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Gary Jackson Dog Trainer – 4 Things You Should Do When You Have a New Puppy: Importance of Puppy Socialization – Interview with Gaz Jackson

Socializing your new puppy is very important to prevent the development of unwanted or bad behaviors such as dog aggression, separation anxiety, and disruptive barking.

Gary Jackson Dog Trainer

Today, I’m going to share the takeaways from my interview on TDLTV with Gaz Jackson…and these are the first important things to do when you get a new puppy – part of proper puppy socialization.

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The first important thing to do when you get a new puppy (click on each item to discover more):

Gary “Gaz” Jackson is an internationally renowned Australian dog trainer who has written many excellent books on dog training.

He strongly educates people, plans to adopt new puppies, that they should not remove puppies from the litter before they are 8 weeks old.

Because if you do that, the puppy will become dependent on your new owner and this will lead to serious dog behavior problems – later in the dog’s life.

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This creates a disruption in the ranking structure as the puppy perceives it – if you have another dog or a child, your new dog will think it has a higher rank than your child or the other dogs in the package.

As your new puppy grows, he will establish leadership – nothing to do with the “bottom members” of the pack, he can become arrogant towards your children, the dog ignores them… and he even stands between you. and your children or other people.

Some dogs with this problem even urinate in the children’s bedrooms and hover over their belongings to sniff and show dominance and ownership.

The worst cases lead to aggression towards children and other dogs in the house because of this dependency problem and the bad classification structure caused by letting the dog sleep in the bedroom during the first weeks important of socialization – between 8 and 16 weeks of puppy age.

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The best thing you can do is to get the puppy its own dog bed or crate and put the coats of the family members so that the puppy can recognize the scent of each other.

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) so you can easily move your puppy from one place to another in your home while providing maximum comfort and safety.

Also, you may want to wear a sweat shirt inside the puppy’s crate as well. Therefore, your new dog can continue to recognize the scent of the family.

This is one of the best ways to make the puppy as independent as possible – let your new puppy relax in some area of ​​your house or in the yard – alone or with his siblings (

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By teaching your puppy to become independent, you are preventing the development of separation anxiety as he gets older.

Separation anxiety is one of the main causes of barking that can lead to bigger problems in the neighborhood.

People who have dogs that disturb the peace in the neighborhood by being annoying have experienced stress. This is a large number and even managed to reach the army officers.

The reason is that the important weeks of the puppy’s life (between 8 and 16 weeks), the best time to socialize the dog, are also important stages for the puppy’s health and immunity.

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This is their vaccination period and most vets advise not to let the puppy come into contact with other dogs and even people if they are not fully vaccinated – which you should not take your puppy in public places.

This is reasonable, but it robs the puppy of the opportunity to experience the world outside the comfort of your place.

Therefore, Gaz Jackson recommends that you look for other ways to socialize your dog without harming his health – avoid further contamination such as dog pounds and dog parks.

You can take your kids to a soccer game, or to a mall that allows pets if you bring them inside. There are many other ideas to improve your puppy’s social skills with other dogs and people in a clean, safe and secure way.

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For example, you invite a trusted friend, with a vaccinated and completely friendly dog, to your place or to a dog-friendly cafe.

Finally, you need to start thinking a little about how you can help your puppy become well socialized and fit into your daily or weekly schedule.

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*There is a $6 monthly bill fee. Pay your balance by the due date (end of next month) and we’ll waive the fee. See Complete Ts & CsDogs that do not have proper socialization and training during their childhood can develop behavioral problems that can be difficult to solve later in life.

These problems are popular gambling, aggression of other animals and humans, withdrawal Lead during walks, digging holes in the garden and many others …

Without proper training and exposure to other animals, people and the environment, the dog will grow into a dog that is anxious, suspicious and paranoid, will continue to bark at unnecessary things and chew things.

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In a new episode of TDL TV on Facebook Live, Gaz Jackson will share his lifelong and professional knowledge of puppy training and socialization – essential to preventing dog aggression.

Adopting a new puppy is very popular this Christmas season – we are sure many people will benefit from this content as training your puppy is so important and puppy socialization is vital to the development of your new puppy.

Just remember that getting a new dog or dogs is a lifelong commitment and not just for the holidays. Therefore, it is best to start learning how to train your puppy and when to start socializing him… and ultimately develop a well-behaved dog.

Start early – between 3 weeks and 16 weeks of puppy age is an important period in socialization and training – dog owners are encouraged to train and socialize their puppies during this period.

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Adopting a dog is, again, a lifelong commitment. Just like parenting – it takes time and regular effort if you want your dog to grow up to be a well-adjusted and well-behaved dog.

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Between the ages of 3 – 16 weeks, your puppy is exposed to a wide variety of people, animals and situations – these encounters should be positive and it is best if you start slowly and gradually increase the -exposure of your dog to pleasant encounters.

Now, it is highly recommended that your child is fully vaccinated before taking him to a public place (

Therefore, you need to give some thought to how you can fit the educational and socialization needs of your new sibling into your daily schedule.

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Training a new puppy can be difficult and take a little more time than usual… Others like to enroll their dog in a puppy training class where the dog trainer can closely supervise the – your dog’s behavior and progress, especially how they interact with other dogs and humans. (

However, there are some valuable basic things that you can and should do on your own, as a dog owner.

Social skills are important whether you’re a human or a dog… and your puppy needs to learn to socialize appropriately with both species – people and dogs. Therefore, it can become a confident and reliable dog.

And be in a new environment and experience new happy situations. Again, these early social encounters should be fun to develop a confident and reliable dog.

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As mentioned earlier, the best time to raise your child’s social skills is during the critical developmental period between 3 and 16 weeks.

Also, this is your child’s vaccination period and your vet will recommend that you keep your dog away from public places and other dogs.

Between 7 and 12 weeks (when vaccinations are usually completed) is the ideal time to enroll your child in a training class.

Dog training classes are recommended because they involve different real sounds and a dog trainer can help your puppy focus better on commands, despite the noise around.

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Puppy training classes can be an important part of making sure your dog is properly socialized as he will have a better chance of meeting other dogs and people during the class.

Also, it has been observed that puppies that attend training classes are less likely to show signs of separation anxiety and/or.

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