Car Hire Taree Nsw

Car Hire Taree Nsw – Combining the agility of a city car with an SUV, the Stonic’s carefully crafted lines create an athletic body that’s wide, low and light enough to tackle even narrow city streets.

Add advanced connectivity, lots of smart technology and a roomy cabin and you have the perfect urban SUV. And with four two-tone options, you can create your own street art.

Car Hire Taree Nsw

Exuding confidence, the Stonic impresses with its masculine yet elegant design, distinctive lines in a sleek, sleek body with athletic proportions.

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Eyes ahead The Stonic comes with an all-new and truly stylish LED headlight design that blends perfectly with the sleek face of the front hood.

Exclusively designed 17-inch light-alloy wheels, available in GT-Line and Sport grades, add sportiness to match the dynamic styling.

From front to back, the Stonic GT-Line accentuates the sporty design with a rear diffuser with dual exhaust details to complete the bold look.

Enjoy the convenience of getting into your car and starting the engine without taking your keys out of your pocket.

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Stay charged on the go with available USB charging ports on both the front and back and a 12V power outlet.

Front and rear charging ports are available on GT-Line and Sport models. S-Class front loading port.

Increased comfort and space for the entire crew. Plenty of headroom and legroom, as well as the ability to fold down the rear seats for more space.

Optimize and adapt space to your lifestyle with the 60:40 split folding rear seat configuration. Enjoy versatile cargo space in a compact SUV like never before.

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The Stonic has been tuned for Australian roads to provide the perfect comfort and ride quality to suit our local driving conditions.

Enjoy smooth acceleration, nimble gear changes and fuel economy with the GT-Line 7-speed DCT transmission or the 6-speed automatic or manual transmission in the Sport grades.

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The Idle Stop & Go system automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop, helping to save fuel in heavy traffic or frequent stops at traffic lights.

The LFA detects the Stonic’s current lane and lane boundaries, then automatically steers the vehicle to stay centered if an unintentional lane departure is detected.

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If the vehicle leaves the lane without using the turn signal, LKA warns the driver and activates steering assistance to prevent accidental lane departure.

AEB monitors vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists ahead and will warn the driver of the risk of collision and apply the brakes automatically if necessary.

When stopped on a slope, the HAC prevents rolling backwards. When you lift your foot off the brake pedal, it applies the brakes smoothly and gives you time to move your foot on the accelerator.

Vehicle Stability Control, an electronic stability and traction control system, helps with optimal braking and steering control by providing the appropriate braking force to each wheel based on an assessment of engine torque and driving conditions.

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A rearview camera with dynamic parking guidance and rear parking sensors make parking in tight spaces easy.

Driver Attention Alert+ (DAA+) monitors the driver’s driving habits, and if there are signs of driver fatigue or inattentive driving, DAA recommends taking a break from the audio and visual alerts.

The Lead Vehicle Departure system alerts the driver when the vehicle in front leaves when both vehicles are stationary, such as when stationary.

Your new Kia comes with Australia’s first 7-year unlimited kilometer warranty, unlike other car brands’ offers that expire after a certain mileage is reached. We knew we had to go the extra mile because a longer warranty is a better warranty. We make it easy to back up your vehicles with the best warranty in the industry. After all, they are designed not only to work, but to last.

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Kia believes that when buying a car, you should have a clear understanding of how much it will cost to maintain your car and optimize its value. That’s why we’re introducing the Kia Capped Price Service program.

All new Kias are now backed by 12 months of free roadside assistance. Even with the best care in the world, sometimes the unexpected happens. You lose your keys. You’re out of fuel. Or you leave the light on and need a quick start. That’s why Kia Roadside Assist makes sense on a national level. SIXT Car Hire is 100% owned by the NRMA, so our customers can feel comfortable knowing they are working with one of Australia’s most trusted and trusted brands. Our friendly and professional team…

SIXT rent a car is 100% owned by the NRMA, so our customers can rest easy knowing they are working with one of Australia’s most trusted and trusted brands.

Our friendly and professional team takes the time to understand your rental needs. Whether you want to test drive an electric vehicle or are looking for an affordable compact car, 4×4, family sedan, luxury car, bus, van or truck, thousands of people across Australia rely on us every day to help people and goods on the road. . .

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SIXT operates one of the largest fleets in the market with over 16,000 vehicles, and our ‘floating fleet’ model allows us to move vehicles quickly and efficiently to meet demand. Our wide range of optional accessories also help to meet customer needs.

Hire a car at SIXT Car Rental Taree Airport and experience all that NSW has to offer, from the beautiful golden beaches to the breathtaking views of the Outback.

Pure joy when you wake up at dawn. It’s amazing when you reach the snowy peak. A sense of adventure as you ride the red plains. Refreshing relief after wading into an alpine stream. A connection while tasting the local fragrant leaves. The addictive feeling of returning to your favorite vacation home. Freedom to ride the waves. Discover the endless feelings a visit to NSW can inspire.

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John Hall Drive, Taree, Nsw 2430

Destination NSW recognizes and respects Aboriginal people as the state’s first peoples and nations, and recognizes Aboriginal people as the traditional owners and inhabitants of the land and water of New South Wales.

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