Ford G6 For Sale Melbourne

Ford G6 For Sale Melbourne – Please note that when you buy a vehicle at auction, you do not get any statutory warranty or cooling-off period

The Condition Rating below is the opinion of our reservation staff, which may differ from yours:

Ford G6 For Sale Melbourne

The sale takes place as is, where is. Statutory warranty/cooling off periods do not apply. Vehicle inspection is based only on driving and departure and is the opinion of the booking officer. The sales description is only indicative, as the car may have invisible damage/problems. A full inspection is recommended.

Ford Falcon Ecoboost Fg Mkii Now On Sale

GST Note: GST is included in the final offer price of this product. GST is included in the buyer’s premium.

These items are used so inspection is highly recommended before bidding, description and photos are for guidance only.


Be careful when placing an offer, as once an offer is made, it cannot and will not be withdrawn. If in doubt please do not bid as no refunds will be made.

Ford Falcon Ute Fg Mkii Sports Automatic Utility

Warrants that all vehicles/boats/motorcycles (vehicles) in this sale are sold with a clear title. However, please note that when you do this:

Variable buyer’s premium applies to all lots in this auction. 30% buyer’s commission applies when bidding is under $1001, moving to 20% buyer’s commission up to $2500, then 15% buyer’s commission. When the bid reaches $4,001 or more, the buyer’s premium is 7%. The buyer’s premium is added to the final offer price.

See the description of the individual lot for the condition of the product. All items are assigned images. These should be considered as guidelines only. The assets included in this sale may be used, so an inspection is highly recommended before bidding. If it is classified as “Used”, the product may have been subject to moderate to heavy consumer use and has not been tested to ensure that it performs according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some individual items may show signs of wear and tear typical of used items, and in some cases accessories may differ from standards (e.g. software or user manuals may be missing or different, without original packaging). (Subject to the offer agreement which you have accepted) Photographs, descriptions and condition reports (if any) are used as a guide only. Bids on the property in this sale must be made based on your own inspection and appraisal of the property.

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Invoices over $10,000 must be paid by direct deposit within 2 days of auction end. For invoices over $10,000, we reserve the right to charge the buyer’s credit card a deposit of up to $10,000 or 20% of the total invoice amount. By offering this transaction, the buyer unreservedly agrees to it. Contact us on 1300 064 978 or email [email protected] for an accurate invoice balance. Please note that cash, personal or business checks are not accepted. If the invoices total less than $10,000, your credit card will be charged within 2 days of the auction closing. Set aside funds to facilitate payment processing. Bills over $10,000 will not be distributed.

Cars Of A Lifetime: 2009 Ford Fg Falcon G6e

Auctions usually end at the stated times. There are some exceptions to this, but if a lot is successfully bid on within 10 minutes of the end of the online auction (the “Going, Going, Gone” period!), it will continue until it fails. offer with “update period”. There is no limit to the number of online auction extensions. This makes it work more like a live auction, where bidding doesn’t stop as long as the item is still interested, rather than setting an arbitrary cutoff time. This means it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the activity as the auction approaches closing time and check back often.

Please note that in Victoria, when you buy a vehicle at auction, you do not have a statutory warranty, cooling-off period or MOT. The manufacturer’s warranties still apply to the vehicle according to their terms, you should contact the manufacturer directly with claim no. The remainder of the new car warranty also applies to vehicles sold at auction. No other guarantees are given.

Since registration and ownership requirements vary from state to state, buyers should consult the registration requirements of the state in which the vehicle is registered. In accordance with auction policy, buyer is responsible for government transfer fees, taxes, etc. that may apply. Note: Existing Vic registered vehicles can only be transferred to Vic license holders. License plates will be removed if the vehicle is unregistered or has interstate plates. You can obtain an unregistered vehicle permit from your local road authority for pickup. To register for VIC, once your invoice has been paid you should visit Vic Roads:

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Bids on the property for this sale must be made based on an inspection and appraisal of the property. While we have endeavored to provide accurate property information, “descriptions, photographs and data sheets (if attached to a lot) should be used as a guide only, the property is sold as is, where is.” If in doubt, please do not bid as no refunds will be made.”

Ford Falcon G6e Fg Ii Dual Fuel Automatic Sedan Auction (0001 20044610)

The information sheet (if it is attached under the lot description) is only indicative. The vehicles have not been driven or tested and the description is based only on starting the engine. There may be other damages, mechanical problems or body stains that were not visible or included in the description at the time of arrival or booking. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out a full inspection before bidding.

Depreciation of the goods is the buyer’s responsibility. Withdrawals can only be made when the funds have been received. Buyers cannot collect until the invoice is paid in full. The goods can only be handed over with the correct information, which includes the sales number, the number/ lots and the names of the buyers. Property can be picked up from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To collect your purchase, go to the collection address during the recommended times and submit a copy of your winning email and photo ID. A copy of your invoice will be on site with staff to help document the disposal process.

Once the asset is removed, the transaction between the store and the bidder is considered completed. After this time, even third-party collections cannot be invoked. If in doubt, withhold the offer.

Important Information: Please note that it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that their lot is removed safely. Provide appropriately qualified personnel to remove their plots. Electricity can be connected to some plots or services such as air, water, gas or oil can be further connected. Occupational health and safety regulations apply on this site. All questions regarding the disposal of lots should be addressed to the name or phone number shown on the sales page.

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Falcon Falcon Fg Fg X (08 16) Window Visors / Weathershields / Weather Shields

The vehicles must be removed from the site within 5 days of the end of the auction. If it is not possible to move the vehicle off the site, an agreement must be made with Auto Team if the reserved time cannot be reached. Autoteam can be contacted at 1300 064 978 or

For interstate buyers or third-party customs, you have an additional week from the date of purchase on the invoice. This storage is free of charge in order to arrange the collection of the vehicle/item. After this date storage fees are $50 per day or $250 per week, all storage fees must be paid prior to vehicle release.

Don’t guess when buying a car and do a pre-purchase inspection so you can buy with confidence.

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Melbourne ’08 Preview: 2008 Ford Fg Falcon Swoops In

For a no-obligation assessment and quote, contact our Automotive team today on 1300 064 978 or click here to request.

Knowledge is the key. Do your homework on value and model before bidding on the vehicle you want. Please read the lot description in full as every car is different and the description will give you an idea of ​​the vehicle’s specifications. Ask questions and view a vehicle – our automotive team can be contacted on 1300 064 978 or <A href="mailto:[email protected]". We sell the vehicle with no warranty and no grace period in "as is", "as is" condition. Explore the following questions to help you unlock the value of buying at an online auction.

Yeah!!! We recommend that you inspect the vehicle on the agreed date. See the review tab. Take a valid driver’s license with you

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