Dee Why Laser Tag

Dee Why Laser Tag – Zone Bowling has a theme for you! Your mission: Enter the Laser Tag war zone, shoot in the dark and score as many points as you can for your team by killing the members of the enemy team in their shirts on each shoulder, their back, front and phaser guns. And don’t forget, the enemy has their sights set on your goalposts, so be sure to out-think, out-run, and out-shoot your opponent for the ultimate lead. Psst, here’s a hint: look for high-quality results to insert those images above. Are you ready to rain lasers like a true blue hero? Refresh, power up, reload – the game!

Each of our 17 Laser Bowling locations at Regional Bowling Centers around Australia has a unique theme and its own special features, guaranteeing a new, intense and immersive experience for everyone. Popular themes include space aliens, ancient forests, cities and more!

Dee Why Laser Tag

Zone Bowling Laser Tag games are perfect for casual battles for birthdays, corporate events and celebrations!

Lazer Tag Pajamas

We’ll give you the combat vest and phaser gear to play with, but there’s nothing stopping you from coming and going dressed in your team colors, complete with belts Rambo style sweats and combat boots.

Check out our laser tag package here, with discounts that will make all laser lovers happy. ‘Pew, pew’ away! the fun you’ve always dreamed of, under one roof? Thanks to Zone Bowling & Timezone Villawood, this dream has come true.

Located on Woodville Road, Time & Zone Bowling Villawood has 20 Pin Bowling Lanes, over 130 Arcade Games, Laser Skirmish (laser tag in the dark. It’s like a laser tag but

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), luxury cars and awesome party rooms for your next event. In addition, we also offer a list of delicious food and drinks to keep you energized and energized!

New Year’s Day Laser Tag Tournament

Last chance to treat yourself and the family, NSW Senior Certificates are accepted at Zone Bowling valid until 9th ​​October!

We know how to throw a good party! Think arcade games, bowling, prizes and delicious food. Zone Bowling & Timezone Villawood will entertain you!

We are much more than your average bowling alley. We have Ten Pin Bowling, Arcade games, Laser Tag, Bumper cars, air hockey and Dessert!

Imagine this: it’s the holiday season, and you’ve been given the responsibility of organizing a company Christmas party. But everyone wants something different, how do you choose?

Bumper & Dodgem Car Locations

No need to spend hours thinking of the perfect party idea you can host a birthday party, Christmas party or tea party at Zone Bowling Villawood!

Our site is perfect for all ages. Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your six-year-old or a birthday celebration with your partner, you can be sure that we’ll give you a night you’ll never forget at Zone Bowling Villawood.

You can book online in minutes. Choose a package below to book a slot. You can also call us on 02 4063 1428 if you have any burning questions.

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