Certificate 2 In Telecommunications

Certificate 2 In Telecommunications – Orange Egypt, the first integrated telecommunications operator in Egypt, received the widely recognized ISO50001: 2018 certification for energy management systems in the field of mobile and fixed service provision, as well as network maintenance and mobile tower, accredited by QSI Certification and Inspection, a. member of the IAF which is an international Specialized in providing quality control services in collaboration with organizations.

This certification confirms Orange Egypt’s commitment to best energy management practices and the systematic approach it uses to achieve continuous improvement in energy performance during its daily operations as a mobile operator, provider of virtual landlines, tower maintenance company, ADSL service provider, and others. Telecom Services.

Certificate 2 In Telecommunications

Orange Egypt has implemented approximately 400 stations that rely entirely on solar energy or partially on advanced lithium batteries to reduce the energy load for the operating hours of the power generators at these sites.

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Orange Egypt’s achievement of global ISO accreditation in energy efficiency comes as part of an integrated strategy that the company follows to take into account environmental factors in all operations by reducing dependence on traditional generators and implementing more new stations equipped with clean and renewable energy technology. It contributes to reducing emissions and the fight against climate change. The network is based on measuring the efficiency and recycling of batteries and power generators with different designs.

This is Orange’s third ISO certification in environmental fields, since it previously obtained a certificate of technical conformity to international standards for environmental management systems “ISO14001: 2015”, which is related to strengthening its operational processes in way that ensures safety. of the environment while carrying out its activities and controlling the hazards that may endanger the workers.

In addition, Orange Egypt previously received the Certificate of Technical Conformity to ISO45001: 2018 International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, which ensures that the company applies strict procedures to reduce safety risks, adopts strategies to manage occupational risks and maintain. A safe and healthy work environment.

On this occasion, Ayman Amiri, Chief Technology Officer of Orange Egypt, expressed his gratitude for receiving ISO certification for Energy Management Systems (EMS), which is in line with the company’s global strategy to develop new innovations and solutions to maximize the use of renewables. . Rationalize the consumption of energy, electricity and reduce the impact of its operations on the environment and the climate, as well as increase the effectiveness of operations at all levels and provide high quality services to customers. Mr. Anshu Prakash, Secretary, Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications and Chairman, Digital Communication Commission today inaugurated an online certification course on 5G technology for government officials through video conferencing. The inaugural session was graced by Shri Bharat Kumar Jog, Member (Services), Digital Communication Commission and Shri. UK Srivastava, Senior Deputy Director General and Head of NTIPRIT and other senior government officials.

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The National Institute of Telecommunications for Policy Research, Innovation and Training (NTIPRIT), the premier training institute of the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, is conducting a first-of-its-kind 36-hour online 5G certification course (12 weeks) to train and certify officers. Government of India. To begin with, this 36-hour certificate course on 5G has been made available to officials of the Department of Telecommunications with the first batch starting from March 9, 2021, which will later be offered to other players as well.

While formally inaugurating the 5G certification course, Shri Anshu Prakash, Secretary and Chairman, Telecom Union, Digital Communication Commission, congratulated NTIPRIT for launching the course and said that the course will serve as a capsule program for learn the general 5G technology from a policy perspective. The Secretary (Telecom) highlighted the importance of fully utilizing the potential of 5G and making possibilities such as machine-to-machine communication, the Internet of Things a reality. Therefore, he emphasized on having a team of master trainers, 5G security experts etc. in DOT which will pave the way for education and awareness in 5G technology in India and also identify gaps in existing laws with the advent of 5G technology.

The Secretary (Telecom) has also directed NTIPRIT to come up with such training programs for officers of other Departments / Ministries of the Government of India in future.

Member (Services), Digital Communication Commission in his speech congratulated NTIPRIT for launching the 5G certification course for Government of India officers and emphasized on the design, development and management of programs of developing similar capabilities in 5G use cases for Central Government officials and others.

Pdf) Intelligent Home Network Authentication: Home Device Authentication Using Device Certification

The National Telecommunication Institute for Innovation and Policy Research Training (NTIPRIT) is a premier training institute of the Department of Telecommunications involved in induction training for probationary officers of the Indian Telecommunication Service Group – A (ITS Group A) who are recruited through All India Engineering. Examination of services. . Apart from induction training, NTIPRIT also conducts various in-service training, management development programmes, regional and international training, capacity building workshops for officers of the Government of India in various aspects of the Administration of the Information and Communication Technology in India. Uzbektelecom is a joint-stock company. The largest telecommunications operator in Uzbekistan, covering the Tire region of the Republic with its network.

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Uzbektelecom JSC constantly interacts with international telecommunication organizations, participates in international telecommunication projects and bilateral cooperation with foreign operators and telecommunication equipment manufacturers.

Uzbektelecom actively cooperates with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Regional Communications Commonwealth (RCC), Intelsat Satellite Communication Organization, is a member of the RCC Operators Council, etc. The company’s local telecommunications network includes more. More than 2 thousand PBX with capacity of more than 2.0 million numbers. The digitization of local telecommunications networks has significantly improved the quality of telecommunications networks, provided new types of services to network subscribers, and allowed high-speed dial-up Internet access to be installed for a wide range of users.

The company’s transport network is based on optical fibers and radio relay communication lines using modern SDH network technology that provides multi-level network management. To ensure a high quality of new types of services and to expand their range, a gradual transition to high-speed transmission systems such as STM-1/16/64, DWDM and IP/MPLS is implemented. The company provides access to the global Internet through International Packet Switching CTR (ICPC) to all providers in the Republic.

The Tec Implement Date Were Postponed Again To October 1, 2019 Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp

Internet access and data transmission network of Uzbektelecom JSC is provided by company branches through dedicated lines using xDSL and RadioEthernet technologies and dial-up access. The list of data network services provided by Uzbektelecom includes Internet access, VPN, video conferencing, development and construction of corporate networks, etc. Through the international voice gateway of Uzbektelecom VoIP, its subsidiaries provide international telephony services with prepaid cards.

Uzbektelecom JSC provides international telephone communications through two international switching cters, maintaining partnerships with more than 20 international operators in the field of traditional communications. The Jeral brand of Uzbektelecom JSC has been a Uztelecom brand since 2011. Through a single sales office, the company provides customers with mobile communication services, Internet connection, television, city telephony and cloud storage.

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Uztelecom provides a range of traditional services for the retail sector, as well as a full range of services for operators in domestic and international markets, under the Geral brand and slogan of “National Operator”. Uztelecom also includes a range of telecommunications services for the corporate sector: fixed telephony, wired and wireless broadband (broadband access), PD (data transmission), VPN (virtual private networks), IP telephony, IPTV, Virtual office PBX, video conferencing, Mobile communication, Mobile PD. The company also provides new generation telecommunication services for the retail sector and small businesses: services based on IP technology – Internet access, IP telephony, IPTV, universal payment cards for IP telephony and Internet services, etc. . At the same time, mobile communication services. Provided based on CDMA-450 and GSM standards.

Uzbektelecom JSC owns eight joint ventures that provide mobile and fixed services, long-distance and international communications, data transmission and Internet services.

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Uzbektelecom JSC is the undisputed market leader in telecommunication services for public authorities, state institutions and organizations at all levels, as well as for consumers – individuals.

The high quality and reliability of the company’s services are confirmed by certificates of compliance with the quality management system.

Since November 18, 2013, Uzbektelecom JSC has been awarded a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the O’z DST ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008) standard based on the results of a certification audit.

On January 12, 2017, Uzbektelecom JSC conducted a recertification audit and confirmed the certificate of compliance with the requirements of O’z DST ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008).

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In 2018, Uzbektelecom JSC successfully passed the certification with the transition to the new version of the ISO 9001:2015 standard The o’z DST.

In 1995-1996, Uzbektelecom began to privatize the state sector through the creation of several joint-stock companies such as International.

In 1997, the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan was reorganized into the Uzbek Post and Telecommunications Agency, followed by the creation of regional companies providing telecommunication services.

From 2000 to 2002, Uzbektelecom was reorganized from a holding company to an operating company, merging regional telecommunications companies into Uzbektelecom.

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In 2003, Uzbektelecom started offering CDMA-450 wireless radio access. Since 2003, a wireless radio access system has been operating in the regions of Samarkand and Jizak.

In 2012 and 2013, Uztelecom

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