Craftsman Reserve Barossa Shiraz 2012

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Keeping the link with the past The 1960 vintage for Grange was red wines with VA like this, but your body Penfolds worked last considered a pivotal year for and the weight of the wine was able to bring it winemaker Max Schubertwine. It’s definitely exciting to start with. But let me digress here, VA is definitely the era, tangible connection to Max and your long association with wine on and really part of the Grange. If it is too low, you will only have the old tradition of Penfolds. What a high rating. doesn’t get the same character, it elevates what you bring to the Annual Barn ” It’s been a really good year, a good season, and I’ve got some goodies, so to speak, in wine, offering classification tastings? This is a bit involved, isn’t it from start with that at a reasonable level. Over the years “The link has never been broken. and of course that year we stayed under one (gram / liter).” And tasting I was just one of the panel that was meant to be the first real winemakers to establish Bin’s and if I see anything that counts for red Penfolds. panel overlooked orGrange, no. I’ve heard that. Not long ago, the fruit must have been transferred to Magill was missed. I’ll tell you soon we can have a little bit just a few days and weeks of people. in the form. Did Coonawarra play one of the discussions about it. There is continuity . We talk about the Grange quite often. a big role in the Grange at the time? What do we know what we are looking for, we that I will have my first taste in some fruit specials? do it for a long time after all.”The beginning of the week because one of the first I “It is a cold climate and it is most of the work that is testing and analyzing the old shiraz from Les Granges in their debut, and it suits one After 53 vintages. which passed before 1960 for total SO2 and volatile acidity. wine style that the company wants to strengthen. What gives you the most I immediately walked into the Grange. ” So Coonawarra Bin 128 to think back to your example. But no, Coonawarra did not play a long career? High volatile acidity (VA) is a big part of the Grange. The odd drop can “Can work with people who have problems with early Barn , True? went into the mix, but nothing. This is why we, the winemakers who worked with Mary Penfold, continue to analyze them, to see whether they are considered wise – this link again – and what they teach me to develop in the bottle or winemaker to remain stable with a larrikin side, very and pass: penfold road That and it is stable. It differs slightly from the Australian vintage. Like a barn. . . it’s a real adventure. The first three ortho vintages, of course. There can be VA wine that can only come from four years old I was there, it was fully detained between 0.95 and 1.3 grams per liter and in the country, don’t you think? by Penfold-Hylands then those days were a little problem because “Yes, I will accept it. Yeah, it became public. We then have to respond that it is a little something unheard of in Australia, good Aussie wine, big and strong, and the public side of the business and then the family. It’s tough in some things. Still compares everything. We have always been in the good kind that are in the mainland. communication. with members of the Penfold-Hyland family. We have remained loyal to the Grange label is beautiful in that, that we are doing the right thing as a single family. Love you or members. When I also say Penfold do not like? , I refer to Max Schubert “Aw my God! I’ll put it this way, and the winemakers at that time, my favorite Grange label what they intended to do and everything that happened was more first, that We were trained by them and one of the first things we were taught, similar. to stamps, is loyalty. The sticker. More and I love them too but without Max once on camera and trying to be too controversial I don’t always get on well but we here the story on the stream in five minutes and we had a beautiful label that is quite long.”Good time.” JOHN BIRD, PRINCIPAL RED WINEGROWER AND CONSULTANT, 1960 – PRESENT. September/October 2012 W I N E S TAT E 51

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Craftsman Reserve Barossa Shiraz 2012

THE WORLD’S GREATEST SYRAH & SHIRAZCHALLENGE As we have been JUDGING Australian & New Zealand Shiraz for the past 34 years, only in the last seven years have we brought together the world’s best syrah from France and completed the Australian list by adding an icon. brands that do not normally participate in wine events. This is how we can pit Grange, Hill of Grace, Greenock Creek, Meshach, Torbreck and other Australians against Guigal Château Ampuis, Chapoutier L’Ermite and Paul Jaboulet La Chapelle. As far as I know, no other wine competition in the world does this. Then, of course, we have an impressive number of over 700 Syrah and Syrah wines, far more than other competitions in terms of this type. Of course, it helps to do this in Australia where the dominant red variety is shiraz. But don’t be fooled by the fact that this is just a biased local competition. In the past, we had the Grand Champion of France – Guigal Château Ampuis Côte Rôtie 2004 – and the top of the same – Château Clape Cornas 2006 – and a great performance of the best Kiwi wines (one even won Vin de the Year last year – Channel Craggy Le Sol 2009) .

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W OR L D ‘ S G R E AT E S S YR A H & S H I R A Zand the winner is … IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TASTELOUISA ROSETH THERE ARE NOT MANY. from the general mind as versatile as shiraz, and tasting is relevant here. There is still something to strengthen. More than 700 wines of fine wines with real character. who tasted more than five days, among many rated wines, the judges were often from the region and the climate of Australia impressed with the various regions and the world – some of you want expression, the balance of expected wines and others may not; Some with the careful craftsmanship of the manufacturer. Which has a history that goes back more than 150 years. However, it has often been noted how young Shiraz wines, and many other wines, especially the newer ones. the price is higher, and while the wines of the judges were almost as diverse as what could have been good – how many wines – what they had in common was the best one they would see if they have a true love of shiraz, which they brought. a few more years in the bottle before a week, there is a range of experience and interpretation of the world what makes it great. As with all wine weekends at Winestate, wines worthy of five stars are returned for blind judging. Each wine is evaluated together – as yet unidentified in any way – by three independent judges. The top 10 have been selected and ranked. Scores are then collated and discussed, it’s no easy task. When you and a consensus is reached to have a wine of the same quality as the quality and therefore the star rating, that wine is what makes one better than the other. Of course the wines that reached so close to those wines that three five stars were great wines and hard to judge on the last day took the wrong hour, but not all wines reached that peak. to re-taste 20 five-star wines and wines that reach all star ratings selected from the top 10, and almost as long highlighted the reason why it is worth deciding on their ranking – this. find and try if the price we recommend these wines to you. The judge’s comments are up to you. September/October 2012 W I N E S TAT E 53

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The diversity of this result is a great credit. While many winners are also known from experience

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