Cold Laser Therapy Perth

Cold Laser Therapy Perth – The Oska Pulse pain relief treatment uses a pulsed electromagnetic field. The technology has been used for more than 60 years for a variety of injuries with no known side effects.

It is a natural therapy that works on a cellular level to work on the underlying problem that is causing the pain. It is not a pain reliever like most other pain reliever devices. You can purchase your Oska Pulse pain reliever device from Burswood Health in Perth and our professionals will be happy to make sure you can use the device correctly.

Cold Laser Therapy Perth

We use the Oska Pulse pain relief treatment to work at the source of the pain, rather than simply masking the symptoms.

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If you are like millions of people who suffer, you have probably tried everything to feel better. Now is the time to experience Oska Pulse Drug Free Pain Relief.

Clinically proven to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, improve mobility and relieve pain, Oska Pulse can be part of the treatment plan proposed here at Burswood Health in Perth.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) increase the body’s ability to repair damaged cells to relieve all types of pain.

We offer a variety of drug-free pain treatment options. The laser is one of them.

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Oska Pulse creates a field up to 55cm in diameter around the device and does not need to touch the skin or even be on the body of the person using the device. It is best to use the device 25 cm from the area to be treated.

Oska Pulse creates no side effects and you cannot abuse the device. The more you use it, the better results you will get.

At Burswood Health, Perth-based chiropractors and occupational therapists, we believe getting rid of pain is only the first step. Our goal is to provide excellent holistic clinical care to optimize your recovery so that you can achieve the highest degree of health possible.

A wide range of chronic injuries or pain can be helped with the Oska Pulse Pain Relief Treatment here at the Burswood Health Clinic in Perth:

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A clinical trial was completed at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California and conducted by a respected team of physicians: Dr. Joseph Shurman, Dr. Brenda K. Wiederhold, Dr. Roger Kasendorf, Dr. John Qian and Dr. Mark D. Wiederhold.

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Renowned pain management physicians conducted the controlled study with 30 patients (diagnosed with chronic knee, shoulder or back pain) recruited from two chronic pain clinics in the San Diego area.

Each participant was provided with a daily log to report pain, stress and daily use of Oska Pulse. The pain and stress ratings in the daily logs were based on a 10-point scale, and the participants were sent home with an Oska Pulse device or a placebo. Both patients and investigators were blind to the actual Oska device or the placebo.

At your first visit, your chiropractor, podiatrist, or occupational therapist will begin with an evaluation. It is vital to understand the causes of pain before recommending a course of treatment.

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On the second visit, you will receive a report on the results. Summarize your diagnosis and discuss treatment options. Next, we discuss the treatment plan that will help you reduce pain and achieve your goals and objectives. If Oska Pulse Pain Relief Treatment is part of that journey, Burswood Health is one of Perth’s most experienced integrated chiropractic / OT care providers, so you’ll be in good hands.

Our studio is located in Burswood (East Perth), 1 minute drive from the city of Victoria Park or East-Perth. Thor laser therapy uses infrared light to trigger healing on a cellular level in your body. Officially called Thor Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT, the therapy is ideal for joint and tendon problems. The infrared light rays penetrate the dense tendons, fascia and joints and stimulate the healing process. You may also have heard the term “Cold Laser” as an alternative name for this technology.

Understanding the underlying causes of your pain or condition is the starting point for recommending a personalized treatment plan. It can include exercises, orthotics, skin and nail treatments, PowerPlate neural stimulation, and Thor laser therapy.

At The Foot Clinic, your podiatrist may include infrared red light therapy sessions in the clinic as part of treatment, if you have tendon, muscle, nerve, or skin injuries. It can also be used to control symptoms of nerve pain, caused by osteoarthritis or any number of inflammatory conditions. And if you have nerve damage or poor blood circulation due to diabetes, Thor laser therapy is used to stimulate the nerves and increase blood flow to those areas.

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Heel or ankle pain can be caused by a number of problems. From injuries to the plantar fascia or Achilles tendinopathy, there are several reasons you might experience heel or ankle pain.

Physitrack is an integrated exercise program that has an online library of over 900 videos that walk you through a series of appropriate exercise videos to help you with your treatment.

Since infrared light penetrates deep into the tendons and bones, it can also stimulate the healing process if you have suffered a fracture or stress fracture in the bones of your foot or legs.

Laser or infrared light is also often used after surgery, to speed recovery, reduce pain, and prevent any swelling. And also to optimize the healing of foot ulcers and wounds.

Perth Photo Medical Centre :: How Does Low Level Laser Therapy Treat Pain?

Thor laser therapy is cold laser therapy and does not burn the skin. It is a safe and medically approved laser with an invisible beam that does the real work and a visible red light to help your podiatrist point the laser in the right areas. A typical cold laser treatment lasts up to 15 minutes and is repeated over a couple of weeks until recovery has progressed.

Pain usually indicates cellular damage. Cold laser or Thor laser therapy can penetrate cell walls and stimulate activities within the cells. What infrared light actually does is stimulate enzymes, so they exchange chemicals more efficiently. It’s like adding “fuel to fire”: laser light catalyzes the cellular energy cycle.

As a result, cells in the area that needed attention will produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as they release nitrogen and oxygen. It is this chemical process that we want to stimulate because it supports the general tissue repair of the human body.

The low-level laser beam also helps dilate blood vessels. This makes it a very useful treatment option in diabetic foot care, for patients suffering from poor blood circulation and wounds or ulcers. Overall, the improved circulation within the deep tissues helps the entire healing and recovery process.

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At The Foot Clinic, you will notice that we use the latest and most innovative technology. As a team of experienced professionals, we also continue to advance our training in all areas of podiatry.

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We have a simple mission: to fix feet and build better bodies, from the feet up.

Combined with this passion for the latest, most reliable and innovative technology, we strive to provide a high quality service experience. Our friendly team of podiatrists will be happy to answer any questions you may have, about general foot health or any of the treatments we offer. The laser can be helpful in relieving pain, reducing swelling, promoting tissue healing, and reducing scarring. of fibrous scar tissue.

Alison and Jodie are certified in Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) at their North Perth practice. LLT may be helpful in relieving pain, reducing swelling, promoting tissue healing, and reducing the formation of fibrous scar tissue.

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LLLT or cold laser is a painless, non-invasive form of light therapy that is believed to stimulate a healing response in tissues such as muscles, blood vessels, bones, nerves, skin, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues. The laser beam we use is in the infrared range of the spectrum. Since its wavelength is beyond the red end of the visible light spectrum, its beam is invisible.

Laser differs from visible light in that it has a single coherent wavelength rather than a range of wavelengths (which are what gives visible light its range of colors). Unlike light, a laser beam does not diverge, but remains parallel, allowing it to be precisely focused. Our laser differs from medical lasers used in surgery in that it does not generate heat and therefore cannot burn tissue (which is why it is sometimes called a cold laser). The laser treatment is painless and there are no vibrations or sounds when it is delivered.

The simplest answer is that we don’t know. The main theory suggests that it affects metabolism at the cell level, causing chemical reactions that accelerate cell metabolism. This is believed to result in faster cell repair and regeneration with the formation of new healthy cells. It can also work by improving blood supply to an area. It can reduce pain by its effects on nerve endings and by stimulating body pain

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