Forward Fold Camper Reviews

Forward Fold Camper Reviews – It’s so new, it doesn’t even have a name yet…we took the newly designed Cup Campers prototype to see if you should believe the hype.

I’ll get this out of the way right off the bat – I’m a huge fan of cup campers. They are simple, well made, easy to set up and pack; They have everything you need in a camper and you can tow anywhere. They’ve been around for nearly 400 years now, pioneering the classic and often imitated back-folding hardwood floor design that hasn’t changed until now.

Forward Fold Camper Reviews

We were lucky enough to have our hands on the Cup’s prototype forward-folding trailer, which will go on sale later this year. It’s a completely new trailer, and it’s very different from what we’ve come to expect from the brand – so we’re excited to get this thing out in the bush to see what it can do.

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Since this is a prototype, the guys want to point out that there are still some things that need to be tweaked and changed in the production model (which will be released in October). Sure, some things are wrong, but I don’t care too much; This is a company with a solid reputation for quality products, so I’m sure the production models will be very polished.

So apart from the obvious opening configuration, what’s new about it? The frame has been redesigned with drawbar rails running the entire length of the camber – the idea is to increase strength and off-road flexibility. Cub engineers have designed and built all their other trailers in-house, so it’s interesting to note that this one features an independent coil and shock combo from well-known trailer accessory manufacturer Alco. After putting it through its paces off-road, the new frame and suspension worked really well. The trailer quickly followed our troupe (above the landscape where we saw the two lockers connected) without drama.

As you might expect, the camber’s set-up and pull-down isn’t difficult. The only reason I don’t call it ‘easy’ is because the gas struts that help flip the bed aren’t perfect for a prototype application. It wasn’t that it made things difficult; The lid opens and closes without the need for front or rear winches, but it does require some muscle to operate things. Again, this is not an issue for production models.

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Release the three clips on either side of the trailer and flip the roof over to get the bed in position once the alcove support legs are dropped. From there it’s a simple matter of pushing three canvas support poles into the camper and you’re ready to open a beer. Even with gas-less struts, the whole process took me no more than a few minutes, and it was easier and faster to expand the unit.

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I’m a big fan of using forward folders where available, and this one has the best of them. There is a ready-set-up U-Lounge without a hard-mounted prototype table… but I have it on good authority that there will be one by October, and even better, the table telescope makes a platform. A second double bed – making it perfect for travelers with tin lids. The main queen bed is easily accessible via a drop-down step (which may be a bit wide) and all curtain windows can be opened to let in loads of light and air. A roll-up door and opening with walls allows it to be used as a hidden-but-outdoor area, which is great for our trips to the beach or if you’re traveling up north.

Like almost every camper trailer these days, all the lights are LED and the interior strip light is dim (which is a good feature, I guess…nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to answer the call of nature and you. Flick the light and your trailer 7- Turns to 11, blinding you and waking up the whole family).

While we’re talking about lighting, I like to look at outdoor lighting for cooking and general viewing; Hopefully one will make its way in the next few months.

The trailer has plenty of storage inside and outside. There is a roller bearing pull-out slide on both sides – one for the refrigerator and one for the generator, second for the refrigerator or any other large item. Two large slide-out storage drawers keep everything from cookware to rescue tools well organized and easily accessible. The stainless kitchen is located at the rear of the trailer and has Smeve twin-burners (supplied by twin 4kg gas bottle holders in the drawer) and an attached sink with electric pump and 80l water tank. When the prototype isn’t in the shade, it’s a cozy place to cook a meal or kick back in a camp chair and say “How peaceful…” to yourself a few dozen times.

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The electrical system is stored behind the driver and is powered by a 100AH ​​deep cycle battery that runs 240V and 12V outlets throughout the trailer. Full performance is managed by a Redarc battery management system monitored by a digital gauge and also allows for solar input if you want to stay in one place for a few days and keep the amps going.

So let’s be honest here. There are more than two forward-folding trailers on the market these days – are these really any different from the rest?

The thing is, little camps always work. In terms of quality and fit and finish top and practicality they are often hard to beat. Of course, some of these are more expensive than others; But it’s still under the magic $30K mark, and more importantly, it’s 100% Aussie designed, built and owned, and uses Australian products wherever possible; And the product is supported by after sales service. To me, it’s worth the slightly higher asking price…and the knowledge that I’ll still have one of these trailers 20 years from now.

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The Cup brand is synonymous with Australian camper-trailers and Australian camping. Cub has been on display here for 52 years and has a showroom full of models to meet most camper needs. So after some serious market research and subsequent development, Cub is now introducing its long-standing camping heritage to newcomers with the lightweight and, affordable, Cub Scouts. However, cheap is only related to price. The build quality is excellent, and even more so compared to the competition from overseas.

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With now-retired founder Roger Fagan chairing the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild, it’s no secret that Cubs are passionate about Australian manufacturing. With an assurance that all supplies designed for the campers will be picked up here; There’s not much you can do about a great device with foreign inputs, but if it’s built in Camper, it’s made here.

Scout is a forward camper. It takes a design lead from Cup’s popular Frontier model. Although we’re referring to newcomers to the scene above, this isn’t just an entry-level camper. Another attractive feature, and a timely launch with local campers enjoying the boost of holiday-at-home Aussies, is that many SUVs can tow it. So with Scout, if you want to go camping with your new camper – you don’t need a new car. It’s also easy to maneuver by hand if you have a tight spot to park it.

So let’s look at those very important numbers: the Scout camper is 3.68m in body and 5.58m overall length including the drawbar (which is the same as the camper open). Now, the weights to check with your car’s manual are Tare 1113kg and ATM 1500kg – with a curb weight of just 105kg. We don’t say that often. It is one of the lightest forward-folding camper-trailers on the market.

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These light numbers don’t equate to light use, however, and while the little Scout isn’t advertised as a hardcore off-roader, the Scout can easily survive in the bush. Even with small dimensions

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