more]

Port Macquarie Suburb Profiles

Great experience working with Debbi and the team, we highly recommend their services. Smooth and easy all the way, he negotiated well on our behalf and we got a good price. Debbi and the photographer were [Read more]

My husband and I had only one experience in sales and that was 18 years ago. We had many questions that he answered with respect and dignity. He was approachable and always [Read more]

Professional yet friendly Keith and his team were great to deal with. Keith is professional, but he was friendly at the same time, which made it easy to trust him with the local management and [Read more]

My thanks go to Keith and his team for handling the recent sale of my Lake Cathie property as professionally and as stress-free as possible. Preparation and guidance included before viewing [Read more]

Rainbow Beach Drive, Bonny Hills Nsw 2445

Keith’s expertise and knowledge of the local market guided us through the sale of the family home. He gave us advice on things big and small including the best way to furnish a home and [Read more]

Debbi was very helpful from our first meeting to the final adjustment. His communication was first class and he worked hard for us even after the deal was done. Debbi gave us [Read more]

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We highly recommend Debbi if you are thinking of selling your home. Debbi secured our sale beyond our expectations. His communication was excellent throughout the process which made it very stress free [Read more]

I thought selling my family home of 21 years would be stressful and difficult, but Debbi was so understanding and knowledgeable about the whole process that it was a pleasant experience. He [Read more]

Ocean Drive, Bonny Hills, Nsw, 2445

My husband died in 2019 and I had to start again when I put my house in Debbi’s hands, I told her the lifestyle I wanted and she made 100% effort to make my dream come true too [Read more ]

Debbi showed a high level of professional professionalism and went above and beyond even though we were local customers. The sellers should appreciate that he works with integrity and for them [Read more]

Debbi was always professional in her dealings with me. He got back to me quickly and kept me informed of developments in a timely manner. Debbi is a real estate agent who [Read more]

We had little knowledge of the area and just knew we wanted to buy land near the water near Port Macquarie. Debbi was great at providing local information and [Read more]

Beach Break Court, Bonny Hills, Nsw, 2445

Having recently sold our home of 25 years on Lake Cathie, we chose an independent Realtor such as Keith Cramp and his wife Robynne, to sell our home. Our decision to join the Lake [Read more]

We cannot say enough about the service we received from them. Nothing was too much trouble and we would definitely go back to them if we bought. 6/2020 Verified by [Read more]

Keith was very helpful and honest with us in his marketing of our property. He kept us informed and followed up quickly on any leads and was a pleasure to deal with. Verified by RateMyAgen[Read more]

Thank you Keith for helping me buy this home. Thank you for your situational information presented in such a friendly and helpful manner. Verified by RateMyAgent[Read more]

Mcgilvray Road, Bonny Hills, Nsw, 2445

The sale of our property was facilitated by Keith, who always acts with integrity and with our heart’s desire. This is the second time we have worked with Keith and I highly recommend him and [Read more]

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No lack of correspondence and calls/SMS. I would definitely recommend Mr. Cramp again for any potential buyers or sellers. October 2019. From [Read more]

My experience in selling my mother’s house was excellent. It was a very difficult time for me personally, but Keith and the team were very helpful and nothing was too much trouble. April 2020 [Read more]

After much consideration and due to ill health in the family, we have decided to sell our Chepana street house and we are discussing our situation with Keith Cramp. We found Keith to be understanding and encouraging to [Read more]

Panorama Drive, Bonny Hills Nsw 2445

Thanks Keith for all your help, you are an outstanding agent. After the stress of the sale I was greeted with a smile and flowers upon arrival to get the key to my new house and all the hlp I received [Read more]

Hi Keith, Carmel and thank you for handling the sale of Dad’s house so quickly and how you dealt with the issues that came up. We will not hesitate [Read more]

Keith is a professional, friendly and helpful agent. His communication was excellent, keeping us well informed at all times about the purchase of our new home. August 2 [Read more]

He listened to our advice and suggestions and talked to us all the time. He kept us informed about questions and inspections of our home. We recommend Keith. We want this [Read more]

John Phillip Drive, Bonny Hills Nsw 2445

We want to thank you for all your help in selling our house. Your professionalism, dedication and patience in organizing the sale was greatly appreciated, especially since it was not your usual “right [Read More]

Keith’s style was perfect for the location and price range in my property. Keith’s honest approach, knowledge of the area and the local market ensured that my gift received was good [Read more]

Keith wasted no time getting to the point and his style and tone won me over. Keith listened to my needs and concerns and gave me solid advice that was followed up the next day, something [Read more]

Keith and the Lake Cathie Bonny Hills team were

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