Burns And Fuller Shiraz

Burns And Fuller Shiraz – Golding Wines is a progressive and dynamic family owned winery located on the outskirts of Lobetal, in the picturesque Adelaide Hills of South Australia. You will like the fruit of our vine, but we think you will really like this place and what we do here.

This land in the Adelaide Hills is in our blood; We have been working on this for three generations. It unfolds as a background space perfect for sharing good things: good wine and food in the company of others.

Burns And Fuller Shiraz

The family vineyard was founded by Darren Golding with his parents Connie and Greg in 1995. In 2002, Darren and wife Lucy launched the first Golding Vintage and haven’t looked back. Together, they took the business to where it is today, running a thriving basement door sales business and busy functions.

Garcia De Verdevique Tinto 2019 14.5% (750ml)

Most of our range consists of only the most outstanding fruit, hand-picked from our own vineyards, attractively reflecting the unique character of our region.

An elegant Adelaide Hills style that sparkles with a beautiful rose gold color and sublime aromas of strawberry and crisp green apple. The palate is bright and clean, showing the complexity of the brioche and finishing with a sharp citrus acidity.

Grown in the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills, this Pinot Gris is harvested with wonderful natural acidity. It is the base that carries the fiery flavors of this wine and provides a full and delicious Pinot Gris.

This wine offers a floral nose of jasmine, honeysuckle and apple blossom. The palate is lined with white stone fruit and pear and a hint of almond flour, finishing with a lemongrass texture. The taste has a hint of creaminess in the center and ends with a sharp ring with a wonderful acidity.

Rockford Basket Press Shiraz 2011 » $275.00 (✓in Stock)

Exchange Chardonnay is made from premium cool climate fruit sourced from our ‘Block 2’ Western Branch vineyard in the Laneswood sub-region of the Adelaide Hills. Pale straw in color with strong aromas of nutmeg and spice, it offers bright citrus and peach aromas on the palate. A delicious roasted cashew character gives way to a sharp and lingering finish. Use up to 5 years.

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Made from 100% Pinot Noir fruit, this is a delightfully crisp and refreshing rosé, delicate and zesty with floral aromas and fragrant herbal notes. On the lively palate there is an abundance of fresh red berries, and the finish is crisp, clean and dry. This would be a perfect sunset any night of the week.

Purveyor Pinot Noir is made from premium cool climate fruit from our West Branch vineyards

Laneswood Subdistrict in the Adelaide Hills. Light and bright in color and plenty of personality, this Pinot showed aromas of rose, cherry and toasted spice on the nose, with bright berry flavors and a hint of playfulness on the palate. Soft tannins and a savory finish complement the story of this young and vibrant wine.

Burns And Fuller Langhorn Creek Shriaz

Handcart Shiraz is made from premium cool climate fruit sourced from the northern Adelaide Hills. This Shiraz is filled with ripe blackberry aromas backed by subtle earthy characters. The palate has a savory note showing white pepper spice with well-balanced tannins that lend a dry finish.

This bunch of fruit was hand picked from our West Branch vineyard, whole bunch pressed, fermented on the skins for one month and then aged in old French oak for twelve months. A complex and intriguing wine, it is sweet, with a citrus body, grassy and dry bones. Notes of waxy honey and dried herbs are present on the palate in this unexpected and intense offering for the senses. There is a beautiful tension between all the elements of this wine, like the inevitable approach of a late summer storm.

Stepping out of the shadows into the light is our ombre range; Ready and willing to take center stage. Historically overshadowed by its varietal neighbor Pinot Noir, Gamay is enjoying a timely moment in the sun. Bursting with vibrant color and youth, this wine delivers juicy red berries on the nose with subtle spice and tannins on the palate.

An elegant Pinot Noir style with elevated summer berry aromas backed by dark cherry secondary fruit character. The palate is layered and complex, showing a good integration of fine dry tannins and savory wild tones. A touch of cocoa and a lingering acidity at the end. A true Burgundy-style pinot with texture and body, with a balance of rich fruit and savory characters.

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Condes De Albarei Albarino

Rocco is sourced from two separate vineyards at Mount Torrens and Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills. We make the best selections from individual casks that show the best varietal character. This wine has a dusty quality, revealing subtle tannins and finishing with savory, grassy notes. It has a bright cassis aroma on the nose with blackberry flavors. Aged for 12-15 months in a variety of old and new French oak, it can be used for up to ten years.

Marjorie Méthode Champenoise Sparkling is inspired by our love of great champagne. Our 2011 vintage is a limited edition of 2,000 bottles that was dry-aged for 33 months, adding a complex roasted nutty and yeasty character to the honey poached apple aroma. The taste offers notes of lemon and spicy with a long consistency. The persistent thin ball and creamy mousse further enhance these wonderful aromas and flavors. Good afternoon! Welcome to our Everything You Need to Know series, where we tell you—you guessed it—everything you need to know about individual grape varieties. We’ll talk about every wine you can think of – going over their history, where they’re grown in the world and what their typical flavor profiles look like. Hope you like it!

Syrah and shiraz may be made from the same grape, but the name used indicates both the specific style and the region. In this installment of our Everything You Need to Know series, we’ll talk about that and more – so read on to become an expert on this big and beautiful red!

If you think we’re constantly talking about wine grapes originating in France, you’d be wrong – and here’s another one that calls it home. Syrah was born in the Northern Rhône from the crossing of two now almost extinct grapes (Durez and Mondez Blanc) and was originally made famous by Hermitage and Cote-Roth wines (both of which are still respected. High prices today).

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From France, mustard spread throughout Europe, and then to the New World. Today it is grown all over the world – but if you know anything about this grape, you know that the most popular examples of it come from Australia. However, how exactly did he travel from home around the world?

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In 1831, a Scotsman named James Busby planted Australia’s first syrah cuttings in the Hunter Valley, now in the Sydney Botanic Gardens. Over the years, the name “Syrah” evolved into “Shiraz” (supposedly derived from the Shiraz region of Iran, where the world’s very first wines were produced).

As a grape, Syrah is very similar to Cabernet Sauvignon: hardy, frost-hardy and resistant to pests and diseases. It’s naturally a “big” variety – so even though Syrah is usually lighter than Shiraz (we’ll talk about that in a second), it’ll still be bigger than, say, Pinot Noir.

Because of this natural boldness, size and structure, Syrah is often used as a blending grape to enhance the overall body and complexity of a given wine. Two famous wines in the Syrah/Shiraz component? Blends of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and GSM (with Grenache and Mourvèdre).

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Syrah and shiraz are often aged in oak, and the inherent high tannin levels mean that most have good aging potential.

“Shiraz” is most often used to classify Australian examples, but winemakers from other regions sometimes choose to call their wines “Shiraz” to denote a similar style. Refined, mouth-watering, bold, fruity and concentrated, these wines make a statement with red and dark fruit flavors, rich spice and warming alcohol. (Australian Shiraz often features eucalyptus, mint, licorice, and black currant.) When a wine says “Shirase,” you can bet it’s full-bodied and subtle, like a punch in the mouth!

Fun fact: In Australia and Cote Roti in France, Shiraz is often blended with the white Vignier variety for an aromatic floral lift.

On the other hand, “Syrah” refers to wines made from this grape that come from almost anywhere in the world: France, California, New Zealand, etc. place of plum and black currant), bright lines of pepper and herbs and even deeper savory, meaty notes.

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Syrah ideally needs hot hot heat – meaning long, flat summers

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