Brisbane To Buenos Aires

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Qantas will embark on one of the longest flights in its history, a 14,683 km (9,124 mile) non-stop trek from Buenos Aires to Darwin, providing a short cut across the South Pole.

Brisbane To Buenos Aires

Leaving the Argentine capital on Tuesday (October 5), this flight is the latest in a series of special repatriation flights to help bring Australians stranded abroad home, with its first stop being the quarantine camp of Howard Springs in the Northern Territory.

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And it will be a long flight, even longer than Qantas’ main route directly from Perth to London (if Western Australia keeps its state borders tighter than European ones, at least in the short term, it will also be from Darwin to London). ).You can change). drum).

The Perth-London Marathon stands as the airline’s longest commercial service with the Boeing 787-9 reaching a top speed of 14,498km, just 185km from the Buenos Aires flight and will again be operated by one of the long tail Dreamliners red.

Qantas’s return flight to Buenos Aires-Darwin country is expected to be completed in around 18 hours, the same time as the proposed non-stop Project Sunrise flights between Sydney and London that Qantas suspended at the start of the pandemic. but it will be reassessed at the end of 2021.

(If Project Sunrise continues, passengers on the ultra-long-haul Airbus A350-1000 fleet of jets can look forward to a new version of premium economy or even economy class along with first-class luxury suites or all-new seats from business class, plus spaces where passengers can stand and yawn).

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Over the last 18 months, Qantas has flown a number of these charter flights organized and signed by the Australian government: the next Qantas repatriation services will pick up Australians from London, Delhi, Istanbul and Frankfurt.

As previously reported, Qantas plans to resume scheduled international flights with daily flights to Singapore, London and Los Angeles from December 18, 2021; Socialites may also be tempted to travel to Vancouver, Tokyo, Fiji and Honolulu in the coming days.

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David Flynn is the editor-in-chief of Executive Traveler, and it’s a somewhat tragic trip with a soft spot for good coffee, shopping, and lychee martinis. Enjoy a meal or snack and a selection of beverages every time you fly with us. beer and wine included.

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Qantas’ Boeing 787 From Buenos Aires To Be One Of Its Longest Flights

Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the “Paris of South America” ​​for its many live theaters and the most successful arts and cultural scene in Latin America. It is a lively, modern city with bustling sidewalk cafes, parks dressed in purple with jacaranda blossoms in spring, tango dancing, and (residents of Buenos Aires) stylish porteños who love their sports, especially soccer. The Argentine capital offers much to see and do, from the Palacio Barolo, the Teatro Colón and the beautiful Parque 3 de Febrero. Be sure to try the Argentine barbecue, a glass of quality malbec and enjoy the lively nightlife.

The best and most pleasant times to visit Buenos Aires are spring (September-November) or autumn (March-May). The climate is generally mild, less humid and the average temperature is around 22°C and it is a mixture of sunny and rainy days. If you are planning a visit in August, you can attend the Tango Festival and the World Cup. Summer (December-February) is the peak season for travel, but the weather is warm and can be around 30°C. If you’re traveling in the summer, be sure to book a hotel with a pool. A good time to enjoy the parks, walk and catch the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival.

Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) Opens the external site in a new window Also known as Ezeiza International Airport due to its location in the Ezeiza District in Greater Buenos Aires. It is an international airport located 22 kilometers south-southwest of Buenos Aires.

The friendly staff at the Buenos Aires Airport will greet you when you land and help you with your travel needs. After collecting your luggage in the arrivals section, there are several transportation options available to get you on your way.

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Getting from the airport to Buenos Aires is easy with the various transportation options available. Choose between bus, taxi, transfer, shuttle or car rental. Ezeiza Airport is well connected to the center of the city of Buenos Aires through several bus lines. Express bus services to the Madero terminal in the city center take approximately 45 minutes every 30 minutes. The local bus is a cheaper option, it takes between 60 and 70 minutes and leaves from outside the terminal. If you are traveling in a group, private door-to-door transfer is a convenient and comfortable way to travel and can be booked in advance. After the airport driver collects your luggage, he will be waiting for you at the airport holding a sign with your name on it. Taxis take approximately 40 minutes to reach the city center, outside the Terminal A building. App-based ride-sharing services are a convenient way to get to your destination and can be booked with Uber or Cabify. Alternatively, you may wish to book a transfer with your hotel or rent a car.

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Efficient public transportation, bike lanes, taxis, carpools, and pedestrian-friendly city streets make navigating Buenos Aires a breeze. The best way to get around Buenos Aires is the subway, also known as “subte”. Substation is fast, affordable and easy to navigate with maps on substations. There are stops all over the city, so it’s a good way to get where you want to go. City buses, known as colectivos, are affordable and have dedicated bus lanes along the city’s main streets. For day trips outside of the city, taking the train may be the best option. To use public transportation, you need a SUBE card, which can be purchased at local snack shops. Scheduled taxis are available, or you can book an Uber or Cabify through the app. Cycling is efficient and the most enjoyable way to get around Buenos Aires, as the city is mostly flat. There are many bike lanes in the city and it is possible to rent bikes through the city’s bike share program. Walking shorter distances is a good way to get around and avoid traffic. Alternatively, you may wish to rent a car with a driver or join a tour.

If your flights have been booked through a travel agent or third party website, please contact them directly to discuss your options.

If your plans have changed or you no longer wish to travel, visit the Manage Booking page to change your travel dates or cancel your flight. Changes in VisitBooking more information.

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If we cancel your flight, including your Classic Flight Reward reservation, please wait to hear from us before changing your reservation. We will contact anyone whose flight has been affected as soon as possible.

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Disclaimer: ++ Status credits are only earned on eligible airlines, Jetstar, oneworld® and oneworld connect® members; see airline earnings tables and frequent flyer program terms and conditions for details. Status credits may not be earned on some fare types and booking classes.

+Meals, drinks, entertainment and snacks vary by flight and cabin. Alcohol offered on certain flights at certain flight times Argentina is not a country for cowardly bankers. Since 2020, the inflation rate has exceeded 30%. Exchange rates fluctuate wildly, and government regulations such as bank stress tests, currency controls, and dividend restrictions impose additional burdens on bank managers.

However, the size of the Argentine economy and its growth potential make it an attractive market for long-term banking investors, including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the world’s largest bank in terms of assets. and market capitalization.

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In 2019, ICBC acquired 100% of the Argentine assets of the former Standard Bank Group, making ICBC Argentina one of the largest banks in the country. The new bank has resources to help finance massive projects like Argentina’s planned fourth nuclear power plant.

Given the size of the bank and the complexity of the Argentine banking environment, the development of financial plans, budgets and projections is an important task that requires significant staff resources. “Our team processes annual budgets and quarterly forecasts for each line of business and for the bank,” says Mariano Carranza, Head of Planning, Budget and Reporting at ICBC Argentina. “We also report to the management of our bank, our headquarters in China and the Central Bank of Argentina. For years, we have manually processed our work in more than 100 spreadsheets.”

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