Fisher & Paykel 5kg Vented Dryer Review

Fisher & Paykel 5kg Vented Dryer Review – I have written this review after using the Fisher & Paykel 7kg Vented Clothes Dryer (Model DE7060M1) for about 7 months. I bought it from Shopee for S$525 (after S$10 credit card discount) and received the product on 28 July 2020.

When we were getting appliances for our new flat in 2017, we were against getting a dryer. Reasons to consider buying a washing machine in this article “Buying a washing machine in Singapore”. Before making any purchases you can read my review on the LG1410SPRE, our ultimate washer pick.

Fisher & Paykel 5kg Vented Dryer Review

There are three main types of clothes tumble dryers – vented, heat pump and condenser. Heat pumps allow significant energy savings. However, like other energy efficient devices, they are expensive. This is out of our budget and so we settled for a vented dryer.

Da8012ga 8kg Vented Dryer (1 Tick)

Since we have an existing washer, we purchased a separate one instead of a washer and dryer combo. In any case, unless you want to save space, the latter doesn’t seem to be recommended due to its questionable performance and lifespan.

Of course, you can choose the dryness level and drying temperature. However, the pre-set function works for us. We choose “everyday” for a mix of adult and children’s clothing, and “pretty” when there is only children’s clothing.

Be sure to read clothing labels before putting them in the dryer. Some fabrics will shrink, such as 100% cotton. Also, bamboo material is not recommended for clothes dryers.

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So far, clothes have dried relatively well in this Fisher & Paykel dryer. However, if the load is very full, some large pieces such as bed sheets may still have damp spots. So when you pull out, especially larger pieces you should feel each piece quickly. This is to ensure that it is completely dry. If not, you can either hang dry or toss in the dryer with another short cycle.

Fisher & Paykel De5060m1 Vented Dryer For Sale Online

It is best to fill the dryer tub half or three-quarters full with clothes. Three-quarters full is usually our average adult and child’s total load. Strangely, this 7kg dryer can fit a lot more than our 10kg washer tub.

The downside of this dryer is that the drying time can be around two to three hours. So determine these factors when you wear clothes. Also, I recommend flanging the clothes before and after taking them out of the dryer. This reduces fabric creasing.

Do not cover the bottom. Once, the wind blows the cover of our machine and covers the area without our knowledge. Even after the drying cycle, our clothes were still damp, worse, the clothes had a faint smell.

Remove lint from the dryer after each drying cycle. Doing so will increase the efficiency of your dryer. This means reducing your electricity bill, drying your clothes faster. Plus, this good practice extends the life of your dryer and reduces its potential as a fire hazard.

Fisher & Paykel 4.5kg Vented Dryer De4560m2

If you wash clothes like towels, there will be more lint. That being said, I love that our towels are getting warm and fluffy after drying. I’ve heard that dryers are also better for sterilizing clothes than normal washing in the washer.

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Overall, we are satisfied with this workhorse. This significantly reduced my hanging and dressing time. With another new baby last year, I got busier and the laundry load increased. This way the “free” time I had was dedicated to doing laundry, I felt like I was doing laundry all the time! So this dryer is a good helper.

In fact, we were thankful to have this dryer during the wet season in November and December. Lack of hanging space and clothes for our family of four didn’t cost me time and energy.

But I have to say, this extra help and convenience comes at a price in the form of a huge hike in electricity bills. For sanity and relaxation, it’s a good trade-off in my opinion. If the bill is too high, I can just go through the steps to dry the clothes one at a time. 🙂

Fisher & Paykel De7060p2 7kg Vented Dryer

Let me know if you have any questions. Or share your experience about this product with me. Please leave a comment below.

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