Flower Crown Making Sydney

Flower Crown Making Sydney – DIY flower crown workshops are very popular here at Oh Flora. I have been offering there since the beginning of Oh Flora and I absolutely love all the beautiful ladies and brides when they invite me to a special occasion workshop. Seriously it’s a very rare occasion when my clients are never the best clients.. they are all so beautiful!! I feel so blessed 🙂

A while back I hosted a DIY crown workshop for my very lovely friend Laura (who only said a few weeks ago that I was doing it!). I bought some champagne, prepared some delicious punch and treats, arranged the flowers and did some landscaping, then poured some wine and waited for Laura and her guests to arrive.

Flower Crown Making Sydney

Sophie from thelittlestthings.com came to capture all the beauty of the day. I really appreciate her work, everything is always so perfect! You know when you meet someone you get it? Well, that’s it for me. Of course, when I’m working with Soph, I know that the images he’s going to produce are absolutely amazing, but when I get them, I just sit there and look at them in awe and half of them. I harassed my friend Matthew for hours. “Look, look, look!!!” The way it captures my work and the events we work on together is fascinating

Flower Crown Parties

I love that every time I run a flower crown workshop, all the girls have the same type of flowers to use and each time everyone really sets up their own crown. Each one always looks very different. When shopping for inspiration for kids birthday party ideas workshops in Sydney designed specifically for toddlers will make organizing them an absolute breeze! If the birthday girl loves nature, crystals and creativity, one of the best things to do in Sydney is our crystal dreaming workshops for kids!

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When exploring party ideas for teenagers, our workshops in Sydney will ensure that your birthday ideas are unique and exciting, no matter what kind of party theme you are planning. Are you chasing something more dreamy and magical? Our signature Crystal Flower Dream Catcher class is a creative way to learn how to apply floral design principles and techniques to create an authentic and original creation. You can also create something with your energy, choose the crystal yourself and whether it is clear quartz, rose quartz, blue calcite or amethyst, let the crystal choose you and bring positive energy home.

Are you organizing something at short notice or at the last minute? We know how stressful it can be! Let’s skip the stress – most of our workshops are available in minimal time. All you have to do is contact us, let us know your group size and preferences, and we’ll take care of the rest. No pressure, just a fun birthday party that your birthday girl will enjoy.

We offer birthday party workshops in Sydney at Centennial Park, Rose Bay, North Sydney, Mossman, Melson Point, St Ives. We offer outdoor picnic classes or we can come to your home for a party.

Hens Workshop With Luxury High Tea @ Sir Stamford Hotel

If you are looking for a picnic birthday party next to the Sydney Harbor Bridge to plan a picnic and floral workshop, please contact us to inquire about group bookings or visit the booking page .

We also offer a picnic bag! So you don’t have to worry about indoor COVID restrictions and enjoy the great view of Sydney Harbor Bridge or Nature Park.

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If you are looking for cute baby girl birthday ideas for kids, our flower crown class is your choice. With a choice of perennial or fresh flowers, we’ll make sure your children’s birthday brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Our Kids Garden Flower Arranging class is one of our most popular workshops for parents and kids in Sydney! Whatever you choose, The Peony Story has lots of fun things to do with kids in Sydney to make the most of your holiday.

Diy Flower Crown Party Kit

Permanent Flower Crown Making Class: Known for its romantic and delicate style, in our special flower crown making workshop, you will learn some “serious” floristic wirework techniques to create delicate floral arrangements. We will use at least 6 different types of flowers and leaves to create an asymmetrical floral design. We also teach you how to wear a flower crown to bring out the most beautiful feminine side of your face. You’ll be surprised how each of you can create a unique piece even with the same flower selection.

After the workshop, you can hang it on the wall or windows as a suitable seasonal decoration. A special color theme is also available on request to match your birthday theme.

Dried Flower and Crystal Dream Catcher Workshop: Have you ever wondered how to design and make a dream catcher from scratch? Well, this class is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one with beautiful dried flowers and your favorite crystals!

The workshop covers how to tie a ribbon, how to make a dream catcher base, how to decorate a unique piece with real flowers and last but not least, how to string crystals and attach them to the dream catcher. Your DIY dream catcher will be a wonderful bedroom decoration that will bring you relaxation and positive energy.

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Flower Crown Workshop For 10 Guests Flower Crown Party Diy

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