Driving School St Marys

Driving School St Marys – Apex Performance Driving School and the SCCA Buccaneer Region invite you to attend the Level 1 School at St Mary’s Airport in St Marys, GA on Sunday, April 10, 2022.

This intensive one-day driving program is suitable for everyone from novice drivers to seasoned veterans. It is probably the most important level in the Apex series. Designed to dramatically improve your knowledge of basic vehicle dynamics and the fundamentals of efficient driving, this Level 1 program will provide you with the foundation from which to unlock your true potential as a driver, both on the road and on the track.

Driving School St Marys

The day begins with a driver meeting and a short session, Driver Dynamics 101, covering the fundamentals of high performance driving, including basic vehicle dynamics, seat position and understanding the driving line. Participants then begin a series of rotations through learning modules such as Triple S (Slalom, Speed, Stop) and Figure-8. Our Lunch ‘n Learn session includes a catered lunch and will provide an overview of the morning sessions as well as set the stage for the afternoon programme. After lunch, participants will learn the basics of walking an autocross course and then take on the Autocross challenge before ending the day with the final meeting. Will you win the challenge? Maybe so…and maybe we have a special prize for the winner.

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Consider this program an investment. Just as you might spend thousands of dollars upgrading your suspension, tires, or engine, you also need to consider investing in the nuts behind the steering wheel. If you want to reduce your time on the track and become a more consistent and safe driver, the Apex will be the best investment you will ever make.

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For an overview of what to expect on your Level 1 experience, along with a schedule of daily events, click here.

Apex Performance Driving School is the nation’s premier autocross driving school designed to develop driving skills with personalized instruction from national-caliber professional instructors for a variety of drives. Our ultimate goal is for students to learn and experience the full dynamic capabilities of their cars in a safe and controlled environment.

For more detailed information on Apex Performance Driving School program offerings, as well as upcoming school dates and locations, please visit our website at www.apexpds.com.

Covid: Safecility Install Co2 Sensors In Offaly School To Help With Ventilation.

Our insurance provider requires students and instructors to wear a DOT approved helmet during our trails. The minimum helmet rating is Snell 2010 or SA2010. If you are not using a helmet, helmets can be rented from the host club on site. To best ensure headphone availability, check out our headphone page for the best headphone deals. We will deliver your new helmet directly to your school. Gary’s Driving Academy is dedicated and passionate about teaching and creating safer and more skilled drivers on our roads. We take teaching very seriously and make the entire learning process a pleasure through the following services:

Gary’s Driving Academy has many years of experience and we love giving you the skills to be a good driver and a low risk driver on the road. Our main focus is on speed…

Our goal is to remove the fear of driving from you and increase your driving confidence. The truth is that for most students, sitting behind the wheel is like…

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Gary’s Driving Academy takes teaching very seriously and focuses on knowing the basic rules and regulations of the road and their correct application in real life…

Driving Lessons For Learner Drivers

If you are under 25 and do not hold a full foreign licence, you will receive a driver’s logbook for you and your supervisor/instructor to record your driving experience. You will need to log at least 120 hours of supervised driving if you are under 25 before you can take your driving test. If you are 25 or older, you will not need a Journal.

120 hours of supervised driving, must include at least 20 hours at night (eg between sunset and sunrise).

However, 1 hour of driving with an authorized instructor will count as 3 hours in the Dnevnik up to 10 hours of actual driving lessons (total of 30 hours in the Dnevnik). Night driving lessons count only for 1 hour of night driving. The other 2 hours are added to the daily driving hours.

Your supervisor must hold a full unrestricted Australian driving licence. The Red P or Green P license holder cannot be your supervisor.

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We advise you to take the first few lessons with an authorized instructor to learn the basics properly. Otherwise you might learn some bad habits from your family members/friends which later becomes very difficult to get rid of those bad habits costing you more hours of driving. A professional trainer will teach you the right techniques from the start and give you the discipline to automatically multi-task necessary for safe driving regardless of road conditions such as weather, traffic, emergencies, hazards, etc. When you are a little safer on the road, then between professional classes you can practice with your parents/friends whatever you learned in the classes if you want. This will allow you to learn faster, gain more experience on the roads, and will cost you less in paid lessons.

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It is usually a one-hour driving lesson, but initially we recommend two-hour lessons where you will have enough time to discuss the traffic rules and apply what the instructor explains to you. This will also reduce the number of lessons required, helping to reduce overall costs.

We assess each driver during the first lesson and give an estimate of the hours needed to pass the test or to be able to drive under the supervision of a family/friend or to refresh your driving skills.

Once you are eligible to book your driving test, you will need to book a date and time with RMS at your chosen location. You can do this online: www.rms.nsw.gov.au/myrta/mytest/ or we can book it for you.

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The most important thing is to stay calm that day. We will continue to support you until the end. As explained in ‘Our Prices’, we offer you a one-hour refresher lesson (demonstration test) just before we take you to the real driving test. We will wait for you to complete your test and get your license before we take you home.

Yes, it is mandatory. Severe penalties apply for driving without a license, with an expired, revoked, suspended or disqualified license or with the wrong category of license

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