Child Care Deer Park

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I am glad you are taking the time to learn about the Village Child Development Center. I thought about the idea of ​​the Village of a place that is deeper than just loving the children. Having worked as a Spanish teacher with students from poor and wealthy backgrounds, I quickly realized that the educational gap between the two groups begins at birth. My goal is to offer meaningful educational experiences that expose students to different areas of life in their most impressionable years, to bridge that gap. The stakes are high for children today, and a solid foundation must begin with high-quality childcare. My experience as a second language speaker has convinced me that learning in two languages ​​will increase students’ chances of success and make them a great asset to our community. Developmentally appropriate practices, best practices, and measurables are my promise to you and your child. I look forward to offering a first class education as your family joins the Community family!

Child Care Deer Park

The mission of the Village Child Development Center is to create conditions for quality education and care in our community. We work to educate the whole child and thereby educate the whole community.

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At Village Child Development Center, we believe that it really does take a village to raise a child. We are committed to taking responsibility for the children in our community (community) by nurturing them mentally, emotionally, physically and socially through challenging learning and stimulating experiences. Our bilingual program serves both English and Spanish students, and will help them capitalize on the long-term benefits of both languages ​​and cultural diversity. We lay the foundation for children from 6 weeks to 12 years to become lifelong learners and valuable members of society. We work with our families to rebuild communities through regular education of parents and caregivers so their children can thrive in any community. The park usually opens for the season in mid-April and remains open until the end of October. If you plan to visit early or very late in the season, please call us in advance to make sure we are open for business. You can reach us at 608-253-2041!

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No, we don’t have tick problems at the Wisconsin Deer Park because our grass is cut short. Cuckoos need tall grass (over 2 feet tall) to move between bodies.

It’s scary how often animals eat human food! Deer in our park are fed special deer food based on their first diet/meal. Animals cannot absorb the iodine contained in “human” salt (and many foods), this food contains salts that do not contain iodine and do not contain harmful substances in the formula. If there is too much iodine, their stomachs can fill with water and eventually die. Please do not feed our animals any food you bring with you. Visitors can purchase deer-safe food to feed our animals at our gift shop or at roadside eateries.

Although the corn and pellet mixture we feed the animals will not harm your child if they eat it, it may be difficult for him to digest. We do not advise anyone to eat deer food.

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Good question! No, they don’t bite. Only the back molar grinds food and small labial teeth at the base of the plant to grind leaves and bark. The guest must physically put their hand in the animal’s mouth to bite. Any animal in our park that can or will bite will have telltale signs.

There is an urgent care center in the Dells, but usually the affected child needs antihistamine medication, such as Benadryl. If anyone in your party shows signs of illness, we advise everyone to change their clothes, as fear of the Deer will do to everyone who visits the Deer Park. Bathing or showering is also recommended to remove the stain. Fortunately, the symptoms should clear up within a few hours.

Every winter, the animals happily go to the back of the park to provide winter feeding grounds. This gives them a quiet break and a change of scenery while our staff prepares the park for next spring. Animals that are sensitive to heat, like our Lemurs, have their own protective barrier in the cold weather.

All the animals and plants that decorate the walls of our shop come from our park. There are times when an animal may die of old age or be euthanized by our veterinarian. In the wild, deer can live 5-7 years, but in our park they can live 15+ years! This results in some common diseases like tumors, bone diseases etc. If a deer is sick, we do everything we can to care for them and keep them healthy. We are a team of animal lovers and will do our best to make our animals happy.

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The Village Child Development Center

No, all our animals have been vetted and sterilized. Our animals do not have contact with animals in the wild, so they are very susceptible to infection. We also comply with all state and federal laws.

Depending on the time of year you visit us, animals may look pale or sickly as they change coats between seasons. When they lose their winter coat or regain it, their fur can become loose or loose. Rest assured, although their fur may look messy, it is a completely safe and natural thing in their life.

Unfortunately, no, it isn’t. Many areas of our park allow our animals and guests to share the same space to maximize interaction. Although our animals are adept at human interaction, we cannot predict how they will react to each animal. For your safety, and for the safety of our other guests and animals, we do not allow service animals in the park.

When you visit, the entire Wisconsin Deer Park staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our unique educational treasure. We are happy to provide you with information about the history of the park and our ongoing activities. We look forward to seeing you soon See how we encourage lifelong learning at Rose Garden Sunshine Early Learning Center (Sunshine West). Our nursery and early childhood education facilities are perfect for families living in or commuting to Sunshine West or the surrounding areas of Albion, Caroline Springs, Deer Park and Sunshine. We are conveniently located across the road from the Avenue Shopping Center and a short drive from Glengala Primary School.

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The Rose Garden Sunshine Early Learning Center has a rich cultural heritage, promoting the celebration of all different cultures. We value family input in the development of our annual calendar to ensure that our families play a meaningful role in our center’s planning cycle.

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The moment you step into our Sunshine West childcare center, you will be immersed in a world where children are encouraged to explore and learn. Our spacious outdoor environments feature sand pits, gardens and equipment to engage all the senses. Children are given time and space for carefree play as they explore the outdoors to test their limits and develop not strong, balanced and confident. Being outdoors supports children’s overall health and well-being.

Our interior spaces invite exploration with great resources and tutorials. Children think, create and practice their ideas as they play with various materials in purposeful play spaces. Our experienced teachers design play-based lessons around children’s interests and learning goals. Literacy and numeracy are integrated into play-based learning as children act as craftspeople, storytellers, scientists, artists and inventors.

You never have to worry about preparing lunch or snacks. Healthy and light meals are prepared daily by our in-house chef, meeting all needs. Shared time between children and teachers strengthens relationships, and opportunities to share stories and experiences, and practice healthy eating habits.

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No two days are the same at our Sunshine West nursery. Your child will have access to special programs, including sports, music and activities, and a language program. These fun and engaging programs enhance the daily program.

Our teachers and children enjoy trips to our local community to visit the nearby nature reserve, The Avenue Shopping Center and the library. We welcome special guests and community members to the center based on the children’s interests. These include dental visits, pet shopping, learning about recycling and sustainability and more. Cross-border connections support a sense of community and belonging in children and provide opportunities to develop social and interpersonal skills with different people, places, and environments.

As a member of our Early Learning Services community, we look forward to working with you to provide information, support and quality education and care to your child.

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