Goodlife Music Festival Brisbane

Goodlife Music Festival Brisbane – Saint. Try not to be discouraged, but the Good Life Festival can be legitimately disgusting. We’re not even joking. Somebody get Ghostbusters on the phone, stat.

The internet is completely losing its mind over a photo taken from the Brisbane leg of the youth event, which shows a haunting image of a young woman holding a teddy bear.

Goodlife Music Festival Brisbane

Before you call it bullshit, the organizers started investigating its legality and confirmed that yes it could indeed be a god demon monster.

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Naturally, once the spirit of the so-called good life emerged, everyone began to lose their wits, prompting the organizers to try to get to the bottom of the WTF.

They did, and have since issued an official statement confirming that, yes, paranormal activity does exist and that we are all probably doomed:

His statement naturally sparked a huge backlash on social media, with a boxer named Michael Gitsham backing it up with his first-hand knowledge of the urban legend.

“I know the story well enough to be in RNA,” he wrote. “The ghost in the house was rumored to be Mr. McConnell’s daughter, the daughter of the presidents of the RNA. Lucy Jane McConnell. In 1908, when the fireworks display was seen at the end of the Royal Exhibition the previous night, she stood up Get a good idea of ​​yourself. Holding her tit in your hand, then a gust of wind broke her leg. She died after falling on the roof. She was only 8.” …

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He continued: “To this day, it’s still a flood, the nightcomers are playing tricks on them. Small voices of the girls can be heard playing up and down the ceiling as she follows her death footsteps ” , I was told about this by one of the former committee members who was the head of the show’s representatives.

But I think we all know there are only two experts who can really get to the bottom of this sad mystery: a photo of a “ghostly” child allegedly holding a teddy bear at a music festival in Brisbane has sparked controversy. has given birth to. The event was publicized or if the photo is fake.

A photo taken from February’s Good Life festival that was recently shared on Facebook by event organizers shows a young girl clinging to a teddy bear floating on the roof of a building behind the stage.

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The photo soon captured the imagination of social media users and became a hot topic that the organizers of the event felt compelled to investigate.

People Evacuated From Good Life Festival

In a Facebook post on Friday, organizers said they had contacted the photographer who took the photo and the mysterious girl in the background.

He also contacted the exhibition grounds and found that “the ground staff refused to go near one of the old warehouses after repeated sightings of a young woman”.

“It is estimated that a young woman named Lucy died at the site in the early 1900s and has been haunted ever since,” the post states.

The announcement sparked a lot of discussion online, with a Facebook user revealing more details about the rumored baby bump at the Brisbane show.

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Michael Gitsham writes: “The ghost haunting the plantation is rumored to be Lucy Jane McConnell, daughter of Mr McConnell, the RNA president.”

“In 1908, while watching the fireworks at the end of the previous night’s Royal Show, she stood up to get a better view with Teddy in her hand, then a gust of wind prompted her to open her step. Fell down to her death. On the roof, she was only eight years old.”

Other fans of the festival disagreed, with one pointing out that the image was the same “ghost” that appears in the video game Grand Theft Auto 5.

Andrew Graves on Facebook said, “Hell of a good reputation, I would do 10/10 to promote a good life myself.” Please note that this is a requirement for random wine submission.

The Divine Bangalow Music Festival

Entry to the program is restricted to customers aged 13-17 only. By purchasing a ticket you agree that you are at least 13 years of age and not more than 17 years of age at the date of the event. If you are 18 years of age or older, you will be refused entry to the program and your ticket will not be refunded.

A condition of admission to the program is that you bring an acceptable proof of age to enter the event and venue. The proof of age ID must be current and can be:

(Expired licence, passport and school ID are fine if it contains your name, date of birth and photo)

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Attested copies of birth certificates and 1 copy of each type of photo ID will be accepted.

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Sealed copy means sealed and/or signed by a Justice of the Peace, Attorney, Pharmacist, Nurse or Police Officer.

There are no passes during the program. Do not allow crossings once patrons have entered the program. Customers who leave the program before the scheduled closing time of 10.00 PM will not be allowed to re-enter.

(“Good Life Showcase” event)There is a dress code for all events. Any bum bag / fanny bag, men side bag or men’s bag (bags are ok). Shirts should be worn at all times. (Event “Good Life Showcase”) Recommend closed shoes but allow fur.

A variety of food stations will be available for all patrons throughout the event. We also have free cold water fountains around the site. All contractors accept cards and have EFTPO facility.

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Good Life presenters will follow all new public health orders. Please be sure to check vaccination laws in your states.

At this point, we are completely free. Please bring a card or equipment to pay for food and soft drinks, merchandise and locker rooms.

The event is an alcohol, cigarette, vape and drug-free event. Their parents/guardians will be contacted if they are found using or in possession of alcohol or illegal substances in any ward. If your parent/guardian cannot be contacted, you will be handed over to the police.

We actively enforce our zero tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol and it is a condition of entry into the event and venue that you may undergo the following checks:

No Fame Agency

Agreement to the above zero tolerance policy is a condition of the event and entry into the site. If you do not choose, you will not be forced to comply, but if you do not choose, you will be denied entry to the event and venue without a refund.

If you are found to be reading any drugs or alcohol, you will not be allowed to enter the event and will be taken to the waiting area by event security. Event Security will contact your parent/guardian to pick you up. If your parent/guardian cannot be contacted, you will be handed over to the police.

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(“Good Life” Events) designed a robust safety management plan and security risk assessment plan for the event.

(“Good Life” Events) will employ the services of private security agencies to secure the event. Security personnel will be deployed to secure inside, outside and around the venue.

Fans Cheering Musicians On Stage At Live Rock Music Concert, Back View Stock Photo

“Good Life” programs will have a dedicated St. John’s team to assist with first aid injuries or customer concerns.

Two (2) lines of anti-climbing fencing shall be installed. Also, there will be extensive police and security arrangements around the fence line. Please be advised that (“good life events”) use security dogs and private fences in these areas, in the event attempting to enter illegally could result in serious injury. In addition, since 2015, (“Good Life Events”) have decided not only to remove people from our site, but also to file charges against anyone caught in violation. Anyone who enters the wristband will be provided at the event, If you are seen in the venue without a wristband, you will be removed and you may face charges.

Strictly no bumbag. The Promoter reserves the right to ban items it considers to be a threat to the enjoyment, rights and/or safety of all Customers and/or Artists. Prohibited items must be returned and will not be returned.

Prohibited items include: alcohol, cigarettes or vaping; animals other than service animals (such as sight dogs, police dogs and horses); Weapon, any object that can be used as a weapon; beach balls and other inflatables; No selfie stick for Pro Stick, drinks and food cans; chairs and stools, any temporary accommodation including umbrellas; Sky; Fireworks; Glass (including bottles); containers larger than 600 ml; Large bags or large bags, reinforcement equipment; Unauthorized advertising, commercial, political, religious or any material of any nature including clothing, posters, signs, signs and letters or papers; laser pointers, distress signals, whistles or high beams; or any other material which is considered or deemed to be dangerous or capable of causing public violence and which may be used to distract, disrupt or interfere with the enjoyment of any operator or other subscriber. Perfume bottles and perfumes must be closed and have no tops. Nasal spray is not allowed to be used.

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