Crimsafe Mesh For Sale

Crimsafe Mesh For Sale – Keep intruders safe while keeping bugs and insects out, with our range of custom made KrimSafe Screen Doors and Windows.

CrimeSafe is a leader in door and window security in Adelaide and throughout South Australia. This structure uses a 304 grade stainless steel mesh with a patented screw-clamp locking system. The design provides such great strength against attack by spreading the load around the door frame, so you can feel safe while your solid doors or glass windows are open while at home.

Crimsafe Mesh For Sale

Most of our customers choose KrimSafe security screens because they look great in both modern and traditional homes – or when they have large doors for outdoor entertaining areas that are spoiled by grill style doors traditional.

Crimsafe Security Doors & Screens Melbourne

CrimeSafe is a truly revolutionary security product, which has led to many inferior fake stainless steel screen competitors. Be careful – when others say their product is ‘CrimeSafe-like’ – it’s not. Examine the cross-section of crime-proof and competing products, and you’ll see the benefits of design.

Attempts to cut through crimson screen are basically unsuccessful as the screw is drilled through the mesh and on the other side of the frame, forcing the clamp-screw to cut through the mesh to make it almost inevitable to prevent it. ,

But don’t take our word for it. CrimSafe and many of its competitors have been rigorously, independently tested – proving that KrimSafe is unmatched when it comes to stainless steel security screens.

CrimeSafe systems are available in many different security products, including hinged doors, sliding doors, window screens, and fire attenuation screens.

Crimsafe Fire Attenuation Screens

Find out how you can feel safe in your own home by exploring the CrimeSafe range of security screens at our Exhibition Centre, just 10 minutes from the city or make an appointment for one of our consultants to visit you.

Don’t forget, if you are renovating or building, bring your plans so we can help you find the right solution.

Call 8336 2066 to speak to our team today and see which KrimSafe product will work best for you, or visit our showroom at 5/511 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown to see our KrimSafe range on display.

The new benchmark in security screens, the CrimeSafe Classic delivers the proven strength of CrimeSafe with smooth, clean lines. Using a unique CF6 screw clamp system, the clamp cuts stainless steel mesh with an alternate grip.

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Rest assured that with the strength of the KrimSafe Classic, you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics. The CrimeSafe Classic features a newly engineered frame with no visible screws inside or out. Available in a range of standard neutral colors and wooden frames, the KrimSafe can also be powder coated to your choice of color

CrimeSafe Ultimate offers the highest level of security available in security portals. This is the next evolution of security screen technology, combining even greater strength with a striking modern aesthetic. The superior strength, versatility and architectural style of the CrimSafe Ultimate is unmatched.

This high-end CrimSafe safety screen can withstand an impact seven times higher than the level required by Australian Standards and 40% stronger than a regular CrimSafe product.

The main difference CrimSafe Ultimate is the number of screws used to provide the extra strength. Double screws fasten the lattice to the frame, with a clip on the inside to hide the screw. This unique sealing system provides even more protection against intruders and environmental forces with an internal clipping cover that creates a sealed chamber to hide and protect the screws. With a slimline construction that hides the fastening system from view, and a curved profile, the aesthetic is sleek and elegant, creating an interior and exterior look for any home or business.

Crimsafe Ultimate Security Doors And Windows

Custom made to fit your size needs, the KrimSafe Ultimate can be manufactured for a wide variety of applications to meet the needs of your home and lifestyle. The KrimSafe Ultimate is particularly suitable for larger openings as the larger frame looks more symmetrical.

The latest CrimeSafe product on the market, CrimeSafe Classic. Unleash the legendary power of CrimeSafe to protect your home and family without breaking the bank. With a square frame and sleek lines, this new design is suitable for both modern and traditional homes, making your security a feature of the home, not an eyesore.

This is not vanity, just a fact. We use a coarse mesh and screw-clamp system that proves to be much better and tougher than our competitors. So many competitors claim their products are ‘CrimeSafe-like’, but independent testing shows they are not.

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Up to 40% of your home’s heat is received and reduced through glass doors and windows. Installing CrimeSafe on glass doors and windows increases cooling, heat retention and the overall energy efficiency of a building – as verified by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).

Steel Aluminum Profiles Yellow Color Sliding Door With Security Mesh For Sale With Luxury Feel

That’s 10 years of comfort and peace of mind – with some products offering extended warranties of 12 and 15 years. This way we are sure that each product delivers what it promises and what you need.

Our stainless mesh provides maximum protection with no interference from bars and grills. The powder-coated frame and mesh provide simple, clean lines that suit both modern and traditional minimalist design homes. You get maximum protection with a great view.

KrimSafe tests endure 3,000 hours of Prohesson sodium spray testing, simulating 30 years of environmental vulnerability – resulting in no signs of corrosion, lack of adhesion and no blistering.

Offering the highest risk rating, and CSIRO tested for fire attenuation, these screens reduce radiant heat flux and naked flame intensity by up to 45% – making them suitable for high risk homes or as fire attenuation screens make them.

Crimsafe Security Mesh Screens

Our range of CrimeSafe Security Doors come in hinged, sliding or stacking options. You can also add a pet door to allow access to the most important members of the family.

Stan Bond Adelaide is a licensed CrimeSafe manufacturer and complies with the standard set by CrimeSafe. We have produced the Crimesafe series for more than 10 years. You can be sure you are getting genuine parts and our production processes are regularly inspected by CrimeSafe Head Office. All genuine CrimeSafe products carry a CrimeSafe badge to show their authenticity. If there is no badge, it is not a genuine CrimeSafe product.

KrimSafe is often a bit more expensive than some of the other stainless steel products on the market, but this reflects the quality difference in the products. The CrimeSafe patent made it difficult for competing products to use the screw clamp technology, which was the main point of difference. The way the mesh is placed in the frame gives the screen the strength to withstand a real life attack. Many alternative products, even those that claim to be ‘as strong as CrimeSafe’, do not even meet the 100 Joule test for a security product. KrimSafe is a real life safety product where many others only screen insects.

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When you invest in CrimeSafe, you are investing in Australia’s strongest security screen. KrimSafe’s quality is backed up by a standard 10-year warranty, with options of up to 12 years for the Regular and Classic KrimSafe or up to 15 years for KrimSafe Ultimate. To extend your warranty, visit the CrimeSafe website and register your product.

Armourx Security Screens Are Next Generation In Strength

CrimSafe Ultimate is the most robust CrimSafe product on the market with additional features that enhance the modern look and power of the security screen. The main differences are the increased number of screws that fasten the mesh to the frame (twice as many), and the clip cover that hides the screws. Not only does it give the frame a sleek, sleek look, it also provides more protection against intruders and corrosion. KrimSafe Ultimate is 40% stronger than the KrimSafe Regular product. It is particularly suitable for large openings as the larger frame looks more symmetrical.

CrimeSafe Classic is the latest CrimeSafe product to be released. With a smoother and cleaner finish, CrimeSafe Classic is the new benchmark in security screens. With an impact five times stronger than the level required by Australian Standards, you can know you’re safe with CrimeSafe Classic.

To buy Krimsafe Doors and Screens call us on 08 8336 2066 and make an appointment with a Consultant. The consultant will measure and quote for your needs and organize the necessary paperwork. At Stan Bond you always get the genuine CrimeSafe Stainless Steel product and not a cheap copy.

The CrimSafe Screw Clamp Security System can be used on door and window security screens. They use different heavy duty frames but the strength and protection is the same. This means that KrimSafe screens can be used to cover the opening part of windows or the entire window depending on your security needs.

Crimsafe Pre Hung Security Screen Door Prices

I had three sets of day-night blinds and one very shade. Very happy with the overall Stan Bond experience. Professional advice, personal support, timely, easy to deal with. I benefited from the suggestions and care given by all members of staff. blind a

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