Federation House Colour Schemes

Federation House Colour Schemes – When renovating or extending your heritage home, it can be important to keep the new space in harmony with the existing space. Full of timeless style and character, these properties are often too beautiful to completely renovate, so we specialize in renovating these stunning properties. Melbourne’s suburbs are home to many heritage homes, from inner-city townhouses to large estates, which we’ve helped restore and bring new life to. When we design these homes, we always keep one thing in mind… color! The decade was one of millennial pink, but it may not be right for your generation’s home. Research your home and suburbs to learn more about what was originally built on your property and how you can restore that look.

To help you narrow down the rainbow of options, we’ve rounded up the top 5 color schemes perfect for your heritage home!

Federation House Colour Schemes

We’re launching with neutral white and gray as the safest options! If your home is a Federal Heritage (Queen Anne), this option is for you. Various shades of white and gray bring an open, clean and open space to the home. This can often be the best option, especially if you live in a hot climate. The most trusted choice on the color wheel, you can be sure it will complement your existing and new designs. Also, your local council and/or your neighbors will need it. Shades of white and gray bring so much to a home, and while it may seem limited, there are so many options! Don’t forget to think about the range of different colors you can use for these shades. If you’re planning to stay true to your home’s original design, white and gray will help you focus on elegant features with simple, neutral tones.

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Burgundy is a deep, rich, red shade inspired by the wines of the Burgundy region of France. Showcasing this rich selection of deep reds alongside natural cream colors will bring a beautiful rustic feel to the home. This color scheme is a true representation of the Australian landscape, making it a very popular choice for renovators of the Edwardian style heritage homes that are common in Melbourne’s suburbs. Colors that evoke a very natural look work well with modern updates. Burgundy and red go well with brown and copper, and they work well with many metals. This means that more modern additions, appliances or extensions work well with your home’s design.

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Blue is one of the most popular colors when it comes to home renovation and design. However, it’s important to think about the blues you choose, especially when adding them to a heritage home. Too bold, and instead you’ll get a more modern experience, which can occasionally clash with convenience. Being so light, there is a risk that the color will be neutral and have no effect. Our favorite is the dark blue shade. It can bring great color without being too dark, especially outdoors. If your home has a red brick exterior or red roof, it may clash with a blue color option, so it’s important to consider the material. Blues are a very popular choice for Victorian terrace style homes.

Classic heritage colors are back in today’s black and dark gray color scheme. These classic options will never go out of style. It looks bold, but the darker options draw attention in all the right places, adding an element of sophistication and depth. If you don’t want to go too bold with color wheels, these modifications are a great option to focus on period features like fittings and mounts. Pairing dark colors with dark gray and yellow color options is a very popular choice to help seamlessly blend the old and new elements of your heritage home renovation or extension. Used sparingly, this option can be the best option. A very popular choice of color when we are renovating heritage Victorian homes.

Going green is easier than you think! It may seem like a bold choice, but if used correctly, you’ll find that it blends beautifully with your garden area and neighboring properties. Don’t go for a green color palette if it doesn’t quite suit your property. Green is often chosen for California bungalows and works best with them. The richness of the large front yard works beautifully through the deep Brunswick Green added to the fixtures and fittings.

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If you are considering renovating or extending your heritage home, remember that it is always important to have your design and floor plan checked by your local council. Before embarking on the sometimes expensive journey, they will inform you about the renovation of the building including the heritage levels and the all important colors of the house. Need help choosing the best color palette for your heritage home? With thirty-five years’ experience in Melbourne’s Bayside and Eastern Region, we specialize in heritage home renovations and extensions.

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Resene Unveils Traditional Maori Colour Palette

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