Flights From Seoul To Tokyo

Flights From Seoul To Tokyo – Cebu Pacific will add international flights starting August 1, 2020, as well as flights from Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo and Osaka.

We encourage guests to check the Cebu Pacific Facebook page for the latest information on the airline’s flights. We hope for your understanding as this is a growing situation and we need an agile approach to web design.

Flights From Seoul To Tokyo

Cebu Pacific (CEB), the leading airline in the Philippines, will relaunch its international flight business and resume flights between Manila and major destinations in Asia in August. This is in addition to its weekly flights between Manila and Dubai, which resumed in mid-July.

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From August 1, 2020, CEB flies twice a week from Tokyo (Narita) to Manila (Wednesdays and Thursdays). Starting August 6, CEB will fly twice a week (Thursdays and Saturdays) between Manila and Singapore; and every Friday from Seoul (Incheon) to Manila.

____________________________________________________________ Remember to check the updates and requirements of your departure and destination cities before you leave! To get started, visit these links to official resources on the Cebu Pacific website. ____________________________________________________________

Bi-weekly flights (Wednesdays and Thursdays) between Taipei and Manila will begin on August 7.

“We are working conservatively and nimbly to rebuild our international network. While demand remains resilient, there is a hidden demand for travel, especially for those who are booked and want to go home to see family,” said Candice. Iyog, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience at Cebu Pacific.

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The travel regulations of the governments of the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan will be followed when necessary. This includes the requirement to record a negative RT-PCR test prior to departure, mandatory or mandatory COVID testing and a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

“We have been working hard to protect and reassure passengers that preventative measures are in place so that we can begin to rebuild trust in air travel,” Iyog said.

CEB has strengthened preventive measures in its operations in accordance with international safety standards. Like other airlines, passengers can expect a variety of biosecurity measures, starting with online check-in at the airport. Flight bans are implemented using scanners and physical presence to minimize physical contact between passengers and staff.

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From ground stations to airports, CEB has a cleaning and disinfection protocol in place. All CEB planes are disinfected daily before, during and after the flight. Airplanes are equipped with High Efficiency Particular Arrestor (HEPA) filters similar to those found in hospital operating rooms. These air pollutants, including the novel coronavirus, are 99.99% effective.

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CEB has also changed its policies – allowing for increased flexibility and increased peace of mind due to the changing landscape of air traffic. These options include unlimited re-bookings and extending the validity period of the Travel Fund to two years. Passengers whose flights have been canceled or those who wish to change their travel plans can manage their bookings through the “Manage Booking” portal on the Cebu Pacific website (

We use cookies for many purposes, such as maintaining the reliability and security of the website, personalizing content and advertisements, providing social features and tracking the use of our Site. Since I was fit and saved a lot of money last academic year, I decided to fly on a business flight on my way back from Tokyo to England. I don’t know what to say about my priorities, but the truth is that it costs more than flights from London to Jakarta, Jakarta to Sydney and Sydney to Tokyo combined. Tells you everything you need to know!

Having flown from Tokyo’s Narita airport a few times before, I knew what to expect. It actually made for a nice transition without having to make the difficult journey from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 in the summer heat!

The first real advantage I’ve seen of flying is arrival speed. In fact, I may have looked wrong as the flight attendant looked at me in surprise and said:

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I thought that was a little rude, so I responded with the most blatant “yes” possible and moved on. I can only assume it has something to do with the fact that I’m wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt and not a shirt and pants, although that has nothing to do with what else I’m wearing.

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At check-in, it was time to skip another line as I entered the Star Alliance Gold Track line for security. One of the biggest time wasters at Narita Airport is the security line, so it’s best to get through it in five minutes or less!

With about an hour to go, I decided to take advantage of the free lounges available to business and first class passengers. The check-in person gave me a piece of paper with a map of the gates and restrooms.

My choices were the United Red Carpet Lounge and the ANA Lounge, and I chose the former purely for convenience as it was closer to my gate.

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The first thing I noticed was that it was empty! It’s a large auditorium that seats a few hundred, but I’d be surprised if there were more people than me.

I threw my bag away from everyone and started looking at the food on offer.

Usual holiday food (pasta, salad bar, yogurt) as well as sushi and eggs and sausage are available. If there’s one thing I learned in two years in Japan, it’s that sausages abroad are never as good as they are at home! There was a woman filling her shoes which was beautiful to see. Go to the girl.

I’ve been craving sushi (you never know when you’ll get that again) but I’ve managed to avoid heavy alcohol consumption in favor of orange juice, Coca Cola and coffee as it’s only eight o’clock!

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Faster travel – another advantage of business travel. Can I fly on a normal flight again?

Even though I was only the third person on the plane, I felt good and comfortable sitting with other passengers. I wonder if he gets the same care as me watching it.

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With just 12 business class seats for two, these planes are comfortable and spacious with plenty of legroom. I don’t often need the extra legroom, but it’s nice to have the option! There’s also a large armrest in the middle of the seats, so “doesn’t anyone have a middle armrest?” annoyance.

Other accessories include comfortable padded headphones for in-flight entertainment, a USB charging port and shoes! This is amazing as someone who often takes off their shoes during a flight but can’t be bothered to put them back on to go to the bathroom!

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In-flight entertainment includes many Hollywood and international movies as well as the usual 10 episodes or The Big Bang Theory and NCIS. This might explain why I’m writing this post on the fly instead of using the screen in front of me right now.

After all the above was done the pilots came and gave us a glass of water or orange juice and when we took off the menus came out for us to eat. You can choose between a western style beef steak or a Korean chicken steak.

I really thought beef sounded a bit too half past nine in the morning so she opted for porridge, but let me tell you (sorry, I might add) that the person next to me ordered last. Warning – don’t choose the back row of the hall if you are a diner!

The food arrived quickly with your drink of choice and I quickly got over the disappointment when the beef fell off heavily at the touch of the knife. The best airplane food I’ve ever eaten. A tube of Korean pasta was also added, although I’m not sure my heart would allow it.

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Although the flight lasted only two hours, excluding tea and coffee, the service ended there. I spent the rest of the flight reading a book, writing this review, and going to the bathroom several times to appreciate the free drinks.

The toilets themselves are standard airplanes

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