Holden Cruze 2012 Owners Manual Pdf

Holden Cruze 2012 Owners Manual Pdf – Please note that by purchasing a vehicle from the auction, you do not receive any statutory warranty or air conditioning downtime.

The following conditional ratings are the opinion of our reservations staff, which may differ from your own opinion:

Holden Cruze 2012 Owners Manual Pdf

Sales are made on an as-is basis. No warranty/statutory cooling off period applies. Vehicle inspections are based on roundabouts and start-ups only and are the opinion of the booking manager. The sale description is indicative only, as the vehicle may have problems or invisible damage. A full inspection is recommended.

Holden Cruze Sri Z Series Jh Automatic Sedan Auction (0001 10061733)

Note on GST: GST is included in the final offer price of this item. GST is included in the buyer’s premium.

These properties are used so inspections are recommended prior to bidding, descriptions and photos are to be used as a guide only.

Please note: This is an auction. All assets in this sale are being sold “as is” with no warranty or freezing period

Be careful when bidding, because once your bid is submitted, it cannot and will not be canceled. If you are unsure, please do not bid as there are no refunds.

Chevrolet Cruze 1lt Pulaski Va

Please ensure that all vehicles / boats / motorcycles in this sale are sold with a clear title, but in this regard please note that:

Variable buyer’s premium applies to all lots in this auction. 30% buyer’s premium applies when bidding less than $1,001 changes to 20% buyer’s premium up to $2,500, then changes to 15% buyer’s premium. When bidding reaches $4,001 or more, a 7% buyer’s premium applies. The buyer’s premium will be added to the final bid price.

See each lot description for asset terms. All batches have images assigned to them. These should be taken as a guide only. The assets included in this sale may be used, so due diligence is recommended before bidding. If classified as “used”, the assets may experience moderate to heavy user use and have not been tested to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Some individual items may show signs of normal wear and tear with the item and in some cases accessories may differ from standard (for example software or manuals may be missing or different without original packaging). (Subject to the bidder agreement you have accepted) Photos, descriptions and conditional statements (if any) are to be used for guidance only. Auctioning assets for sale should be done based on your own monitoring and evaluation of the assets.

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Invoices over $10,000 must be paid by direct deposit within 2 days of auction close. For total invoices over $10,000, we reserve the right to charge the buyer’s credit card up to a maximum of $10,000 or 20% of the total invoice amount. In this auction, the buyer accepts without reservation. Please contact 1300 064 978 or email accounts receivable @ .au for the exact invoice number. Please note that cash with personal or company checks will not be accepted. For invoices totaling less than $10,000, your credit card will be charged 2 days after the auction closes. To help with the payment process, have a quote. Bills over $10,000 will not be distributed.

Used Holden Cruze Cdx 2012

Offers usually end at time of posting. There are some exceptions to this, but if there is a successful bid for a certain amount within 10 minutes of the online auction closing (the “go-go-go!” period), it will continue forever. No results . Bids in “Refresh Period” There is no limit to the number of times an online auction can be postponed. The fact that the auction does not stop while there is still interest in the product, instead of cutting the time arbitrarily. This means it’s good to look at the action when the auction is close to closing time and review it. Often. (See the Bidder Agreement for full details of the “go and go” period ).

Please advise Victoria when you buy a vehicle through auction, you will not have a statutory warranty, A/C standstill period or Road Certificate. The manufacturer’s warranty will still apply to the vehicles according to their terms and conditions, you will have to go directly to the manufacturer without a claim. The balance of the new car warranty will also apply to vehicles that have been auctioned. No other guarantees will be given.

Because registration and ownership requirements vary from state to state, buyers should familiarize themselves with the state registration requirements for which a vehicle will be registered. As with standard bidding practices, buyer is responsible for state transfer fees, duties, etc. applicable Attention: vehicles registered in Vic are currently only transferable to Vic license holders. The license plate will be removed if the vehicle is not registered or has a state license plate. You can obtain an unregistered vehicle permit from your local state authority to collect it. For VIC registration, once the invoice has been paid, you will need to log in to Vic Roads with:

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The auction of assets for sale must be done based on the monitoring and evaluation of your assets. While we strive to provide accurate property details, “descriptions, photos and data forms (if multiple) are to be used as a guide only, assets are being sold on a basic basis. If not sure, don’t bid because there are no refunds.

Chevy Cruze Maintenance Schedule

The data form (if attached below the lot description) is for guidance only. The car is not driven or tested and the description is based on the engine starting only. There may be various damages, mechanical problems or injuries to the body that are not visible or contained in the description upon arrival or booking. A full inspection is therefore recommended before making an offer.

Withdrawal is the buyer’s responsibility. Recovery can only be done if the money has been settled. The buyer cannot accept it until the invoice is paid in full. Goods can be delivered with the correct information supplied, including the sales number, lot number and buyer’s name. Assets can be collected Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To collect your purchase, please enter the collection address within the time indicated with a copy of your winner’s email and photograph. A copy of your invoice will be on the website with staff to help you document the disposal process.

Once ownership is withdrawn, the transaction between and bidder is considered complete. There will be no claim beyond this term, even in the event of third-party collection. If you’re not sure, decline the offer.

Important Note: Please note that it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure safe disposal. Provide qualified personnel to remove the lottery. Some parcels may be solid power lines or utilities such as air, water, gas or oil may still be connected. Occupational health and safety laws apply to this site. All questions about parcel pickup should be sent to the name, inquiries or phone numbers listed on the sales page.

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Used Holden Cruze Review: 2011 2016

The vehicle must be removed from the premises within 5 days of the close of the auction. If it is not possible to remove the vehicle from the layout of the premises, it must be done with automated equipment if the allotted time is not met. The car team can be contacted on 1300 064 978 or

For interstate buyers or third party collectors, you will have a grace period of one week from the date of purchase on the invoice. This storage space will be free for you to arrange to pick up the car / item, after the storage fee, this date will be charged $50 per day or $250 per week, all storage fees must be paid before the car is launched. .

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Holden Cruze Recall: 9500 Vehicles Affected

For a free assessment and quote contact our automotive team today on 1300 064 978 or click here to enquireclick here to enquire.

Knowledge is the key. Do your homework on prices and models before jumping on any car you want. Please read the full lot description as each car is different and the description gives you an insight into the features/details of the car. Ask questions and inspect vehicles – you can contact our vehicle team on 1300 064 978 or by email at <A href = "mailto: autocs @ .au". We are selling cars without warranty or air conditioning lock and "as is" "where". Check out the questions below to help unlock your purchase price in an online auction.

Yes!!! We recommend that you inspect the vehicle on the day of the appointment. See Dashboard. Please bring a valid driver’s license

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