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Australians have been warned to do their Christmas shopping early as international supply chain issues affect global shipping. One industry under particular pressure is the book industry, with printers, publishers and booksellers in Australia, the US and the UK feeling the impact at their peak time of year.

Curtin University Second Hand Bookshop

Chris Redfern, who owns three Avenue Bookstores in Melbourne, recently said ABC’s booksellers were facing a “crisis”.

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While book supply chains are affected around the world, in the United States, paper and cardboard shortages, as well as labor shortages, are putting pressure on the printing press.

In the UK, a shortage of truck drivers is limiting stock movements. This part of the supply chain is also affected in Australia. Our top three book distributors all use one company to distribute their books, and the company is said to be “overwhelmed with demand.”

Using a single service provider for transportation makes sense for cost control purposes, but it is a high-risk strategy, especially at times when flow cycles are so disrupted.

Supply chain activity is highly coordinated. They strive to provide the right product, in the right way, in the right quantity and quality, to the right person and in the right place at the right time and at the right price.

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Most booksellers adopt the cheap and fast principles of lean supply chains: inventory is minimized and few resources are wasted on books sitting idle in warehouses.

Most of the time, the ability to respond to the market with agility exposes publishers, input suppliers, printers, suppliers, warehouses and retailers to minimal risk.

Independent bookstores tend to keep only a few copies of each book in stock, but they can usually meet demand quickly. Hatice Yards/Unsplash

But that balance of coordinating everything starts to show strain even when one part is affected—not to mention the multiple stressors of COVID.

Good Sammy Teams Up With Curtin University Students For Some Visual Merchandising Fun

In the United States, publishers encourage pre-ordering and bulk purchases and hold large amounts of inventory to meet consumer demands. Major Australian book retailers such as QBD and Booktopia have organized themselves in a similar fashion.

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But smaller players, such as independent bookstores, are less able to buy in bulk or maintain large inventories. They are more likely to order only what they believe they can sell, quickly ordering more books relative to demand.

In Australia there are about 1,900 bookstores which contribute about 1.4 billion Australian dollars to the national economy. Most of the market – 84% – consists of smaller players.

Even before COVID, the industry was under increasing pressure. Between 2016 and 2021 the industry shrank by 6.1% and was expected to continue to decline. Book printing was in decline, and many bookstores closed or reduced capacity.

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Paper, printing, binding, logistics and warehousing have all been exposed to disruptions as a result of COVID-19. But at the same time, when the corona virus, the demand for books suddenly increased as people asked to enjoy them past the quarantine. The sudden increase in demand forced a declining industry to catch up.

However, supply chain issues should not affect our reading at all. There is a cheap, accessible and innovative form of books that does not depend on many steps in the traditional book supply chain: e-books.

Readers can now use technology to bypass the printing and shipping process by instantly purchasing and downloading books at a very low cost. But printed books are still in demand.

In 2020, 15.9% of Australians bought an e-book but 41.2% bought a print book. This is in sharp contrast to music sales: physical music sales in Australia in 2020 accounted for just 11% of revenue.

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It has been suggested that people prefer the physical texture of books and that our brains are inherently wired to process analog information. Despite the promising adoption of new reading technologies, we remain tied to print—but even that doesn’t mean we have to stay tied to the supply chain.

For those dedicated to printing, there are many other options: picking up a book you haven’t heard of at the local bookstore, buying from used bookstores, borrowing from libraries, swapping books with friends, and participating in small local libraries.

Supply chains may affect the shelves of your favorite independent bookseller, but there’s no reason they should affect your reading pleasure. Showcases of visual merchandising in a variety of stores.

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Curtin University is a big supporter of Good Sammy Enterprises, and not only has this partnership provided supported employees with an opportunity to learn new skills in visual merchandising, but it has also given Curtin students real-world experience, marketing to a contemporary market and promoting sustainable fashion. .

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Good Sammy Op Shop employees were on board to lend a hand, lending their second-hand shopping expertise and finding the perfect thrift store treasures.

James and Bridget designed a cozy Wind on the Prairie themed display for the Morley store, complete with easy chairs and a teddy bear picnic.

“We had Good Sammy employees help us find items while listing what items to look out for on their donation delivery days. All departments offered to help make sure we had the right clothes, furniture, toys and books for the scenes. Even the director’s mom lent us a fireplace!”

Mia and Danielle created a striking ‘Dark Academy/Romantic’ theme for Mt Lawley Op Shop, with paper walls and hand carved hearts.

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“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and see our ideas come to life. I personally learned a lot about the fashion industry through this internship.

Partnerships like these are so important to Good Sammy’s aim to provide meaningful employment opportunities and pathways for West Australians with disabilities. Not only do they provide development opportunities for participants, but they also go a long way in educating the community about the value of inclusion in the workplace.

And it’s also good business sense! Accenture research shows that companies that employ people with disabilities perform better than those that do not. Their revenues were 28% higher, net profit doubled, profit margins 30% higher and employee retention increased 90%.

Additionally, according to Inclusive Employment WA, 80% of people want to work for companies that promote inclusion and diversity.

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The Good Sammy continues to lead the way with the recent launch of the new Sammy the Good Academy. The Academy draws on over 60 years of experience to provide the latest learning and development opportunities for people with disabilities.

Importantly, it will also connect participants with traditional employers, for employment and development purposes, and provide support to both parties to foster a win-win relationship.

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Academy programs are designed to empower and inspire participants on their journey to a brighter future filled with potential and opportunity. These programs teach valuable life skills and build participants’ confidence as they learn about the types of work they love.

Good Sammy’s vision is a brighter future for people with disabilities. Where anyone, regardless of ability, can find the job they love!

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I want to develop my professional skills. Donation tips – how, where and what! I want to volunteer and join the good Sammy family. I have a business, how can we get involved? I am looking for a job. The authors do not work for, advise, own stock in, or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

Earlier this month, the Internet Archive asked a US court to drop a lawsuit filed against it by four major book publishers.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 that lends digital copies of books, music, movies, and other digital content to the public. The goal is to support those with print disabilities, preserve digital content for future generations and make access to knowledge democratized.

The publishers claim that the Internet Archive’s digital lending practices constitute willful copyright infringement. The authors also complained that the site hosted pirated content.

Katoomba, New South Wales

The Internet Archive says it acts like a regular library because it only lends out digital copies of the physical books it owns. Its supporters at the Electronic Frontiers Foundation say publishers simply want to “control how libraries can lend the books they own.”

Publishers were particularly concerned about the “National Emergency Library” set up by the Internet Archive in March 2020. This temporary project was designed to give teachers access to digital teaching materials in the face of widespread library closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In June 2020, publishers Hachette, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and John Wiley & Sons filed an infringement lawsuit. It appears that the publishers want to shut down not only the National Emergency Library, but all of the Internet Archive’s book lending practices.

The publishers claim that the Internet Archive is engaging in massive and deliberate copyright infringement by lending e-books without permission or payment to the publishers.

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The Internet Archive claims that because it allows

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