Concrete Post And Rail Fence

Concrete Post And Rail Fence – The right fencing stands the test of time, serving for years with little maintenance and low maintenance requirements. To create a long-lasting fence, you need the right fence posts. At Nitterhouse Masonry, we offer concrete fence posts that meet the highest quality standards and help fence projects achieve durable, long-lasting performance.

You can learn more about our fence posts in the space below and find a Knitterhaus dealer near you to view your concrete fence post options in person.

Concrete Post And Rail Fence

Knitterhaus concrete fence posts stand the test of years and weather.

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Why Choose Concrete Fence Posts Over Traditional Wood? Stone fence posts have several advantages, but the following two points are the most important:

Concrete fence posts also provide a high-quality, attractive fencing solution that can help increase the value and appearance of any property.

Explore several concrete fence options by choosing Knitterhouse as your supplier. We offer 2 and 3 hole options depending on the nature of your wall and project. Our fence posts are 7″ by 3.5″ and 2-hole posts are 59″ long and 3-hole posts are 84″ long. We recommend installing at least 2 feet deep.

Each fence post weighs 104 pounds for a 2-rail post and 178 pounds for a 3-rail post, and they are made in the United States – right here in our manufacturing facility in Chambersburg, PA. They are ideal for use as concrete fence posts, yard fences, pasture liners, and other applications.

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When you choose Knitterhaus Masonry as your supplier, you can always count on quality. Our concrete posts stand the test of time in almost any weather condition. Of course, as mentioned above, our concrete fence posts are especially useful in humid environments where wooden posts can quickly rot and deteriorate. We use the best quality concrete in our manufacturing process, which means you get the long-term durability you expect from your investment in concrete columns.

In addition to our quality products, Nitterhouse Masonry is known for its excellent customer service. If you have questions about our products or need expert guidance when considering your options, you’ll know we’re always here to help.

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Knitterhaus Masonry is the place to buy concrete fence posts. Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. Our local distributor network covers the Eastern United States.

When you’re ready for high-quality concrete fence posts, find a dealer near you. For more information about our products and services, you can contact us online or call us at 717-267-4500. Post and rail fences have been one of the most important products for decades, and its popularity continues to demand a significant portion of our production capacity.

Types Of Wood Fences

A precast concrete system is a cost-effective, functional utility barrier system traditionally used by local authorities and private contractors.

In fact, historically, the post and rail fence is the oldest form of border – Wikipedia – agricultural fencing, but the post and rail fencing system is made of precast concrete, which is not only a cost-effective solution, but also a real service provides display. A freestanding border fence can be easily installed and looks uniformly clean along its entire length.

Post and rail fencing is ideal for use in a variety of settings as it provides a clear and distinct visual boundary in a very aesthetically pleasing manner. It can also be used on roads, parking lots, agricultural land, and commercial and industrial developments. Post and rail fences can be used to define garden boundaries in residential buildings, particularly on row houses.

The post and rail fencing system is available with one, two or three rails and can also be used as a frame for flower climbers, almost like a fence in a home environment or in a virgin or painted form. The system is durable and robust and easy to maintain.

Concrete Fence Panels

Contact our engineers, we are always happy to answer any questions. Contact the team on 05793 53018, email [email protected] or complete the contact form below.

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Precast concrete has excellent claws in both plain and exposed aggregate finishes. We also offer modern stainless steel (lockable) posts to complement our standard range of concrete posts. All our columns have multiple decorations and custom designs are no problem.

KPC offers touch bars and touch strips for use as an anti-slip aid and especially as an aid for the visually impaired. Manufactured from high quality (marine grade) stainless steel and available in a variety of finishes, these touch studs and strips allow you to quickly and easily convert an existing standard finish to a touch finish. Built-in fence posts We manufacture a range of concrete recesses for wooden wardrobes. and palisade fencing with gravel boards to match different fence heights. Fittings are also available. Fencing Specifications Contact Us

A buried fence post is a casting with multiple grooves that allow the rails to line up properly with the post. The rail can then be attached directly to the precast concrete column using metal bolts.

Post & Rail 2 Rail W/ 1 1/2

Built-in fence posts are used for wardrobes or feather fences. Using this fencing method means that the post is only visible from one side, giving it an attractive finish. Typically, fences of 1.2 m and below require two rails, and for higher installations three.

A picket fence is clean and attractive, perfect for front and back gardens as well as commercial use.

Because the panels are bolted directly to the post, this is a heavy-duty barrier method that won’t let you down.

To protect the base of the wooden fence, it is recommended to install a gravel board with a cabinet fence. We offer several lengths of concrete paving slabs to suit your project.

Featheredge Post & Rail Fencing

For all our sizes and product drawings, please see our fencing specifications or call us on 020 8687 2222. One Rail Fence.

Good fences make good neighbors, and at Hilltop Concrete, our proprietary molds mean we can offer our customers a natural-looking wood concrete fence alternative to the traditional wood rail fence. After all, what kind of Texas concrete grating company would we be if we didn’t manufacture railroad concrete grating? Engineers, architects, landscapers, developers and homeowners love the way RanchRail adds style to any project without the long-term maintenance of wood.

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Hilltop Concrete’s ranchrail concrete fence is available in two-rail, three-rail and four-rail configurations. Combined with our mitered posts, these configurations offer our customers the high level of craftsmanship they desire for their properties. Our RanchRail concrete fence can be used on a variety of properties such as parks, streets and private properties, border roads or sidewalks, provide property division and clear boundary lines, protect livestock or add dignity to any property ‘-strong enough to be noticed. The applications are truly endless!

Thanks to the deep design of our molds, RanchRail Concrete Fence offers a real wood look that stands the test of time without the time-consuming and costly maintenance of a traditional wood rail fence. Nothing ruins the structural integrity and look of a railroad-style fence more than splitting wood and bent rails. That’s never a worry with our RanchRail concrete fence! Because it is made of precast concrete components, our customers will experience a premium steel fence that is more durable and less prone to the elements, requiring repainting, painting or replacement than a wooden rail fence. Additionally, RanchRail units are constructed of 5,000 psi reinforced concrete reinforced with rebar, ensuring your wall is as strong as it is beautiful. This fence looks as good as the day it was installed!

Post And Rail Fencing

We’ve always heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words”… and this is especially true for concrete fences.

As a leading concrete railing contractor, Hilltop Concrete is proud to offer all of our turnkey services…

If you’re thinking about building a fence for your project or property, you may have done some research…

Building a precast concrete fence on your property or project is an important decision that involves several steps…

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