D&d Digital Printing

D&d Digital Printing – 2 High quality digital duplicator The DD 4450 A3 B/W digital copier is a solid mid-range model that offers great performance at an affordable price. With print speeds of up to 130 cpm and high-quality photo copying, the DD 4450 has a user-friendly control panel, built-in networking capabilities and innovative features for paper transfer. It is particularly suitable for educational institutions, government agencies and NGOs. Fast print speed: ppm. User-friendly control panel. Optional network controller options. Improved security features. Ecological.

3 Reliable production Consistent output quality New print pressure sensor design based on media roll, print speed, temperature and humidity. The optimal print pressure is then automatically selected, taking into account the conditions of uniform image quality. This results in consistent and stable images of the original print in any situation. Reliable paper feed The paper feed tray ensures optimal paper alignment. Buffer fins on the side fence prevent paper from falling to the ground, reducing tripping. The innovative paper re-feed mechanism ensures reliable paper feeding even when using thin or irregularly sized paper. So you can cut costs by using cheap paper without any feeding problems.

D&d Digital Printing

4 Stay connected and secure Network Manager An optional network manager makes the DD 4450 ideal for government offices, schools and organizations with well-maintained LAN environments. It also allows easy connection of the device to Rex-Rotary web services such as Web Image Monitor and Device Capability Services Includes usage reports, automatic meter reading and fleet reports. Utilization reports allow you to better align your equipment, improve performance, optimize your fleet and reduce operating costs. Automatic meter reading reduces the time and labor costs that are normally used to retrieve data from meters manually. Enhanced Security User Tool Access Lock prevents you from changing settings without administrator permission. Access is controlled by a password created by the administrator. This tool is very useful in educational institutions, for example, when copying exam questions.

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5 Larger and greener field of view Fully integrated solutions The DD 4450 is one of the latest additions to Rex-Rotary’s range of digital office equipment. Currently, Rex-Rotary manufactures one of the most complete copiers, printers, copiers, fax and multifunction devices, as well as advanced software solutions. Rex-Rotary’s entire line of award-winning digital printers offers a wide range of features and printing benefits, including color capabilities and PC connectivity. They offer an impressive level of service for businesses, schools or any organization where long-term printing is common. Environmentally friendly Rex-Rotary helps you reduce your office’s environmental impact and reduce costs. With the DD 4450, reduce energy costs with automatic shutdown or energy saving. With auto power off, the machine will turn off completely after a certain period of time. In power saving mode, the device settings are adjusted to use the most efficient power consumption.

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6 DD 4450 KEY SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Configuration: Print Speed: Dimensions (W x W x H): Weight: Power Source: Duty Cycle: Resolution: Physical Type: Physical Size: Image Space: Desktop Sheets per Minute Add. Cabinet (plate): 1,370 x 705 x 1,040 mm For connecting. cabinet (ADF): 1,370 x 705 x 1,117 mm Configuration excl. Cabinet (panel): 1, 370 x 705 x 638 mm Installation excl. cabinet (ADF): 1,370 x 705 x 715 mm Main frame: 87 kg With ADF: 97 kg V, 50/60 Hz 600,000 prints per month Quality: 400 x 400 dpi, 400 x 600 dpi (good condition) Scans: 600 x 400 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi (fine mode) Sheet, Book ADF: Minimum (148 x 210 mm), Maximum (297 x 432 mm) Vertical: +/- 15 mm Horizontal: +/- 10 mm Production ratio: 141%, 122%, 115%, 93%. adjustment (center, corner, margin adjustment, erase center, erase border), image rotation, color printing (by changing the color drum) letter, photo, automatic letter/photo separation, pencil drum A3: 290 x 410 mm A4 drum: 290 x 200 mm PAPER HANDLING Paper feed table capacity: Paper feed table capacity: Paper weight: 1,000 sheets 1,000 sheets 80 g/m² ECOLOGICAL Energy consumption: OPTIONAL Maximum: 290 W Table cover, ADF, tape dispenser, cabinet, network controller , Color drum , A4 black drum USES M aster: Ink: Ribbon dispenser A3: 200 master/roll A4/LG: 315 masters/roll Black ink: 600ml/cartridge Color ink: 600ml/cartridge. and applications, contact your Rex-Rotary Supplier. ISO9001 Certified, ISO14001 Certified, ISO27001 Certified All trademarks and/or product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice. The color of the actual product may differ from that shown in the brochure. The images shown in this brochure are not real and slight differences in detail may occur. Copyright 2012 Ricoh Europe PLC. All rights reserved. This brochure, its content and/or layout may not be modified and/or altered, copied in part or in whole and/or incorporated into other works without the written consent of Ricoh Europe PLC.

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Full Digital Multifunction Printer RICOH MP CW2200SP Copier Printer Scanner RICOH MP CW2200SP A1 B/W 3.2 ppm Color 1.1 ppm Full color capability and high speed monochrome output. This new digital

Complete document management with print-on-demand, copy, fax*, scan in black and white or color Most offices have now discovered the benefits of multifunction. So how to get it

Yifashionbaby 4pack (girl Prints) Digital Position Printing Cloth Diaper Dd 4z01

ALL DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS A045 THE BEST ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION High quality production and ease of use in one small device Is your analog copier still meeting your needs?

The Slim Profile Digital Performance System, which fits easily, is versatile and surprisingly compact. The SHARP AM-400 is a multi-functional solution that blends seamlessly with yours

Printer Printer Full Color Device Printer Fax Scanner Aficio MP C305SPF B/W 30 Color ppm High performance A4 color MP C305SPF provides full color printing, scanning and copying functions.

WorkCentre 7228 / 7235 / 7245 print copy e-mail mail fax print copy copy

Digital Designing Of Your Choice Background Erasing Clear Enhancing Editing Words Editor Collages Text Phrase Images Digital Art Printing For Brochures Greeting Cards Wedding Birthday Invitations Message Cards Cards Logos Catalogue Stickers,

Pro C5100S/5110S Compact Digital Light Production Printers Pro C5100S Pro C5110S B/W B/W 65 Color 80 Color ppm ppm High color production values ​​for free In this economic climate, you need creativity.

DR-1210C DR-1210C Complete document manager Enjoy easy, fast and versatile scanning Easy for everyone. Increase efficiency regardless of the size of your business. Be competitive. Scan all your documents

Continuous workflow. Analysis of business documents. Created. Fast, accurate and reliable digitization for batch scanning and archiving

Designed for continuous scanning of business documents PDS-5000, PDS-6000 Fast, accurate and reliable digital conversion for batch scanning and archiving PDS-5000 PDS-6000 New professional document.

Digital Drawing & Illustration Art & Collectibles Custom Fabric Print Your Own Fabric Moana Seamless Diy Fabric Moana Digital Print Moana Fabric Moana Pattern Etna.com.pe

THE PERFECT DOCUMENT SOLUTION BRIGHTEN EVERYDAY DOCUMENTS WITH EYE-CATCHING COLOR DSc424/432 Multi-functional black and white document productivity and color vision Thanks to the color effect

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SPECIFICATIONS Print Speed ​​Black & White: 24/32 ppm Color: 10 ppm Paper Size A6 – A3 (A3+ via manual tray) Printer Language Standard: PCL5c, PCL6, RPCS Option:

Advanced next-generation document management that takes care of your every need How would your office workflow run smoothly if you had a central office system that manages all your documents and

All-in-one digital printer, copier, fax, computer fax and color scanner Communication solutions Increase security and reduce errors with these high-performance features. Access to LDAP.

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COMMON DOCUMENT CREATION BRING STRONG, PROFESSIONAL COLOR TO YOUR BUSINESS DOCUMENTS C7528n/C7535hdn Fast, professional-looking business color printing when you need it High-speed C7528n

KONICA 7030 Document communication system KONICA 7030. commu Digital copying, print results and intelligent fax. Near and far is not so much a matter of distance as of proper connection

Océ TDS320 1 million users understand Economical wide format multitasking format system Smooth workflow is the sum of the details High quality that is easy to use Reliability really matters to 1 million users.

COMPACT, NETWORK READY AND EASY TO USE! Muratec’s MFX-2050 and MFX-1450 A4 multifunction devices provide copying, printing, scanning and faxing functions in one compact, cost-effective device. Because they contain Muratec

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Quick Reference Guide Hardcover for Printing a Fax from Email mail Copy basic copy procedure 3 Place the original(s) face up in the automatic document feeder or face down on the exposure glass. Select the [Copy] function.

Artikel-Detailinformationen Hersteller Art-Nr Herst-Nr Hewlett-Packard 0112575M CN598A#A80 Bezeichnung 1 Bezeichnung 2 Bezeichnung 3 Artikel-Bild OfficeJet Pro X576DW MFP Print/Scan/Web Copy


EDS – electronic document storage – the solution to the paper problem. Despite all the advances in electronic communication and information storage, paper is still a major part of business.

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Fax overview Faxing is an optional printer feature that provides several ways to fax original documents.

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