Business Management Unit 1 And 2 Notes

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Business Management Unit 1 And 2 Notes

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Unit 2 Business Management

Affiliate Marketing Biotechnology Business Legal Business Planning Communications Data Analytics Telemarketing Excel Facebook Marketing Hospitality International Business Internet Marketing Journalism Management Marketing News Media Powerpoint Print Media Publishing Real Estate Retail Risk Management Sports Supply Chain Management Tourism

African Studies American Studies Animation Anthropology Architecture Art Asian Studies Cooking and Baking Cultural Studies Dance Design Education and Ethnic Studies Teaching English Fashion Design Film Gender Studies Geography Global Studies Graphic Studies History Humanities Interior Design Jewish Studies Architecture Landscape Latin American Studies Linguistics Literature Middle Oriental Studies Music Theory Philosophy Political Science Psychology Religion Social Science Sociology Theater Urban Planning Women’s Studies

Applied Mathematics Algebra Arithmetic Computing Cryptography Discrete Differential Equations Mathematics Geometry Linear Graphics Mathematics Algebra Number Theory Numerical Analysis Probability Theory Statistics Trigonometry


Business Notes Unit 3&4 2020

Agricultural Anatomy Applied Physics Astrobiology Astronomy Astronomy Biochemistry Biology Botanical Chemistry Earth and Space Exploration Ecology Environmental Sciences Genetics Geographic Information Geology Microbiology Physics Rocket Science Sustainability Science Zoology

Computer Science Computer Science Creative Writing Economics Editing Email Copy Engineering English Environment Science Film Foreign Geography Geology Grammar Health and Medical History Humanities Literature Management Marketing Mathematics Nursing Philosophy Physics Poetry Political Science Power Product Description Editing Software Psychology Research and Resume Writing SAT Resume Science Screenplay Shakespeare Social Studies Songwriting Transcription and Language Writing White Papers

Chiropractic Dentistry Dietetics Fitness Global Health and Medicine Immunology Kinesiology Music Therapy Neurology Nursing Nutrition Nutritional Science Pharmacology Population Health Public Health Social Work Speech Therapy Toxicology Health

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Aviation Management Aerospace Engineering Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Construction Engineering Computer Systems Construction Information Engineering Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Industrial Design Computer Information Technology Mechanical Engineering Product Design Software Engineering

Business Management Notes Unit 4

Algorithms and Data Structures Artificial Intelligence Assembly Language Computer Science Cyber ​​Security Databases Machine Learning Networking Operating Systems Web Development

WORKING HL 1.6. Development and Evolution What are economies of scale? – Cost savings in large scale operations, e.g. Decreasing cost of production as the organization grows – ratios: Average cost (AC) Total cost (TC) Quantity (Q) – Average fixed cost (AF) Average variable cost (AVC) formula: AC = TC / Q AFC = TFC / Q AVC = TVC /Q Unit Cost/Production (Decreasing) Organization (Increasing) What is diseconomies of scale? – Increases when unit costs increase because the organization is too large and inefficient. caused by communication and coordination problems in the organization – Cost of business/production (grows) Unit costs likely to increase as company grows due to lack of control in the organization (grows) – What is due to lack of control? economies of scale? – Produced within and under the company’s control – Examples include: – Technical economies – Large companies can use sophisticated techniques to mass produce their products – High fixed costs of equipment and machinery spread over large scale of production, reducing AC. . – Larger companies can separate administrative roles by hiring specialized managers…

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Merrillville University Advanced Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics Discussion (I answered the questions very well. Work it all together and find the resources. I will also add… Merrillville University Advanced Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics Discussion (I answered the questions very well) Please elaborate and all collect and find resources. I’ll include other peer-to-peer posts for examples/guides.) A 56-year-old woman is seeing you as a new primary care physician. Previous diagnoses include hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia. , moderate obesity and high blood pressure. Medications include: Paroxetine 20 mg for 10 years; Quetiapine 150 mg daily for 2 years; Irbesartan 300 mg daily for 1 year; and Atorvastatin 10 mg daily for 1 year Labs: FBS = 126, HgbA1C = 6.2, Total Cholesterol = 200, LDL = 105, HDL = 35, Tg = 286. Current height 5’9″, weight = 210 liters. BP 140 84. He started Paroxetine about 10 years ago and says he was depressed and gained 30 pounds after 1 year. At that time his mood improved significantly and stayed there for about 2 years. Now on Quetiapine Six months later he gained another 20 pounds, high blood pressure. has elevated blood pressure, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia. All other labs, including thyroid tests, are normal. She has an appetite for carbohydrates. She has exercised little since developing depression 15 years ago. Questions: 1. What advice or changes would you recommend to your new patient’s treatment regimen? (discuss at least two). Support your answer with research-based evidence.= Stop Quetiapine and Paxil – to reduce withdrawal symptoms for more than 1-2 months – because weight gain, diabetes and is associated with hyperlipidemia, which increases the risk of heart disease—now considered prediabetic, elevated total cholesterol/LDL/TG, and slightly elevated BP. Weight gain from antipsychotics/depressants is thought to be associated with increased appetite. By stopping these medications, the patient can lose weight, which can help lower blood pressure (another risk factor for heart disease) and lower blood sugar and cholesterol. – Continue other medications for now. Consider adding another blood pressure medication after stopping Quetiapine and Paxil and if there is no improvement after tapering off. If there is no improvement in blood sugar despite lifestyle changes in 3-6 months, consider Metformin. – Recommend non-pharmacological intervention strategies first – Encourage healthy eating and exercise for weight loss – Recommend referral to a dietician – Recommend psychotherapy or counseling while adjusting medication to prevent recurrence of depression – Assess depression regularly with PHQ-9 = Add Wellbutrin – with unrelated wasting and diabetes – Follow up in 2 weeks for response to medication. If necessary, increase the dose. 2. If you are prescribed more medication, check your state’s prescription laws. Can a PMHNP prescribe the medications you prescribe? In California, PMHNPs can prescribe psychiatric medications.

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Unit 2: Tools And Techniques

Eastlake High School 12th Grade English Six Types of Cultural Heritage HW We read about Reyna Grande’s experiences as a young child when her parents remarried… Reyna Grande’s experiences as a young child when her parents remarried We are studying and he lives in a foreign country. Reyna and her siblings Mago and Carlos show tremendous determination despite the odds. Together, the three survive poverty, an abusive mother, and abandonment. Tara Osso “Whose Culture Has Capital?” examines the wealth that exists in marginalized communities but is often overlooked by the dominant, white community. By Tara J. ososso Whose %20 culture %20has %20 capital_A external source only. WLAC Database Tara Ososon’s “Who Owns the Cultural Capital?” and one external source to illustrate how Reyna, Mago, Carlos, and/or others represent the six types of cultural heritage they remember. Features 3-5 full pages Maintain an academic tone You should use the sandwich citation technique to support your argument Source. Found in the WLAC database in MLA format, including headings and titles, ADDRESS QUESTIONS!!!! !!!! N!!!! (Added!!!)

Msn Fp6016 Evaluation 3 Data Analysis and Proposal for Quality Improvement Initiatives Healthcare organizations are dynamic with various changes due to the ever increasing demand for quality. Clinical … Msn Fp6016 Evaluation 3 Data Analysis and Proposal for Quality Improvement Initiatives Healthcare organizations are dynamic and diverse with the ever-changing demand for quality improvement. Clinicians and other health…

Issue 4 Concepts and Theories in Nursing 8/31/17 9pm 400 Words Only Assigned Readings: • Chapters 10-12 Look at what was happening in nursing in the late 1970s and early 1980s. .. Opinion 4 The Nurses 31/8/17 at 9pm Only 400 Words Prescribed Readings: • Chapters 10-12

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