Cpa Important Dates 2016

Cpa Important Dates 2016 – Since the CPA exam window has changed, I thought it would be good to have a post explaining how they work

Recently, I saw a lot of confusion online about the CPA exam window in 2022 After all, the old CPA exam window followed a different approach with the introduction of the CPA Continuous Exam starting in 2020. And compared to the past, the exam blackout dates for CPA 2022 have been removed

Cpa Important Dates 2016

So in this article, I’ll start with some background history on CPA exam timing windows and how they’ve changed. Next, I’ll cover important new concepts of a CPA exam window and address the CPA exam 2022 blackout date and if you can retake a CPA exam in the same window. And finally, I will give you the 2022 CPA exam dates that will release scores for the 2022 CPA exam window.

Cpa Exam Testing Windows 2022 + Score Release Dates

Starting the CPA journey is never easy You need to know if the CPA title is worth it, how to apply and where to apply Also, you need to review how to study or what review course to use

The good news is that exam scheduling is very flexible Scheduling a CPA exam is actually a little easier now thanks to the CPA Continuity Exam So before we go any further about CPA exam test dates, let’s review how the concept of a CPA exam testing window has changed.

Prior to the new rule in 2020, CPA candidates could only sit for the exam during the “CPA Exam Window”. Generally, the windows followed a predictable pattern Basically, candidates can take the exam in the first two months of every quarter

Can you take an exam in the same exam window as the CPA? No, you can’t So, in the past, candidates had to wait until the next quarterly open window for the CPA exam to retest if needed. For example, maybe you took AUD in Q2 but didn’t like your CPA Exam Window 2 exam score. Under the old model, the AUD had to wait until Q3 to pick up again

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In the list above, you will notice that the CPA exam is not offered during the specified blackout period However, the CPA exam date schedule had more blackout periods For many years, CPA exam sitting dates were not given during the blackout months of March, June, September and December.

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Eventually, blackout months were shortened to 10 days An extension of the CPA exam testing window went into effect in April 2016 Meanwhile, the end of the CPA exam window was pushed back by 10 days during the CPA blackout month to meet the demand for the increased number of candidates.

In the spring of 2020, NASBA, the AICPA and Prometric made a big announcement about the CPA exam window. Here is a direct quote from their press release:

“In response to many candidate requests, we are pleased to announce continuous testing for CPA exam candidates beginning July 1, 2020. Under the new continuous testing model, candidates will have the ability to take the exam throughout the year, without restrictions such as waiting to receive scores from previous attempts in the same section or when there is a large portion of the exam. As the change comes, the continuous testing will replace the existing CPA exam testing window model, which only allows candidates to take the test during specific time frames in each calendar quarter.

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However, this announcement was a major departure from the CPA exam testing window in 2020 So why the change?

From the beginning the idea of ​​CPA exam window seems correct However, candidates can only take the test section once per window If they fail, you will have to wait until the next window to retake this section

For example, if a candidate fails a section in early January, they may not retake it until April 1. As a result, candidates struggle to pass all four CPA exam sections within the 18 months required for licensure.

Since the start of continuous testing in July 2020, most jurisdictions have moved past the concept of a CPA testing window. So, when you start searching online for the 2022 CPA exam exam window, you won’t find them!

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Now, candidates can choose almost any day to take the exam The continuous testing model actually extends the dates available to take the CPA exam

However, there are some exceptions After all, you must take the test at a Prometric test center Most Prometric sites are open Monday through Friday, and some sites are open on weekends

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By July 1, 2020, most jurisdictions were ready for the new continuous trial model. However, some states have not completed the necessary legislative process for this change. NASBA Here is a color-coded map of the status of each jurisdiction

One jurisdiction – South Carolina – has announced that it cannot yet follow the continuous testing model Therefore, CPA candidates applying through South Carolina must still take the exam section during the above quarterly window.

Cpa Exam Prep Tips From An Accounting Student

Even though the CPA exam now has continuous exams, you still have plenty of CPA exam dates, deadlines, and rules to follow. Consider the following tips when considering your CPA exam test window and sign up

The AICPA publishes exam scores once or twice a month However, the AICPA notes that when you take the BEC, your score may be delayed by about a week The written communication portion of the BEC may require additional time to analyze and score, hence the delay For more information on score releases, go to CPA Score Release Dates

Once you begin your CPA journey, you should mark the day you pass the first part of your exam After all, Board of Accountants candidates are required to pass all four parts within 18 months So, the 18 months tick will start as soon as you pass the first part

Additionally, please note that it only starts counting after you pass the first part, not when you take the first part. For example, let’s say you plan to take FAR in January and REG next February You later find out that you failed FAR and passed REG 18 months Your exam date will start in February, and you will need to complete all 4 parts in August the following year.

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Although the AICPA moved to continuous testing on July 1, 2020, readers still ask me “Can I take the CPA exam twice in the same window?” Just remember that even though the “CPA exam window” has technically been removed, you still have to wait until your score is released before taking any section you failed.

I have noticed that many candidates prefer to schedule their exams at the end of the period for which their NTS (Note to Schedule) is valid. There are two problems with this plan:

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If possible, try to schedule your test section(s) at the beginning or middle of your NTS window This way, you have the flexibility to postpone it without paying extra

Readers often wonder which part to take first There are two schools of thought – one is to work hard first and get rid of it quickly; Another is to take it easy so you can build your confidence

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I personally prefer the first option But it really depends on your own style Another common method is the one you’re familiar with first (whether it’s easy or hard). It also works well for many of my readers

To give you an example, Travis and Sumit had different opinions on how they planned the exam sections

My readers have often messaged me about the CPA exam dates in the following states If your state is not listed, read CPA Requirements by State: The Complete Guide to CPA Exam Requirements

With the exception of South Carolina, all jurisdictions follow a continuous testing model Therefore, the Alabama CPA exam dates are the same as the Kansas CPA exam dates and the CPA exam dates for Massachusetts. This way, all the candidates have an equal number of dates to choose from

Critical Cpa Score Release Dates In 2022: Dates & Faqs

The CPA exam followed the old model of window and blackout dates every quarter until July 1, 2020. So until the CPA exam Q3 window begins in 2020, the 2019 CPA exam dates are the same as the 2018 CPA exam dates.

Simple, no. You must wait until the scores are released before re-scheduling a failed section But as long as your NTS is valid, you can go after this point

As long as your NTS remains valid and your previous scores are free, you can schedule a section as many times as you need to pass. However, keep in mind the fees involved

Candidates expect candidates to pass the CPA exam within 18 months as the content of the exam may change from time to time.

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In most jurisdictions, the 18-month window begins when you pass the first of four sections of the CPA exam.

I request the candidates to schedule their exam at the beginning of their NTS time This way, if you fail a section, you will

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