Granny Flats In Adelaide

Granny Flats In Adelaide – If you want to build a granny flat right in your backyard, we have the solution – all for one fixed price. Choose from any of our attractive ‘pre-designed’ room solutions for granny flats, home studios or offices, teenage living spaces and rumpus rooms.

In South Australia (SA) this is subject to your local council’s guidelines, but typically a floor plan ‘footprint’ of around 60 square metres.

Granny Flats In Adelaide

Yes, but unfortunately it’s not the same in every SA council district, so you’ll need to check your local council’s planning and building guidelines… but we can do this for you.

Add A Room Granny Flats

Not at all, but if you choose to attach it to your existing home, you can gain more ‘footprint’ floor area. Contact us for further advice and/or to view our pre-designed ‘connected’ solutions.

Whether your backyard slopes sideways, up or down, there’s a solution because ‘anything is possible’ at Adelaide Home Improvement.

You certainly can because the fixtures and fittings reflect on you and not the builder. Our granny flat specifications are all inclusive, allowing you to move in your furniture and start living!

Only if your existing garage is on the main roof of the house. However, if your existing garage is of the free-standing corrugated iron type…..there may be some issues to look at such as ceiling height, ventilation, ‘natural’ light and damp proofing membrane under the floor. Must comply with existing SA Building Regulations.

Secondary Residence And Granny Flat Display Homes

Fill out our contact form or call our office on 08 82972088 and we will arrange to meet you at your home or at our home extension display gallery in Linden Park. By the way, we take care of all council approvals before starting on site.

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