Eco Garage Door Remote

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Eco Garage Door Remote

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Easy Steps To Re Program Your Garage Door

Unfortunately, the old Eco Door remote control is no longer in production. However, it is not necessary to replace the motor yet! If your garage door opener works, the Pre-wired Receiver Car Keys will allow you to use a new remote receiver in the engine. This does not affect the existing remote control and allows the engine to be used with new remotes.

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This DIY kit is simple to DIY and easy to install. This kit includes two AOTX4 remote container switches. You can also use the garage remote controls below.

The Auto Key Receiver allows a larger garage door or door opener to work with a new series of remote controls. The garage door receiver is wired to your garage door motor, the attachments are pre-received. The receiver then listens to your remote control and when the button is pressed, it opens the gargle door. This does not affect the existing remote control at all.

This is a fantastic way to upgrade your remote control without having to open a new garage door.

How To Program Your Garage Door Remote Control

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