Dual Cab Nissan Patrol

Dual Cab Nissan Patrol – Unless you’ve been hiding in a dark corner of the internet for the past 12 months, this hack has probably popped up in your newsfeed a few times. Here’s your chance to learn more. Words and pictures by Harry Temple

Luke is not one to go and drop money on the counter. If he can’t fold it, cut it, or spread it around the cabin, it’s probably not worth it. Jumping into the arrows straight out of school, he has been working on diesel for a bus company in the Illawarra for the past 12 years. Very handy if you want to create the toughest patrol in Australia. Renting cabin space with a partner, he estimates he has parted ways with more than 30 patrollers over the past four years, each of whom contributed their share and profits to the project. Last year, he went on three months’ service leave and gave the newly minted Patrol a 35,000km shakedown on the central and west coast. In terms of actual R&D, the Patrol is a very different animal these days.

Dual Cab Nissan Patrol

He came across a decent 2.8 liter wagon on Facebook about six years ago. Luke, who now has a fully-built kettle that doesn’t boil, has managed to focus on improving Nissan’s off-road viability a total of six times, lending credence to the ‘Built, not bought’ sticker on the windscreen. Moving from the installation of drawers and drawers to the hasty chopping that broke the 4WD corner on the internet last year, Luke spent some time earlier this year doing things right. After the chassis bent trying to run over some Lithgow friends, Luke realized it needed an overhaul. The chassis extension, jack-off style canopy and skid plate make this version of the Patrol the best yet.

Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis Review

Yours truly was there in late 2016 when the damage was done at Yalwal and the decision was made to cut the wagon.

After being lengthened by 350mm and extensively braced, balance has been restored with a much lighter tray that now rests firmly on the rear axle. The Patrol went on a diet and got a chopped ARB bar that blends into the full-length side rails that integrate into the magazine. Some DIY aluminum drawers have replaced creaky wooden drawers in fresh mix boxes. Cooking is no longer difficult thanks to the sliding pot and the gas cylinder on the back. The Travel Buddy has cemented its place in the top drawer after making everything from cookies to grills on the go. The Engel 45L slide holds a 45L drink bar and the drink tube on the back is the perfect place to relax after a day on the road. Luke’s biggest problem with the previous tray was that he couldn’t set up the base camp. Now with a jack-off style canopy, he can quickly attach all four legs and head out to explore without the risk of damaging the tray or bending the undersides.

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We all know patrols aren’t easy (especially this one), but luckily this powerhouse is more than capable of pushing it. The 4.2L blacktop has been completely rebuilt, balanced and engineered with lower compression, and thanks to a UFI turbo, 12mm injector pump, larger injectors and a monstrous intercooler setup, more than $20,000 is lost from the intake. Sending all 180kW to the rear wheels, the Painkiller flywheel and heavy clutch can handle the abuse. Although the boost gauge hits the 30 psi plug a few times, it’s nearly impossible to get the kettle near the center of the temperature gauge. Complementing the engine and contributing to a remarkable 18L/100km economy, 3-inch straight-through pipes and a 4-inch stainless throttle body ensure maximum breathability at both ends.

Six years later, hanging 4-inch Dobinson spools and Armada shock absorbers are still absorbing the waves. Some shiny Superior steering arms and custom control arms ensure the Datsun handles well despite carrying 250 liters of fuel and 50 liters of water under the tray. Luke isn’t afraid to outdo him or try a hard line as a pair of locked rigs spin on the 35-inch Falken WildPeaks. Luke puts it down to two things: 63% drop behind the 4.2 box and a low center of gravity. Contrary to stereotype, the Fastfit roof tent is remarkably light and won’t get in the way of the Patrol when cornering. Luke loves photography so a proper 12 volt system was a priority. The Patrol has four batteries – two under the hood to start and run the camper stereo and two 115Ah AGM units under the base with 250W solar and multiple CTEK kits. Luke can set up camp and not have to drive for a week. Now it lives.

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Nissan Patrol Gu Ute White 062010

The roof tent sets up in seconds and there’s plenty of space on the chair-friendly viewing platform, which Luke has affectionately dubbed the ‘Sun Terrace’. What started as a joke between mates turned into a much-loved addition to the car, which came in handy earlier in the year on Fraser Island. The interior comfort is continued by the XR6 seats, which save the spine of both passengers. The Outback’s overhead console holds the two UHFs nicely, and the switches throughout the cabin match the factory colors. The triple body removes the gauges from the dash and looks like the factory version on the pillar. Future plans are to remove the rear seats and build a platform to make better use of the space.

Luke is quick to thank the many people who helped build it. Without partners pooling resources and ideas, this patrol would be just another GU. Instead, it moves across the country. With six builds in six years, it’s safe to say that this is probably not the final form of the patrol. I know Luke very well and I have no doubt that things will change soon for the seventh time. After all, was it ever actually built?

Pornoporno xxx hd porno xxxnx xxx italian porn movie video porno hindi jija sali sex videos xnxx xvideos arabic real desi xxx wap porn videos This GU Patrol Wagon is equipped with several high quality and different brands of suspension components when it is on a lift. This beast definitely looks and is ready for the dirt.

Left front view of a white Nissan GU Patrol flexed after installing several Superior and various brand suspension components

Nissan Gu Patrol Coil Cab

Left side view of a white Nissan GU Patrol flex after the installation of several Superior and various brand suspension components

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The bottom picture has a Superior 4340m drawbar installed, coil springs, adjustable 3″ reservoir shocks and hyperflex radius arms with drop boxes.

Lower right lower shock fitted with a Superior 4340m pull rod, coil springs, adjustable 3″ reservoir shocks and hyper flex radius arms with drop boxes.

Lower right rear view looking at upper and lower control arms installed with coil springs and airbag coil air transfer

Nissan Pick Up Double Cabin

Bottom picture of the rear, looking at the installed Superior 4-inch adjustable shocks, adjustable panhard bar, coil springs and airbags.

Left front view of a white Nissan GU Patrol showing its flexibility after installing a number of Superior and various brand suspension components.

Right side view of a white Nissan GU Patrol showing its flexibility after installing a number of Superior and various brand suspension components.

Installed Superior Hyperflex Radius Arms Lower Right Lower Frame with Drop Boxes, Comp Spec Tie Rod, Remote Reservoir Shocks and Coil Springs

Nissan Patrol Ute Imagined, Now To Get It Into Australian Showrooms

Bottom image of bent GU Patrol rear center looking rear Superior Panhard Rod, Remote Reservoir Shocks and Coil Springs AUSTRALIA full of buffers. It is a nation where there are few cities and there is always something to do.

Utes are so ingrained in our culture that even European luxury brands are starting to take over the two-door cab market.

Nissan never quite grasped the idea that maybe, just maybe, a two-seater with the ride quality and power of the TD42 Patrol could be the perfect 4×4 for Australian conditions. Where Nissan might have stumbled, Craig McGuinness happily took the idea and ran with it.

When Craig first got hold of the GU Patrol in 2004, it belonged to his brother and was still very much a wagon. Eventually, as they often do, the ZD30 popped, so the deal was sealed and the pair swapped vehicles, with Craig offering his XH XR8 ute.

Gu Dual Cab Conversion

The first cab replaced the dead diesel engine. While rebuilding might have been an easy fix, Craig knew it was only a matter of time before another grenade went off and

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