Easyline Internal Wall Panels

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Easyline Internal Wall Panels

It’s easy to create a stylish space with simple decorative walls and ceiling coverings. Enhancing traditional and contemporary decor, the versatile range takes you from the bedroom to the kitchen. You can add your personal touch to the living room and outdoor entertainment.

Easycraft Easyascot Wall

Builders and renovators want to keep the original Queenslander look, but the cost of installation. .

Therefore, Easycraft has developed a product to cut wood logs and bead board made from MDF (medium density fiber) board. The MDF board has a stronger surface and solves all the disadvantages that come from using the original wooden boards.

Period beads, Regency; Other innovations such as Ascot have been introduced; Recently, modern details such as Easygroove and Easyline (shiplap) have been incorporated into decorative wall and ceiling cladding to make home renovations and new ones easier. Make habits.

Easyvj is one of our most popular decorative wall panels. It will suit older homes that want to match the old VJ panel style, as well as those that want a new white wall or ceiling. This easy-to-use wood veneer system is your first choice.

Easycraft Easyascot Window 1200×600

These days, the features of classic tongue and groove boards can be accessed with ease. Now used in modern home designs, it is a favorite among builders looking for an affordable wall insulation solution.

The simple linear design features the classic look of laminated timber and comes in a 1200mm width, eliminating awkward joints. The panels feature an easy-to-use tongue and groove joint system for quick and easy installation.

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The EasyGroove material provides a new wall layer compared to concrete slab walls, eliminating faulty concrete.

Easygroove – a VGroove profile with a width of 4mm and a center width of 150mm; It comes in 300mm and random spacing options.

Easyline Wall Panelling

The hidden tongue and groove joint system allows the boards to be connected smoothly, creating an open and modern wall.

Australian traditional houses have a unique style. Regency walls and ceilings with tongue and groove floors were common in the “pre-war and post-war” periods of Australian architecture, and the Regency style was one of the hallmarks of the period. Today, The features of old tongue and groove boards can now be accessed easily and economically using easyregency.

This style will be more suitable to the style of the old house. If you’re planning to renovate or want to spruce up a room over the weekend, these interior wood wall and ceiling panels will make the job easy.

The perfect product for those who want the look of concrete but the strength of wood wall concrete. It is strong, resistant and easy to install with a connection system. These interior wall panels are perfect for large parking spaces in residential and commercial applications. You’ll save time and money and be ready to paint.

Easycraft Easyline 150

Sometimes hotels, nightclubs; restaurants, hospitals, childcare centers; school assembly hall; gymnasiums, school corridors and special needs buildings rarely have buildings with high walls. .

Home Affairs – Rumpus Rooms Garage Let’s forget the children’s bedroom etc. That’s why walls collide, When designing structures that break or collide with walls at difficult times, you need a fully portable material. It looks good

The Easyascot wall covering provides a formal and unique solution to any room, dining room, Ideal for master bedrooms and entrances. Easyascot wall posters are great for weekends. No broker needed; Check how many interior walls you need and where you want to go.

Curtains are covered on both sides and cut to fill the open ends of each wall. No plates are wasted as they can be recycled and reused. Sizes are limited and may vary.

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Porta Contours 78x21mm Clear Pine Lining Pinnacle

A 900mm high wall panel completes the dado rail giving a professional finish. Available in flat or premium versions to suit all applications.

Easyclad is a 9.5mm thick panel made from Australian hardwoods selected for their durability and fiber-like properties with high tensile strength. Easyclad is a tongue and groove panel for concealed exterior walls and ceilings at a fraction of the cost of wood panels.

For outdoor fashion, don’t be exposed to direct rain. Do not use as an outdoor clamp panel exposed to the elements. Easyclad is our wall cladding for concealed outdoor applications such as indoor wet areas (bathrooms and washrooms) and patios and verandas.

Made from fresh hardwood, it gives our entire image. It provides a durable, hard-wearing floorboard to create an existing look or create a new look.

Indoor Outdoor Living At The Kedron Street House

Comes pre-painted (front and back surfaces) ready to paint, available in most photos.

Easyveneer features the latest in wood veneers (Tasmanian Oak and Hoop Pine) and wood veneer insulation.

Without exception, the quality of wood floors is uneven. It’s the latest in today’s veneers with a light Tasmanian oak finish or a Hoop Pine finish.

The product is delivered raw but can be given with a clear matt lacquer final coat (ex factory) at an additional cost.

Steel Fastening System

This allows for an easier selection of cell pipes and line schedules in a new and less expensive application. By improving contemporary and traditional decorations, you can create an individual look for each room, with elegant design applications for walls and ceilings, from bedrooms to kitchens. if there are clean and clear lines; Long lasting qualities and easy to install. Choose your favorite products and start today! DIY Timbers is your local supplier of Easycraft decorative wall panels, offering a wide range of details to suit your needs.

Easyvj offers a new v-house design to match the look of traditional wooden joint boards. Wall and ceiling cladding work well to enhance any space.

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Easygroove fits a variety of design styles while maintaining a clean, contemporary look. just new, Perfect for creating a fun environment.

The simple line presents a classic look with a wide, square cover of shiplap wood. This layer is a great choice for any design because it works well everywhere.

Easycraft Silhouette Channel 60

It looks great and is easy to manage in homes and spaces. Paired with a more detailed rib, it can create a stunning contemporary look.

Easybeaded fits many traditional wall coverings and the narrow profile provides an easy choice for easy and easyVJ grooves.

Easypanel is a smooth alternative to concrete. Ideal for use with rip trimmers for a professional finish and even and square finish.

Easyascot is the perfect way to show off that special room. Add a stylish touch or create a luxurious look.

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Ascot.Vogue offers the relaxed style and formal elegance of the classic easyascot ensemble; Now it’s a more special feature, It’s perfect for creating beautiful wall features in a more modern style.

Easyveneer makes it easy to create stunning wooden walls or ceilings. It is available in a number of attachments and spacers to help create an amazing performance.

The Showroom offers a variety of decorative and innovative items in a contemporary style, providing an elegant and practical look to any event. Create your perfect atmosphere with bold design features and styles that fit in any space.

The Black Expression Series combines the warmth of classic wood veneer with a sleek black contour design. It creates a stunning backdrop for any residential or commercial application.

Timber Wall Panelling

I joined for a small but special job. quality of work; Customer service is exceptional and timely.

Graeme has provided me with excellent service over the past few weeks. He knows his products at the right price and is responsive and professional in his work. I would not hesitate to recommend DIY Timbers. It deserves a 5 star rating.

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