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Looking for cheap flights from Sydney to Norfolk Island? Use our deal finder to help you compare flights, airlines and seat classes throughout the year. You’re sure to find the right flight that suits your budget, travel plans and preferences.

Flights From Syd To Nlk

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Business Class Flights To Norfolk Island

There is lush vegetation and beautiful trails that wind along the island’s shores. A short walk to the top of Pit Hill will give you spectacular panoramic views. Visit the Captain Cook Monument and walk under the tallest fern in the world.

For bird lovers, keep an eye out for the rare green parrots rescued from the brink of extinction. The park is also home to other endemic birds such as the Norfolk Island book owl and the sacred kingfisher.

Emily Bay is one of Australia’s top beaches. Its clear waters and white sand beaches attract sun worshipers from all over the world.

The lagoon is sheltered from the wind and rough seas and is ideal for sunbathing and snorkeling.

Air Chathams Launches Flights Between Auckland And Norfolk Island

The reef near the coast is full of colorful corals and fish. But if you don’t want to go in the water, you can take a glass bottom boat ride around the bay.

It is the only site in Australia that shows evidence of early Polynesian settlements and is part of Australia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Entrance to the heritage area is free, with four museums charging a small fee of AUD 25 for unlimited access. Join a guided tour to learn more about the conditions this ex-con faced in the settlement. Follow the walking trails and see the ruins of prisons and a hand-operated crank mill.

But don’t just visit this site during the day. Return to KAVHA at night and see the illuminated buildings and ruins.

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Qantas Is Launching New Flights To Norfolk Island If You’re Looking To Escape The Mainland

At 320 meters above sea level, Pit Hill is the most accessible point for a 360° view of the entire island.

The best part is that you don’t have to climb a steep trail to appreciate its beauty. Get in your car and follow the road to the top of the hill. On a good day, you’ll be able to see nearby Phillip and Nepean, Norfolk’s two uninhabited satellite islands.

Pack a meal and enjoy magical sunsets and sunrises, or take a short hike to Mount Bates, Norfolk’s highest peak.

15 minutes from Burnt Pine, one of the most beautiful and remote beaches on Norfolk Island. Nestled at the bottom of a cliff, Anson Bay’s rugged coastline and turquoise waters await.

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It’s not as easy to access as Emily Bay, but worth it for the crowds. After descending, you will be able to explore the entire beach.

It is also a great place for surfing, but not suitable for swimming. The beach descends quickly and you’ll find yourself in deep water if you’re not careful.

Due to its small size, Norfolk Island has no cities. Instead, it is home to two major cities.

Kingston is the capital of Australia’s South Pacific region. It was the second settlement on the island and is steeped in Norfolk history.

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While in town, visit the historic districts of Kingston and Arthur Vale. It is one of eleven sites that make up the Australian Convict Places and has been recognized by UNESCO for its rarity, historical significance and social value.

About 2 miles south of Kingston is the town of Burnt Pine. It is the center of commerce and the largest town on the island.

It is also the gateway to the Pinheiro Queimado area. It is the closest town to Norfolk Island Airport and traveling to other areas involves passing through this busy region.

Use your stop as a base to stock up on supplies, visit quaint cafes, and explore the surrounding national park. Travel to latitude 29.03º south and longitude 167.95º east. Take a deep breath and visit our pages on Norfolk Island Life.

Why Did Trans Tasman Flight Make Huge 870km Detour?

We invite you to cross the threshold and you can believe it when we say; A Norfolk Island holiday will do you ‘the world of good’! You are invited to experience a three hundred and sixty degree wonder 365 days a year… Immerse yourself in a learning space and absorb four layers of history. Participate in special community events, practice a sport or creative expression, or simply indulge in your surroundings…

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Beautifully connected to our 8 by 5 km perfect natural space, ancient setting, exploration, discovery, ‘Norfolk’ wave, with the grace and charm of a bygone era that you can effortlessly reclaim…

Imagine… peaceful silence mixed with subtropical air… less than a 3 hour drive… landing on a small plot of 3,455 hectares… anchored in the southwest Pacific Ocean!

Air New Zealand was operating Australia’s only regular public transport service to Norfolk using the 168-seat A320. However, complications arising from the Covid-19 outbreak in Australia have prevented them from proceeding as planned. The suspension of the Trans-Tasman Quarantine-Restricted Travel Zone forced changes to future service plans and eventually led to Air New Zealand discontinuing service to the island.

All Eyes To The Sky: Air Travel And The World Of Norfolk

In its place, Qantas has been contracted by the Australian government to operate services to the island until 30 June 2022. This agreement was recently extended until February 2023. Qantas operates Boeing 737-800s, seating configuration consists of 12 executives and 162 economic. seats. Flights currently operate six times a week, departing Brisbane on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and Sydney on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Air Chathams started regular public transport services from Auckland in September 2019. These were suspended in early 2020 due to Covid-19. The opening of the trans-Tasman travel bubble saw the resumption of direct services from Auckland on 10 June 2021. Services ceased with a final repatriation flight operating on 29 July 2021, when the bubble closed again. Air Chathams plans to resume services in September 2022. Up to 120,000 Bonus Qantas Points – Westpac Altitude Black Enjoy up to 120,000 Bonus Qantas Points when you sign up, spend $6k on eligible purchases within 120 days of approval. – Mastercard Westpac Altitude Black with How Many Points. Plus, get 2 free Qantas Club airport lounge passes every year. T&Cs apply. Just new cards. Click here to apply.

Qantas flights from Sydney and Brisbane to Norfolk Island will continue until at least August 29, 2021, rather than ending in June as originally planned.

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Qantas’ temporary routes – which took off in March as a short-term replacement for AirNZ – will operate six round-trip flights a week from the Australian mainland.

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As Norfolk Island Administrator Eric Hutchinson explains, “Air New Zealand remains the long-standing airline supplier to Norfolk Island.

“However, the current impacts of COVID-19 on Air New Zealand’s personnel arrangements and service delivery mean that it is necessary to extend the current agreement with Qantas to ensure the continued operation of air services to Norfolk Island.”

As an Australian outback, traveling to Norfolk Island is not subject to Australia’s extensive international ‘travel ban’ despite its location 2-2.5 hours east of the mainland.

This opens the doors to Sydney’s Qantas First Lounge for all lounge-eligible travelers, including Gold, Platinum, Platinum One and President cardholders, as well as business class guests with Qantas Club members.

Travel To Norfolk Island In A Covid 19 Environment

As with flights, this is a temporary measure and Qantas’ international business class lounge is closed in Sydney – in Brisbane (which has no first lounge), the main lounge is all business class space.

An Australian driver’s license or age card is required to travel to Norfolk Island, along with proper identification: while passports are “preferred” by the Australian government, they help to streamline passenger processing at either end.

“With international borders closing, we know Australians are looking for new vacation experiences and Norfolk Island is a destination that has a lot to offer,” said Andrew David, CEO of Qantas Domestic & International.

“We are promoting these new flights to millions of our frequent flyers across the country – providing the opportunity to earn and redeem points on flights to Norfolk Island – with seamless connections from our large domestic network via Sydney or Brisbane.”

Norfolk Island Hotels

As Norfolk Island has not been declared a ‘hot spot’ by New South Wales or Queensland, there are no restrictions on entry into these states from Norfolk Island and therefore no mandatory quarantine.

Economy one-way fares start at $412 from Sydney or $390 from Brisbane, with flights scheduled as follows:

Please note that Norfolk Island is not

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