Cert Iv Sound Production

Cert Iv Sound Production – The fees you pay will depend on the course you choose and may vary depending on the level of government funding available, delivery costs, any previous study you have undertaken and/or your personal circumstances.

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Cert Iv Sound Production

You are likely to pay a professional fee. Please contact a member of staff for further advice.

The Musician Certificate Program — Dylan Findley

This information is for guidance only. To confirm which charges apply to you, please contact us directly on 1300 655 307. Discounts do not apply to Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Some courses may be subject to additional fees or equipment costs. Some courses may include GST, if applicable. If you are an employer, please contact us for information on business rates.

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Make some noise in the music industry and gain the skills and knowledge you need to build a specialist career in either music performance or audio production.

Music And Sound Production Courses

This course has two separate streams – Performance and Sound Production. You must decide which stream you are interested in when registering.

The Performance stream is designed to help you gain the skills you need to gain employment in the music industry and/or improve your skills and knowledge of performing music in a variety of styles and genres, while the Sound Production stream has designed to create and produce audio music and dialogues in the music industry. They help you develop the skills you need to do.

In the Performance stream, you will spend your time working in our specialist studio environment, recording and producing personal projects and collaborating with others, as well as performing music at various community events. Your teacher will also guide you as you work independently with your own personal music performance skills. In the audio production stream, you will learn how to dub audio content for broadcast, as well as how to operate sound reinforcement systems, install and disassemble audio equipment, and repair and maintain production equipment.

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You’ll have plenty of opportunities to mix music in our dedicated studio environment, including gaining valuable hands-on experience mixing live sound, recording audio, editing dialogue and mixing recorded music. You will have the opportunity to perform tasks in a general community – working in real and simulated industry experiences or in a studio environment recording and creating individual or collaborative projects.

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During this course, you will develop music composition techniques and how to record music for performance, as well as create music demos and develop your improvisation skills. You will spend considerable time rehearsing music for group performance and developing and maintaining performing arts skills and learning how to perform music as part of a group.

On successful completion of the Performance Stream, you will have gained a wide range of skills, knowledge and contacts and will be equipped to find employment in areas such as instrument teaching, recording, publishing, retail, radio and television.

On successful completion of the audio production stream, you will be ready for employment in a live production environment or in a professional recording studio in a variety of roles such as record producer, live engineer, audiovisual technician or broadcast producer. You may also want to consider further study with a related qualification such as ICT40315 – Certificate IV in Web-based Technologies or CUA41215 – Certificate IV in Screen and Media.

The fees you pay will depend on the course you choose and may vary depending on the level of government funding available, delivery costs, any previous study you have undertaken and/or your personal circumstances. The fees for this course are available at the top of the page via the fees calculator.

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Your tuition fee covers the basic materials required for your course, but may not include items such as textbooks, workbooks, uniforms, online learning resources or personal protective clothing. Depending on your course, there may be other costs to budget for.

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For courses lasting more than 12 months or less, you will be invoiced for the full course fee (including any other required fees associated with your course).

*For courses studied over many years, your courses and other fees will be spread over the years of study, while reduced fees will be charged on an annual basis. You will be billed for your first year’s tuition when you enrol. An invoice will be generated each year around the ‘registration anniversary’.

It can assess your skills and knowledge based on your previous education, work history or life experience – which can help you achieve your qualification much faster!

Diploma Of Music Industry (specialising In Performance)

Assessments are designed to help you demonstrate the skills and knowledge you learn on your course and are an essential part of your education. The assessment allows us to confirm that you can perform tasks to the standards required in the workplace and that you can meet all the requirements of your course.

While studying here, you may be assessed in a number of ways. Some common assessment methods include:

In general, it is recommended that you have access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection and up-to-date software, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader. All major campuses have computers for student use during regular business hours.

You may also need to bring specific equipment, tools or personal protective equipment, your instructor will let you know.

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Below is a list of all core and elective modules offered in this course. The choice of which unit to enroll in depends on the campus you attend and the eligibility pack rules. See training.gov.au for more information.

Here, we understand that everyone’s journey is different and sometimes you may need some extra support to achieve your study or career goals.

Whether you’re at the start of your education, returning to study after a long break, or looking to gain a higher level of expertise in a specific area, we’re here to help you succeed in your chosen field of study, apprenticeship or internship.

Our student support services are available to all students and aim to provide the support you need to make your learning experience that little bit easier. Do you want to work in the music industry as an artist, songwriter, studio musician, producer? Musician, band member or music teacher? Then the Diploma of Music Industry, Specializing in Performance is for you. Box Hill Institute will provide you with the skills and experience you need to excel in these professions.

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Note: This syllabus and structure will change in the near future. All new students will be admitted to the new course.

There are many employment options in the entertainment and performance industry, including live performance, music media and recording opportunities.

Please note that even with a full Certificate IV in Music you may be required to sit an additional audition.

To help prospective students determine whether a course is appropriate and suitable for individual needs, Box Hill Institute will assess the language, literacy and numeracy and digital literacy of all students and ask you to complete a self-assessment assessment before from registration.

Australian Online Music Institute

The course advisor will discuss the results of the review and make recommendations about whether the course is right for you and identify additional support if needed.

Successful completion will enable you to apply for admission to the first year of the Bachelor of Music Industry. You may also qualify for some advanced status (usually a semester’s worth of credit).

Reserved course items are purchased once by the student prior to commencement. These items then become the property of the student. Charges quoted are in 2022 prices and may increase annually during the delivery period. Fees for enrolled students may vary depending on individual circumstances at the time of enrolment. Contact our course advisors at 1300 BOX HILL for more information.

To obtain this diploma you must complete 17 modules. To increase your chances of employment, we encourage you to complete the 18 modules listed below, however, you may choose to study any of the following modules (but not both):

Sound Recording And Music Technology

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