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Dr Sunil Dental Clinic Bangkok Thailand Thailand – What did I want for my birthday last October? I couldn’t think of anything, Neil was trying to come up with ideas. I finally said I wanted my teeth fixed for my birthday! I ignored them for a long time because I didn’t have dental insurance. I had pain on one side, but the other side of my mouth started throbbing. Time to take some action.

I remembered a friend talking about going to India for good but cheap dentistry. I emailed him and a friend who lives in Mexico. My requirement was for a holistic (biological) dentist who does not do alloy (silver / mercury) fillings. The only organic dentists in Mexico are in Tijuana and their websites read that they require multiple visits. Another friend of mine recommended Thailand and Philippines over India. I had been to Thailand before so I started researching online. There are many dental clinics that cater to international clients. They start your appointments from the day you arrive and continue every day throughout. They have their own labs in house so crowns are processed quickly on site. I chose Dr. Sunil International Dental Center in Bangkok. In addition to positive reviews for excellent dental care, they have a limo service that handles your airport transportation and takes you to any appointment at the clinic, and a boutique hotel for clients in a good location in Bangkok.

Dr Sunil Dental Clinic Bangkok Thailand Thailand

Two weeks after starting the search, I flew to Bangkok! My return flight is three weeks later. I suggested that the clinic allow at least a week to work on the tooth, thinking of making two in a buffer, and Neil suggested three, so I had some time to do the tour. I went by myself as Neil was still recovering from severe burns on his legs and could not travel yet. I missed Neil’s company on the trip, but I often traveled alone so the trip was comfortable. Neil and I talked every day on HangOuts and he did invaluable research for me on places to visit in Bangkok and where to go from Bangkok for my weekend.

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Thailand was in mourning: King Bhumibol Adulyadej died on October 13, 2016 at the age of 89, the world’s longest-serving head of state and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history at the time. People were asked to wear black or subdued colors for a month of mourning. I packed only black: black tops, pants, shorts, hat, purse, day bag and shoes. Everything was easy to coordinate and was appreciated by the Thai people as a few people stopped to comment on me. There were memorials across the country and black and white banners outside every school and government building. Clubs, music and entertainment were suppressed. And many Thai websites, such as the official government tourism information site, switched to black and white for the month; Same information but no text and photos in color.

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I left Maui (redeye) on Wednesday night and arrived in Thailand on Friday morning, crossing the international date line. My driver was waiting outside immigration and took me to the hotel. She moved my first appointment to 5pm so I thought I could sleep for a few hours and be more alert. In the middle, the housekeeper knocks on my door and hands me her phone, where the voice tells me that she has changed my appointment to 3 and I can meet the driver. Dr. Sunil’s boutique hotel is located on the 5th floor of The Bloom, a gated high-rise condominium building with an on-site pool and workout room and an accessible rooftop garden with a beautiful view of the city. It is a short walk to Phra Khanong Skytrain (PTS) station. Neil had read up on the area before I left and noted that it was popular with expats and had a wonderfully Thai and eclectic feel. That evening as I watched the sunset from the rooftop, I met a resident of the building who was enjoying the evening. Chris is from the UK and has lived in Thailand for many years. He gave me great information about the restaurant outside the street and suggestions for excursions including the weekend market. Thanks Chris!

A great feature of the hotel is the small number of rooms and all the guests are international clients of the clinic. Other guests I met were from Australia and New Zealand and had fun trading stories. I met Jill and Grace from Castlemaine, Australia on the first morning and had a great time with them all week.

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Back to my first visit to the clinic: the driver arrived early and waited. It only took about 15 minutes to get to the clinic from The Bloom. The first thing I saw was white and gold and chandeliers and various staff. While I waited the valet brought me cold water and small slippers over my shoes. I was taken upstairs to get x-rays and taken back downstairs to wait to see the doctor. Your first consultation is always Dr. Sunil. I knew I was knocking and had some chipped teeth, but I had to listen to what he suggested. He recommended two root canals and crowns, plus a third crown replaced with a chipped one, three small fillings and extraction of two right wisdom teeth, he didn’t feel I needed to replace the remaining three composite fillings. With the combination because they were in good condition. Of course I needed a cleaning.

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Verdict on jet lag: I believe my choice to do all the procedures was correct because they all had to be done and the two female dentists who did all the work over the next week were exceptional. My only real issue was the “rush” to make the decision and pay. I wanted to absorb it a bit and come back with more questions and talk to Neil (only a 17 hour time difference). My concern was about root canals, but I researched before going home and the only real alternative to a root canal is extraction. I said yes to all the work ($3200) and a driver took me to a nearby rental to get a better price than they were able to give me (they were very attentive.) Once the payment was transacted, the work began. Cleaned up that evening and meeting for the next night at Roots. All appointments were arranged in the afternoon or evening and the work was completed within a week. I had a day off to explore Bangkok. wait When it comes to the advancement of dentistry, Dr. Sunil International Dental and Cosmetic Center is no match for the surrounding centers. We have the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with what you need for your dental needs and it conforms to the standards of countries like USA, UK, Germany, Korea and Japan.

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With over 30 years of experience in dentistry, all dentists with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Sunil International Dental & Cosmetic Center is the place you want to be. Expert eyes tell you about the cause of your dental needs and the real solution.

Dr. Sunil International Dentistry and Cosmetic Center is one in Bangkok that is trusted by patients from all over the world. We are fully compliant with ISO and other quality certifications. We get patients from all parts of the world, they come and choose us only because of the work we have done in the past, the “trust factor” we have with our own patients.

We at Dr. Sunil International Dental and Cosmetic Center understand the importance of cleanliness. That’s why we have very strict “in-hospital” facilities, and as “certified”, all our procedures are regulated. Having an in-house dental lab gives you an advantage over other clinics in Bangkok.

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We will not hang you in the middle. Once a patient of Dr. Sunil, always a close member. We are open every 7 days and our support is always there to help, advise and do whatever is necessary to keep you at your best. Even in some cases (Crown / Bridge / Veneer) we offer you a full warranty in which we will do a full replacement free of charge.

At Dr. Sunil International Dental & Cosmetic Center we do not use substandard products. We use only imported system as per standards available in USA, UK or any other country.

We all have that smile factor that gives us the highest confidence or brings us down. Dr. At Sunil International Dental & Cosmetic Center we understand this

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