Brisbane To Cook Islands Flight Time

Brisbane To Cook Islands Flight Time – Enjoy a meal or snack every time you fly with us, as well as a variety of healthy snacks including beer and wine.

Rarotonga, the hub of the Cook Islands has so much to see and do and yet remains untouched. It is a paradise with lots of coconut trees, the scent of frangipani flowers everywhere and no light. Choose to climb to the top of the islands’ volcanic peaks, explore the clear turquoise waters and swim with schools of tropical fish, whale watch or kitesurf – it’s a tropical paradise. There are many restaurants with a Polynesian twist, enjoy the island’s massage and various cultural experiences with dinner at the bustling Punanga Nui market. You are spoiled for choice on the beautiful island.

Brisbane To Cook Islands Flight Time

The Cook Islands enjoy warm and sunny weather all year round. The driest months are from April to November, with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. November to March is the warm season, with little humidity and occasional rain. The temperature is between 22°C and 30°C. The months of April, May, September and October are the best time to visit because of the warm weather and clear skies.

Cook Islands Travel Guide

Rarotonga International Airport (RAR) Opens an external site in a new window. It is the main international gateway to the Cook Islands, located in the town and district of Oarowa, Rarotonga, 3 km west of the town area.

The staff at Rarotonga Airport will greet you when you land and assist you with your travel needs. When you collect your bags from the transit area, there are many transportation options to get you on your way.

Getting into Rarotonga is easy with a variety of transport options to suit your needs. Choose from buses, taxis, rideshares, shuttles, scooters or rental cars. Cook Buss operates an around-island public bus service that runs from the airport every 30 minutes. Cook Island Tours and Raro Tours provide meet and greet services and hotel accommodation to and from all international flights. It is best to book your transfer in advance for your accommodation. A taxi is next to the arrival area or you can rent a car or scooter. Car hire staff have desks in the arrivals area and the Island Car and Bike Hire depot is located outside the airport car park.

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Getting around the Cook Islands is easy. There is only one main road that surrounds the whole of Rarotonga with no traffic lights and only two roundabouts. If you rent a car or scooter, you drive on the left hand side of the road. When traveling by motorcycle in Rarotonga, you must wear a protective helmet. Getting around the island is very easy using public transport. There are two buses that travel around the island of Rarotonga; clockwise and counter-clockwise. Buses will stop everywhere on the highway, you just have to smile and get out of them. Cycling around the island is easy as the highway is flat. Many hotels will have bicycle rentals, or you can rent a bicycle or e-bike. You can arrange a taxi or transfer service or join a tour.

New Zealand Arrivals From Cook Islands Don’t Have To Quarantine From January 21

We want your flight from Brisbane to be easy and efficient, and the information below will help make that happen.

Brisbane Airport (BNE) Opens an external site in a new window in Airport Drive at Eagle Farm, a 30-minute drive from the city. It is a major airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland. Brisbane Airport has two terminals: international and domestic.

Passengers flying from Brisbane shared luggage. If you need more luggage, you can buy an extra bag online before departure.

Get peace of mind knowing that luggage is included in every flight. Find out everything you need to know about luggage.

Flight Check: Rarotonga To Auckland On Air Nz

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Cook Islands 2020 21 Travel Brochure By Viva Holidays

+ Food, drinks, entertainment and a variety of flights and cabins. Alcohol is available in selected flights during selected flight times. Because we had a fast and stable internet connection while in Adelaide, Marcel did some research for our next destination. So far, our flights and camps are planned until June when we are in New Zealand.

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As we got closer, Marcel was thinking for a while whether we should go to Fiji or the Cook Islands. Christine had never heard of the Cook Islands before, but that’s what YouTube is for, right? And this is probably one of the funniest travel videos:

After some back and forth we decided to do the largest of the 15 Cook Islands: Rarotonga. It is also the main island. As you can see in the picture above, we are flying at 12.06. Auckland to Rarotonga and on that flight we will cross the sun line. This means we leave Auckland in the afternoon on June 12th and arrive in Rarotonga in the evening of June 11th. So, we arrived before leaving.

Say hello. This means that Christine can celebrate her birthday twice this year. Well, good luck with that?!

Best Time To Visit The Cook Islands

Our visa allows us to visit Australia as often as we want, but we cannot stay here for more than 3 consecutive months. O 23.06 Him. It means “back to the future” or back in history for Australia. Therefore, when we fly back to Australia, the “extra day” is taken back, because we leave on June 24 and arrive on June 25. As there are no direct flights direct from Rarotonga to Cairns, we have stops in Auckland and Brisbane. In Cairns we will again hire a van and drive along the east coast (along the Great Barrier Reef) to Brisbane.

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We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok, can’t read any more. When you hear the claim that “the world’s largest fossil” is in the beautiful lagoon of Aitutaki, a paradise in the South Pacific that is part of the Cook Islands, you will first Ask yourself, where is it? Ghost dances in your head. A quick Google search and you’ll find that the Cook Islands are halfway between Tahiti and New Zealand, or about a ten-hour non-stop flight from Los Angeles on Air New Zealand.

Flights From Brisbane (bne) To Rarotonga (rar)

Now if that’s you, you’re starting to think, well, I’ve fished for bones in many places around the world, and I have to say that the biggest one is on Andrews Island in the Bahamas or a around Islamorada, Florida. If we talk about the big ocean Run Brown, Argentina. The rainbow? Alaska and Russia. You get the idea. But back to that statement; “The World’s Greatest”. It makes you think, and if you care about the details it starts planning your trip.

Our plan began with a call to Mike McClelland, owner of The Best of New Zealand Fly Fishing. My wife, Kim, and I worked with Mike when we owned West Bank Anglers. Mike gave us an interview with John Peterson, General Manager North America, for Cook Islands Tourism. John and his team did a great job of planning our trip, including arranging our non-stop Air NZ flights to and from Rarotonga, the capital of the Cook Islands, and then to/from Aitutaki on Air Rarotonga.

Mike also gave us a chat with the top fossil guide at Aitutaki, led by Itu Davey. Kalina Devi, Itu’s wife, is in charge of conservation. After exchanging emails we saved the fishing dates, and Kelina further assured us that the instructions can be changed on the day based on the weather and our activities.

So it all came together and we were on our way to 15 small rocks of the Cock Islands with an area of ​​240 square kilometers, spread over 2.25 million square kilometers.

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