Drop Bear Hostel Melbourne

Drop Bear Hostel Melbourne – Hostel accommodation is a must if you are visiting Australia in true backpacker style! Hostels are perfect for saving money, an epic place to meet fellow travelers, and lots of fun. If you haven’t experienced hostel life yet and are wandering about it, this is the post for you…

There are legendary hostels all over Australia. Whether you’re traveling for a short period of time or for a longer period, you’re sure to be staying in various hostels for most of that time.

Drop Bear Hostel Melbourne

First, don’t listen to anyone who talks bad about hostels – yes, they’re cheap and cheerful, but don’t try it, right!? Also, the East Coast is packed

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Great hostel, so you don’t really get ‘tired’. It’s all part of the yewwww experience.

So, let’s do it! A first timer’s guide to what it’s like to stay in a hostel. Many of us at Ratpack have stayed in many hostels across Australia, so we’re going to tell you all the tips and tricks you need before you start your epic adventure.

There are usually dorms of varying sizes (usually with bunk beds), kitchens, food pantries (so you can cook your own meals) and lounge areas to get to know other guests.

Some hostels also offer the option of staying in a private room. It’s perfect for couples or those who prefer your own space – these are usually more expensive!

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First, they’re usually the cheapest accommodation, and backpackers love a good deal – spending more money on tours and epic adventures.

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There are usually several room options, so check the website before booking to see what suits you best.

Mixed Dormitory – So it is a dormitory for both men and women. It usually ranges from 4 beds to 10 beds.

Private Room – Some hostels have this option. Perfect for couples or those who prefer your own space. You can get single or double bed.

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Well, time to dispel the myth. Hostels get a bad name and we don’t know why! Most of the hostels in Aussie are great.

Are they ugly? No! This is a common misconception. They cleaned like a hotel. Rooms and beds are cleaned regularly.

Are there bed bugs? Again, of course not! Neither of us have had bed bugs while staying at the hostel.

Have a strange person? Nothing should be! Hostels are for travelers and backpackers like you, where you’ll share a room with like-minded people of the same age.

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Some hostels are great at hosting events to let guests get to know each other. We highly recommend you give it a go – even if it sounds a little cheesy!

Well, now that you are ready for dorm survival, here are some tips to keep in mind:

We hope you’re ready and excited to visit Australia on your backpacking trip, and while you’re staying at the hostel don’t forget:

We operate 24/7 service in various time zones. Our Ratpackers have been everywhere and done that! Get the ball rolling on your upcoming trip. Submit your rough itinerary (including your flight details/dates). If you haven’t booked your flight yet and want advice – press US UP

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We hope these tips and tricks have you equipped and ready for your first hostel experience. Hostels are the best place to meet new people and experience new things – you’ll have the time of your life!

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