Direct Flights Perth To Hong Kong

Direct Flights Perth To Hong Kong – Passengers are reporting that there was a fire on one wing, as CX710 forces took off the flight mid-flight, causing it to make an emergency landing at Denpasar airport.

All 251 passengers and crew were safe after the emergency landing, Cathay Pacific said. Photo: Vincent Yu/AP

Direct Flights Perth To Hong Kong

A Cathay Pacific flight from Perth to Hong Kong was forced to make an emergency landing after the engine shut down and passengers said it caught fire.

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The airline said an engine fault caused flight CX170, an Airbus A330, which left Perth just before midnight, to be diverted to Denpasar, where it encountered a fuel fire.

“In the middle of the plane, we heard a big noise and the plane started shaking. All the lights went out. I looked out the window and saw some fire and some sparks – wings and engines burning,” he said. .

Sirna said many people had heard about the space show, which took place not far from the coast of Bali.

“There were several people who were shaken. The girl next to me started freaking out and crying, so I tried to calm everyone down. This is what we do. “

Direct (non Stop) Flights From Melbourne To Hong Kong

The pilot said that one engine lost power, then all power in the cabin.

“There were a few cheers. When we touched down and landed, we only got one round of applause.”

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“It was said that there was a loud noise and some passengers saw flames coming out of the window. We can confirm that what witnesses saw was an engine failure light, not an actual fire. “

Sirna said passengers were forced to wait two hours before a decision was made on whether to evacuate them.

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“We were stuck there for two hours until we got off the plane. We can’t see any more flames so we hope all is well. “

Cathay Pacific said there was no fire on the plane and all 251 passengers and crew were safe and unharmed.

Sirna said that he and the other group of 6 will continue to New York as planned.

He posted on Facebook that he was very tired and the airline was trying to confirm the address and other flights.cmp-label-skip-histogramOctCheck availability7 Fri Check availability8 Sat Check availability9 Sun PER – HKG 10 Oct 2022 – 25 Oct 2022 cmp – Price-promo AUD 1,662 *10 Mon Check availability11 Tue PER – HKG 12 Oct 2022 – 23 Oct 2022 cmp-price-promo AUD 1,655 *12 Wed Check availability cmp-price-promo AUD 1, 546 * 17 Mon Check availability18 Tue PER – HKG 19 Oct 2022 – 28 Feb 2023 cmp-price-promo AUD 1, 382 * 12 Wed Check availability Check availability 2022 – 11 Dec 2022 cmp-price-promo AUD 1, 546 * 24 Mon Check availability30 Sun Check availability ty31 Mon NovPER – HKG 01 Nov 2022 – 07 Mar 2023 cmp-price-promo AUD 1, 389 *1 Tue Check availability2 Wed Check availability -price-promo AUD 1, 389 *8 Tue Check availability9 Availability Check Wedding10 Check availability

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Where We’re Flying

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Cathay Pacific offers direct flights to Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) from Perth Airport (PER). From PER to HKG it takes about 8 hours and takes you to Terminal 1 in Hong Kong.

Located 36km from the city centre, Hong Kong International Airport is convenient for connecting Hong Kong Island. The fastest way to get into the city is the Airport Express train, it takes 25 minutes, while a taxi will take you to your destination in 30-50 minutes. There are also many local buses available – check the timetable outside the airport terminal for the latest journey times.

Home to world-class nightlife, diverse nightlife and stunning natural scenery, Hong Kong has more than earned its name as the “Pearl of the Orient”.

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Travelers can take the tram up to Victoria Peak, passing through rolling green hills before reaching the top of Hong Kong Island. While you are there you can marvel at the harbor as well as the famous buildings of the city such as the International Financial Center and the World Trade Center.

Discover more of Hong Kong’s beauty on the Dragon’s Back tour, where you can enjoy picture-perfect views of the mountains and beaches above. On Lantau Island, there are also many national parks, including the Tian Tan Buddha – a statue that symbolizes the harmony of nature, religion and people.

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Hong Kong’s food scene is renowned for its quality and variety, which can be explored throughout the city. Enjoy dishes such as noodle soup or Hong Kong-style French toast at ‘cha chaan tengs’ (local restaurants), or fine dining atop one of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers – there’s something to suit everyone’s taste here. .

Book your Perth to Hong Kong flight and enjoy international hospitality and excellent service from our attentive staff. Cathay members also have a number of additional benefits available to suit them, from priority upgrades to carry-on luggage.

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During your flight from Perth to Hong Kong, you can find a world of entertainment in our in-flight media library, which has a wide selection of movies, TV series, podcasts and more. You will also enjoy our carefully curated menu of contemporary ingredients that appeal to a variety of palates. Our award-winning wine list is also available for you to choose from, with each wine pairing perfectly with our dishes.

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