Garden Stepping Stones Melbourne

Garden Stepping Stones Melbourne – If you’re looking for the perfect material for your next landscaping project, organic steps are the perfect solution. As a natural stone specialist, we are Melbourne’s most trusted supplier of stepping stones to enhance the exterior of a business or residence. What? do you know what you really want? Or are you looking for some inspiration? Either way, the Granite Works team can help you find the right organic steps for any project.

Our range of premium mortars are supplied and manufactured to order. This gives you more control over your project as you work together to select the stone and manufacture to your specifications. For custom projects, lead times can vary depending on where the stone is sourced and how complex the custom design is.

Garden Stepping Stones Melbourne

We know our customers want their projects to stand out, so we offer unique, stylish and modern fixtures that complement any landscape design and architectural style.

River Rock Stepping Stone Ideas

Whether for commercial patios or home gardens, these stones add curb appeal and beautify the outdoors. Stepping stones are ideal for modern walkways and patios and can withstand the harsh Australian climate. From bluestone and porphyry to granite and limestone, each step brings its own unique natural features to an elegant look.

Our high quality stepping stones are water and weather resistant, durable and timeless. Create a rustic look or add a touch of luxury; Whatever look you want to achieve, the organic stepper is a simple and amazing choice.

All organic steps are subject to our quality control processes. Our custom and standard stair types are selected from Grade A raw stone and inspected prior to installation to ensure high quality.

We have a variety of natural stone steps in stock, but we can also order custom stepping stones to suit your specifications; Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes to create harmony and refinement.

Drivepave Concrete Pavers

On custom projects, lead times can vary depending on where the stone tile comes from and how complex the custom design is, but you can be sure it’s worth the wait!

As the leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne, we know what you need. Our organic stepper range certainly impresses when it comes to aesthetics, durability and premium quality.

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Whether you’re a business owner, an architect, or just buying stepping stones for your own property, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to explore our range of advanced organic steps or to custom order. Call 0398135999

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Loden Quartz Natural Split Stepping Stones

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Sealing stone is a valuable task that most homeowners can do on their own. Sealing has many advantages, including protection against stains, easy cleaning and, ultimately, the longevity of the stone. At Edwards Slate & Stone we recommend using Lithofin for your stone. Lithofin manufactures quality German-made sealants that will give you peace of mind against common stains from red wine, oil and pets. Ask for advice on which sealants and cleaning products are best for your project.

Cleans granite, gneiss, quartzite and other natural and engineered stones. Cement films, stubborn dirt residues, blooms, blooms, …

These special stain-absorbing, natural and engineered stone impregnation designs are well protected against stains. It is very resistant to penetration…

Sandstone Paving, Pavers & Tiling, Tiles Melbourne

It completely removes green and dark deposits as well as stains from trees or flowers…”We have recommended your company to others because we are satisfied with your service. We look forward to doing business with you in the future”

Second Factory products failed to meet 100% of the manufacturers’ quality control measures. Some of the defects reported with these products include, but are not limited to: chips, missing corners, cracks, air holes/bubbles, variations in color and thickness. Printed brochures may differ from the actual color of the product delivered.

When buying a second-hand product from the factory, it is recommended to order 5% – 10% extra to avoid cutting, breaking and losing. Please note that pallets are packed at the factory and it is not possible to check each pallet before it leaves our yard.

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Yes we do. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the Online Store, please contact us for a quote.

Bluestone Stepping Stones

No, we have a wide range of products that you can see in our Showroom. Our showroom is located at 2164 Smithfield, NSW.

We use the services of a courier company that delivers to Sydney Metropolitan, Central Coast and South Coast areas. We also use external services to reach the wider Australian area. If you are outside the metropolitan area – please contact us and we will do our best to deliver our products to you.

Most of the products we sell are very heavy and we need the use of a Semi Trailer and Alterain Forklift to deliver them to you. As with fuel prices and operating costs, we cannot offer discounts on deliveries. For full delivery details, please read our Delivery Information page.

Yes, depending on the product you purchased, if the product is featured on Simon Seconds, you can get it. Please note that we will not manually pack your caravan (we will if we have time). Using a forklift if possible and with appropriate safety barriers e.g. belt angles etc. With the SAFE capacity of LEGAL transport cargo we can place pallet loads.

Cobblestone Pavers In Melbourne

At any time, Simons Seconds Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse to load your vehicle if the customer fails to comply with NSW Workcover and RTA safety standards legislation.

We have already reduced the price of our products, but we would like to talk to you about large orders. This is usually done on a case by case basis, to do this you may need to come see us and purchase in person. Gosford Quarry provides the most advanced sandblasting equipment in the entire city.

Light to Medium Sand Stone Color Color Crazy Hardwood, Sand Pool Bricks and Sand Pool Sides | Sandstone Swimming Pool Projects | Sandstone Landscape Projects

The conservation and design community supports the use of these natural products in gardening and construction. And the popularity of sand continues to grow and expand. Especially for government incentives for home renovations and first home purchases; incentives that have been there as incentives for our economy, especially since Covid.

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Flamed Bluestone Stepping Stones

Much in demand for flooring applications, sand is an excellent flooring solution for its durability, slip resistance and thermal properties, making it a practical and aesthetic choice.

Sandstone is often referred to as ‘stepping stone’ for landscaping projects. Pavers and stepping stones are terms that can be used interchangeably; There is no difference between the two products except the way they are packaged. Sandstone stepping stones are only installed with spaced pavers; The space between the stepping stones is often filled with grass or pebbles to make a path.

Gosford Quarries often recommend a range of thicknesses for fabrication projects, depending on the intended substrate and application. Whether the stone is placed over concrete, compacted sand or gravel, or whether pedestrian or vehicle traffic will affect the overall thickness recommendations.

Speak to one of our experts on 03 9558 2283 to discuss the best paving option for your next project.

Smartstone Timberstone 660 X 220 X 40mm Paver Stepper

A ‘cut sand marker’ is used to create a ‘crazy pitch’. When considering sand flooring, irregular pieces of natural sand are put together and arranged like a jigsaw puzzle.

Gosford Quarries has the products available to produce various styles of sandstone or flagstone, such as split asphalt and saw cut asphalt, which are used to create the beautiful asphalt look that is so popular today.

Cut paving uses large diamond-cut slabs known as sand slabs that are irregularly raised and cut into sizes and re-joined and joined on site to create an irregular pavement appearance.

Split marking is a different product used to create an attractive English style floor with a more textured surface. This is a non-selective material for dividing natural quarries in a range of sand colors and sizes, with thicknesses ranging from 40 mm to 80 mm.

Stepping Stones For Paving, Patios, And Pathways

Sandstone treads are a popular product requested at Gosford Quarries to build a new staircase or finish an existing staircase. Sandstone pavers are a great solution as they are 100% customizable in color, size and edge finish. Customers have a variety of options to choose from edge finishes such as bull, beveled, rock-faced or ganged and diamond-cut finishes for a unique and flattering look.

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