Bt 50 Xtr 2015

Bt 50 Xtr 2015 – The Japanese brand produces labor for racing. But did he do enough against his new rival?

When you have something good, stick with it. That’s clearly what happened at Mazda’s design studio, as the Japanese brand is well suited to passenger car styling.

Bt 50 Xtr 2015

From the baby Mazda2 to the SUV CX-5, and even the latest MX-5 roadster, Mazda Kododesign has created a harmonious, familiar look that works across a wide range of models; minus one!

Sold 2018 Mazda Bt 50 Xtr

Despite its status as a three-time category winner as the best Ute in the Car of the Year rankings, the BT-50 does not enjoy the lore because its organic style is somewhat at odds with its rivals. .

In an effort to solve this problem, Mazda has revised some with a modified front bumper, new taillights and some new toys inside its cabin, including a more modern infotainment system with a 7.8-inch touchscreen that includes satellite navigation on the top. – XTR and GT class variants. A reversing camera is also standard on top models and optional on some others.

While the design is generally subjective, it is debatable whether Mazda has done enough to “confirm” the visual appeal of the BT-50, but minor revisions give it a more modern look without changing the design from pointy. Front lights: Bolder chrome strip around the larger grille manages to mask some polarizing elements with a more upright attitude. It’s more difficult to determine clearly, because Mazda claims customers fit up to five accessories in every vehicle sold. Our test car was equipped with a large bull bar with headlights replacing the new bumper bars.

Anyway, as before, Mazda offers a large variation of the BT-50 model that suits the tradition and the modern family with 23 different variants spread over three body styles.

Mazda Bt 50 (2015 2020) Xtr & Gt Dual Cab Ur Series (series 2) With Si

In its most basic configuration, the workhorse single-cab chassis model is only available in the entry-level XT model that rides on 16-inch steel wheels, has cloth trim, air conditioning, cruise control and a four-speaker audio system with Bluetooth connectivity. .

It’s powered by a 2.2-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel producing 110kW at 3700rpm and 375Nm between 1500 and 2500rpm on both wheels with an optional six-speed manual or automatic, with prices starting at $25,570 (plus on-road costs). .

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The more powerful 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbodiesel, which produces 147kW at 3000rpm and 470Nm between 1750 and 2500rpm, is also available in single-cab XT models, with 4×2 or 4×4 drivetrains, but is only available with six-cylinder models. automatic speed.

More space is offered with the free-style cabin, which is only available in the 4×2 or 4×4 cab chassis in the XT class or equipped with a factory tray in the 4×4 XTR specification that also brings 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-clutch climate control. zones, detection wipers and a new infotainment system with satellite navigation and six-speaker audio.

Mazda Bt 50 Review

But the most popular body style is the four-door double cab, which Mazda says accounts for 60 percent of sales. It has the widest range of model variants, offered with 4×2 in the XT and XTR grades and in the top XT, XTR and GT specifications with 4×4 transmission.

GT model based on XTR with eight-way power adjustment for r’s seat, leather trim, privacy glass and electric mirrors and folding with integrated turn signal.

As there were no mechanical changes to the BT-50’s drivetrain or suspension, there was little difference in how the XTR 4×4 dual-cab test car performed on the road during a preview in Victoria this week. It has won Car of the Year, which is obviously not a bad thing, as it still has a balanced character between car-like driving characteristics and heavy-duty flexibility.

As before, the 3.2-liter five-cylinder is a powerful engine with a midrange surge when the turbo is cranked up to max. It still has sharp acceleration, but it’s also polite as it runs easily at low engine speeds.

Mazda Bt 50 Xtr Up Auto 4×4 Dual Cab

The six-speed automatic shifts smoothly and also helps maintain momentum by being in the right gear at the right time.

The steering wheel is also weighted and does not have the trucky feeling of some old competitors, and while the suspension is quite busy over rough roads, it is quite comfortable for its class. The mixture of its high-riding nature, dual-purpose tires and the sheer size and mass compromise the BT-50’s cornering agility, and the slippery conditions will enable standard stability control in corners and away from lights. But not only in this category.

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Interestingly, in terms of safety technology, BT-50 does not take active driving aids, such as radar cruise control with automatic emergency braking and lane collision warning and forward, which are offered in the updated Ford Ranger. a basic with.

Even without them, the BT-50 retains all the strengths that elevate it above the rest as the best car in the Car of the Year. If Mazda has done enough to stay there, it will be proven in a few months when it takes on a new competitor.

File:2013 Mazda Bt 50 (up) Xtr 4wd 4 Door Utility (2015 07 24) 02.jpg

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Need to move a large load? This is the biggest van you can have on your car licence. If there’s one thing traditional and commercial vehicle buyers hate, it’s spending unnecessary money on good working wheels. For this pragmatic sector, strong performance, reliability and cost effectiveness rule. Good news is coming, with prices just released for Mazda’s updated BT-50 range, which goes on sale this month.

Indeed, the change in light commercial utility is small, but in reality the price has not gone up a penny for the entry-level BT-50 single-cab chassis with a 2.2-liter engine and a six-speed manual transmission. will be good news for buyers. Drivers who cost just $75 for some single and dual cab chassis models and the Freestyle cab will also be well received. This short-term price freeze on some models comes despite a weaker Australian dollar and other trade pressures on Japanese importers. Somewhere in the 23-variant range, the increase has been in the hundreds of dollars, instead of the increase of thousands for some models of the rival (and jointly developed) model Ford Ranger. The biggest price increase on the BT-50, which is among the XTR dual-cab 4WD models, still only tops out at $810, while the top-spec GT model is up $650.

So, is this flat or moderate price movement really beneficial for the BT-50 formation? Visually, this is a subtle evolution, rather than a revolution. Mazda has responded to feedback from buyers that the outgoing model is too “friendly” and looks light, and lacks the visual solidity that customers expect in this class. To solve these problems, the new BT-50 gets a revised front fascia, grille and headlights, designed to adapt the front style to the Kodo Mazda design language presented in various models and give the utility vehicle a tougher and tougher look. macho face The side indicators are now integrated into the exterior mirrors, while the new rear lights and the new aluminum wheel design offering complete the changes.

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Eftm Review: Is The Mazda Bt 50 Xtr Manly Enough? ยป Eftm

As for body style and transmission, the old mantra “if it ain’t broke…” will apply here, with single cab, double cab and Freestyle variants remaining unchanged. In addition, the engine and transmission, with a 2.2-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel and a 3.2-liter five-cylinder turbodiesel continue to be offered with a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission, as well as the option of rear-wheel drive. drive or integral We know the Ford Ranger version of the four-cylinder engine has been tweaked to raise the output to 118kW and 385Nm (up 8kW / 10Nm), but Mazda has not confirmed whether its model follows suit, or continues with 110kW and 375 Nm.

We have yet to see official photos of the updated BT-50’s interior, but Mazda claims improvements to trim materials and trim levels will add to its appeal. Again, the changes appear to be relatively minor: expect a reversing camera to be offered or included on some models, while a revised dash will include a larger infotainment screen and better connectivity.

Mazda will be throwing a lot of marketing muscle behind the launch of the BT-50 knowing it needs to step up its game in this growing and lucrative segment. The outgoing rear-wheel drive model was well received by buyers, finishing third behind the sales leader, but the 4×4 model did not perform as strongly. In this category, the BT-50 lost to its rivals Toyota HiLux, Mitsubishi Triton, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara and even Isuzu D-Max.

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