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Fish And Meat Hong Kong – Recently opened in Hong Kong, Fish & Meat takes an honest, straightforward approach to dining with its ingredient-focused menu and farm-to-table cooking style. Occupying the ground floor overlooking the iconic Foreign Correspondents’ Club building on the outskirts of the Central Business District, Fish and Meat offers a comfortable and casual dining atmosphere in a convenient location. Characterized by a cuisine featuring fresh seafood, homemade pastas and fresh seasonal produce, Fish & Meat combines impeccable cooking with contemporary decor inspired by a Scandinavian farmhouse aesthetic – the utilitarian juxtaposition of whitewashed walls. Floor and rustic, reclaimed wood dining table. Since opening in November 2103, Fish and Meat has created a buzz among enthusiastic customers with its refreshing combination of inspired cooking and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Fish and Meat has an impressive pedigree as the latest creation of local hospitality and restaurant group Maximum Concepts – the team behind the acclaimed Blue Butcher and Brickhouse restaurants. The menu, created by Culinary Director Malcolm Wood and Executive Chef Russell Doctrow, incorporates current dining trends with an emphasis on sharing, casualness and informality, featuring small plates and large plates showcasing carefully sourced fresh ingredients in prepared dishes. Cooked with simple but exemplary methods. With an impressive CV of cooking in prestigious restaurants in Hong Kong (Grand Hyatt and Mandarin Oriental) and London (Gordon Ramsay Restaurant – the famous chef’s three Michelin star flagship; and another three Michelin star restaurant – The Waterside Inn). Bray), Doctrove is firmly rooted in classic and modern cooking techniques.

Fish And Meat Hong Kong

Focusing on premium quality fresh produce, the fish and meat menu features premium seafood such as Alaska cod, French turbot and Italian sea bass; and meat, such as French free range chicken, Dutch veal, Spanish pork belly and Australian Kobe beef ribs. The wide selection of small plates includes some special dishes

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Carefully paired with the cuisine, the wine list includes a wide range of Italian wines. White, red and sparkling wines are often sourced from boutiques and family wineries – offering good value at affordable prices. And a short list of exciting cocktails – innovative twists on classics – created with premium ingredients to complement the delicious food. Highlights included

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– Organic Hana gin, basil, asparagus, arugula syrup and celery bitters. The bar also offers an impressive selection of craft beers.

Open for dinner Monday to Saturday until 6pm (lunch and weekends to be introduced in early 2014). The restaurant seats approximately 85 diners in the main dining room, with two adjacent private rooms seating 8 each. Reservations are usually recommended for the evening.

The decor of Fish and Meat takes a sober, minimalist approach, incorporating a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic. A spacious layout of rustic wooden tables paired with contemporary dark wood chairs on polished concrete floors evokes a farmhouse feel.

Step Into 2018 With Home Style Dishes At Fish & Meat

Full-height glass sliding doors open onto an outdoor terrace, flooding the interior with natural light. The tables are made from recycled wood salvaged from old wool.

An open fish and meat kitchen runs along one side of the front of the restaurant.

The culinary team can be closely observed from the wooden kitchen in the kitchen. (Chef Russell Doctrow in the background)  For all our flaws and modern lifestyles, humans are truly complex creatures and this is becoming evident in food trends. These days we’re going back to basics and exploring the benefits of a minimal diet by making nutritious yet simple meals. Maximal Concepts, with its growing empire (Brickhouse, Blue Butcher and now Mott32), is doing the same with restaurant fish and meat. Their philosophy is to source fresh ingredients from the farm to the table, creating fresh, clean food. As the name suggests, the menu is full of fish and meat and divided into small and large plates to share with friends, farm, family styles.

For the first time, I went with a large group and was able to share as many plates as possible. Whispers from friends who have been before tell me that their fair number of small plates are worth checking out. Sea Urchin Bruschetta with Lardo di Colonnata may not be to everyone’s taste depending on your preference for sea urchins, but there’s no denying their freshness. I love the lardo di colonnata and the fatty flavors set off the dish well against the strong sea urchins. The fresh burrata with grilled Australian yellow plums was good and satisfied our cheese cravings, but the price was a bit steep at $180. I don’t know what the crispy whites are coated with or what they put in the aioli, but this little fish basket will put anyone in food rehab, that is. It can be funny.

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How To Prepare Fish Stew (cacciucco)?

The pan-fried Spanish octopus with white bean puree, garlic, parsley and chilli was a crowd pleaser. I especially liked how it contrasted with the tender flesh of the octopus exterior. The white bean puree was good, but I would have been happier if the garlic and chili flavors had been a bit more dominant. The California Artichoke ‘Barigol’ with Black Label Galloni Prosciutto and Mustard Vinaigrette was probably the most disappointing of all the dishes we had, mainly due to the price and what we actually got. For $170, there really wasn’t much to look at other than a handful of leaves and two slices of prosciutto with half an artichoke. But all was not lost as the soft duck egg ravioli with ricotta cream, burnt sage butter and pecorino was a winner. Who can resist a golden egg yolk bursting from a stealthy, innocent-looking pasta spaceship? None of us liked it because we all attacked it with a mysterious, good-natured admiration.

Next, hand-crusted Dutch veal and pork with melted fontina cheese and pepperoni sauce caught our eye. Let’s say that the mustard is not correct by dividing each steak into four. I will definitely get myself one of those plates one day. At this point, it was difficult for our group of 8 to fit more than one main course into the X 2, so we settled for slow-cooked Spanish terrelle pork belly porchetta, Italian fennel sausage and apple marmalade. It was funny. I mean ridiculously good. Smooth, bursting with flavor, the apple marmalade was perfect. But there was something better. And that sounds weird because the side dish is sweet corn polenta. If this isn’t the best side dish I’ve ever tasted, hit me with a feather. It was definitely a magical meal as we had to order twice during our meal. I can’t describe it, but it was a comforting symbol.

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Leave some room for dessert, or at least some clotted cream for my favorite, the Cillian Lemon Tart. There was a nice balance of citrus and sweetness and a nice crumbly pastry base. A deconstructed, whipped mascarpone cheesecake with raspberry breadcrumbs was delicious but very light. I couldn’t help but remember the crumb chunks! Chocolate fans will enjoy the Chocolate Lava Cake with Salted Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream, where flavors from salty to sweet bounce charmingly in each mouthful.

Lunch is a simple, leisurely affair with a reduced selection of small and large plates. With a kind invitation, I had a nice lunch one afternoon and was introduced to the new lunch menu. A few starters were kept from the dinner menu, including a Moreish Crispy White Fruit, but we tried the fresh-topped crab and jalapeño crostini with a frisee salad. It’s a simple-looking dish, but it’s packed with flavor thanks to the fiery kick of jalapeño. The crostinis are very generous with heaps of crab on top and a refreshing seafood starter to open up the flavors.

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For mains, we opted for the hand-crumbed veal and pork baguette with mozzarella, pesto and tomato sauce, pork and fennel sausage (both with baked Spanish terreul pork belly porchetta ciabatta, with clever appetizer options). colleagues) and their saffron risotto with crispy sea bass, scallops, squid and prawns.

The baguette and ciabatta were excellent and very satisfying for lunch. The pork belly is still deliciously tender and I loved the gremolata. The meat almost reminded me of Bi Cheng Hiang’s BBQ meat! The risotto was also excellent – creamy but not too rich in fresh seafood ingredients. It was a hearty, warm and fragrant meal.

To finish off we had an amazing chocolate pot which, even without the chocolate, was perfect. Salted chocolate, nuts, pralines, cookie heaven.

Maximum Concepts has worked its magic again

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