Day Tours In Shanghai

Day Tours In Shanghai – Tour of the Yellow Mountains in Shanghai 7 days by high-speed train. Highlights: Yellow Mountain, Tunxi Ancient Street, Bund, Yu Garden, Zhujiajiao Water Town, Jiangnan area boasts beautiful scenery with beautiful water and traditional buildings. This is a great treat for travelers who want to travel from Shanghai to Huangshan by high-speed train.

When you arrive in Shanghai, your guide will greet you at the exit of the airport or train station, hold a board that says “Shanghai Private Tour” and accompany you to your hotel.

Day Tours In Shanghai

After breakfast, start your Shanghai tour with Yuyuan Garden. It was the private garden of the Pan family in the Ming Dynasty. It was the largest and most famous of its time in Shanghai after its completion. The garden is unique in its design. It perfectly combines decorative halls, elaborate pavilions, sparkling lakes, zigzag bridges, pagodas, arches and impressive rock formations.

Zhouzhuang Water Town Layover Tour

Afterwards, you will visit the Jade Buddha Temple, an active Buddhist temple in the city of Shanghai. In the temple are two Buddha statues – one, 1.95 m high, is a seated Buddha and the other is a small seated Buddha depicting the death of the Buddha. If you are interested in temple architecture and tradition, don’t miss the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai.

After lunch, continue to visit the old French Concession, a settlement once built for the French, the French Concession is popular with tourists and foreigners, and is appreciated for its cafes, avenues of trees and Tudor houses. Away from the busy streets of Shanghai, here is a good place to explore.

Afterwards, visit the famous Bund, a great place to appreciate the city’s skyline. You can see some of the famous symbols of Shanghai such as the Pearl Tower, the Jinmao Tower and the Shanghai Tower. Over the course of the century, the Bund has become one of the proudest and proudest symbols of Shanghai. The architecture along the Bund is a living museum of colonial history from the 1800s.

At night, it is the best time to take a cruise to experience and enjoy the scenery along the Huangpu River. A Huangpu River cruise is now a must when visiting Shanghai. If you have time to join the night cruise on the Huangpu River, you can enjoy the most extraordinary night view.

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After breakfast, drive to visit Zhujiajiao Water City (1 hour). Upon arrival, he will take you to explore the old city.

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The first stop of the tour is Fangsheng Bridge, the largest and longest five-span stone bridge in both the Zhujiajiao and Shanghai areas. This bridge was built in 1571. On the bridge is a stone slab called the Dragon Gate Stone, carved with 8 thick dragons surrounding a shining pearl. At the top of the bridge are 4 life-like stone lions.

Afterwards, you will visit Baoguo Temple, built in 1640, the 13th year of Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty. It is called “Guanwong Temple” because it worships Guanyu. Behind Baoguo Temple, there is an ancient ginkgo biloba, with a tree circle of 6 meters and a height of 36.5 meters. The east-west diameter of the crown reaches 7 meters. It is more than 1050 years old. It has been planted for five generations. It is the oldest and largest traditional fishing boat in Shanghai.

After lunch, proceed to Zhujiajiao Temple of Chenghuang, there are thousands of city god temples in China. But the City of God Temple in the waterfront town of Zhujiajiao is a major Taoist place of worship with archaism and beautiful buildings. The symbol of this temple is the stage. abacus. The gingko tree.

Top Shanghai City Day Tours You Can Customize Based On Your Interests

Finally, visit the whole water town from a very interesting point of view, if you want to relax and learn the culture of the beautiful water town, boating is the best way.

Check into your hotel in the morning. Then, go to Shanghai Railway Station to catch the train to Huangshan (G1509, departs at 08:42 AM, arrives at Huangshan North Station at 11:08 AM). Upon arrival, our local Huangshan guide and driver will pick you up at the train station, you will find a “Huangshan Private Tour” welcome sign. After that, go to your hotel in Huangshan city, it will help you to check in.

After a short rest, have a light lunch at a local restaurant. Afterwards, visit Tunxi Old Street, an ancient market street in the heart of Huangshan town. The best way to get to know Huangshan is to start with Tunxi Old Street. It is a well-preserved and bustling ancient pedestrian street, and is the best-preserved ancient street in China with the architectural style of the Southern Song and Ming dynasties. The total length is 1272 meters. In the old street there are more than 300 Hoi style buildings built in different periods.

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There are many museums in the old street, such as Tunxi Museum, Wanqi House, various kinds of special food, such as stinky mandarin fish, Huangshan pancake. Unique design of huizhou, under our professional guidance, you will have unlimited harvest. All in all, you have plenty of time to explore here.

Shanghai Highlights Half Day Bike Tour

Today, your guide will take you to the most famous scenic spot in Huangshan – Huangshan. Today’s general itinerary is as follows: Drive to Huangshan Scenic Spot? Take the cable car to the top of the mountain from the Yungu cable car station? Beginning to believe in the Peak?Brush Pen Peak?Xihai Grand Canyon?Cloud Scattering Pavilion?Stay at the top.

After breakfast you will drive to Huangshan Mountain (1 hour) upon your arrival you will take a cable car to the top of the mountain at the Yungu cable car station, when you reach the top of the mountain you will come to see. The first peak – the beginning – to believe the peak. The peak of the beginners to believe is at an altitude of 1683 meters above sea level. It is said that Huang Shiyuan, a writer in the Ming Dynasty, went to this peak from Yongo Temple. He deeply understood the wonder of this summit and called it “believing-beginning”. This is the origin of his name. First-Believe Peak is one of the best peaks for viewing the pine trees in Huangshan Mountain.

After a short stay, walk about one kilometer to Brush Pen Peak, Brush Pen Peak is 1650 meters above sea level. Because one of the peaks is protruding and the top is split, it looks like a pen holder, so it is called “Brush Pen Peak”. This is his most poetic expression.

After lunch, visit Xihai Mall, because of the high altitude, when you stand in the mall, the clouds flow like a river from the peak under your feet, so it is also called “White Cloud Mall”. The total length of Xihai Grand Mall is 15 km. Here you can take a photo as you wish and in the time allowed, and feel the most amazing scenery of Huangshan Mountain. If the weather is good enough, you will have a chance to enjoy the sunset at the iCloud Spending Pavilion.

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Zhujiajiao Ancient Water Town (shanghai) Experience, Tour Time And Location

Today’s general itinerary is below: Watch the sunrise (recommended option)? Illuminated peak? A flying rock? Down the mountain? Kfar Shidi? Back to Tunxi.

Huangshan sunrise has always been a tourist’s dream, try to wake up early to catch the magical sunrise. (But it may be affected by the weather, this is just a reference option, our guide will inform the affected situation one day in advance).

After breakfast, you will visit Bright Summit, the second highest mountain and see the wonder of Huangshan – the flying rock.

After the visit, take the cable car up the mountain. After that, go to Xidi Village. Shidi village is about 10 km from Hongkong and 40 km (25 mi) from Huangshan Mountain.

Shanghai Museum, Shanghai

The village of Shidi was built in the north of the Song Dynasty and flourished in the first century of the Qing Dynasty, and was called Shichuan (West River), because of the waterways flowing west of the village. It was listed along with Hongkong Village as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

The well-preserved residences of the Ming and Qing dynasties in Shidi Village are the Hui Buildings, and there are more than 20 historical and cultural buildings in the village. Each building has a unique story, and you will be guided by our expert tour guide to understand the soul of Huizhou culture. The cuisine of the Xidi village is also something that cannot be missed. Huizhou cuisine is one of the eight main cuisines of China.

You are free on your own until your tour guide and driver accompany you to Huangshan Railway Station or the airport. Our service is ending.

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