Hotels Melbourne Southern Cross Station

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The Southern Hotel Melbourne offers tourists and business clients the perfect location at a very affordable price, allowing you to be close to all of Melbourne’s best attractions. This stylish Melbourne city hotel is just minutes from Southern Cross Station. and interstate bus and train terminals, and only a short drive from Melbourne Airport. The Great Southern Hotel has two distinct sections – one dedicated to business clients with Superior rooms; Standard and Classic rooms in the guest area overlooking a spacious courtyard – a true oasis in Melbourne’s CBD. Close to Crown Casino and Entertainment Centre, Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Etihad Stadium and Southbank. The Great Southern Hotel is a 3.5 star hotel offering Standard, Classic and Superior rooms. Trams and public transport are on your doorstep, giving you easy access to all that Melbourne has to offer. Wifi is available for an extra fee. A hot breakfast buffet is available for a fee. (Used from 6:30 am to 10:00 am) No porter service, but luggage storage facilities are available for USD 2 per bag per day. Payment by credit card to process the transaction at check-out is subject to an additional administration fee.

Hotels Melbourne Southern Cross Station

This website uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience. By using it you agree to our use of cookies. In 1962, the Southern Cross Hotel opened on Exhibition Street and an international jet came to Melbourne.

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From today’s perspective, it’s hard to imagine the greatness and impact of a 20th century airline: Pan Am.

The company was founded in 1927 by two former U.S. Army Air Corps officers with humble beginnings: their first contract was a postal route between Florida and Cuba. Activities for Central American riders began the following year.

But Pan Am chairman Juan Tripe has bigger ambitions. Tripp’s expansion strategy focuses on three strategies: actively opposing competing airlines (or taking over them), investing in quality airlines, and the political connections he uses to gain a foothold on popular routes.

Under Tripp’s leadership, Pan Am grew rapidly; from a network of local airships known as “Clippers” to the first transatlantic flight in the 1940s.

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Transportation Infrastructure For Southern Cross Station

The introduction of the jet after World War II ushered in a new era of aviation: bigger, faster, and more capable.

High-speed planes open up new routes, and their growth means more passengers; economies of scale then lead to cheaper flights.

Once the preserve of a few, air travel is now an option for many. International travel has become more common, and leisure and tourism have expanded significantly, serving a larger customer base.

Following this new trend, people who regularly travel abroad by air are named: jets.

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Pan Am is closely related to these events. Its logo and uniforms were pictures, and the plane became one of the most recognizable brands in the world, associated with beauty and travel.

The company’s expansion continued into the 1950s and 1960s; the Boeing 707 came out in 1958 and the Douglas DC8 in 1960.

One of those islands is the hotel chain InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, which Tripp founded in 1946. Like its parent company, the InterContinental hotel chain started in South America and then expanded globally.

With its hotel collection, Pan Am is able to offer a new innovation: vacation packages that bundle flights and accommodation together.

Hotel Near Southern Cross Station

The event drew international attention and proved to be a catalyst for change. Many of Melbourne’s great buildings were built in the 19th century.

The local government felt the city was old-fashioned and rushed to modernize it. In the conflict, many older buildings were simply demolished and their architectural heritage was lost due to the lack of meaningful heritage laws (you can read more about it here).

In June 1956, John Murray, vice president of Pan Am Corporation, went to Melbourne to inspect the grounds of the new InterContinental Hotel.

Murray looked at three places, eventually settling in the block between Exhibition Street and Bourke Street. The area was once home to the East Market, a once popular flower and retail market that declined in popularity after World War II.

Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne

Pan Am, local businessmen and the city council have reached an agreement; the Melbourne company will build the hotel, which will be managed by InterContinental Hotels.

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The design of the new building will also be a partnership; Los Angeles architects Welton Becket & Associates worked with local firm Leslie M. Perrot & Partners.

Both the government and the airline wanted a bold design. Architects will not be disappointed. The plans they created show an 11-storey tower housing 435 hotel rooms (making it Australia’s largest), next to a glass-fronted shopping precinct that will be home to a variety of retail outlets.

It will be a stunning modern building unlike any other in Melbourne. To add to the beauty of the area, the new hotel will be called the “Southern Cross”.

New Hotel Openings In 2021

Construction began in 1961 and was completed the following year. The building was grandly opened on 24 August 1962: the guest of honor was the Prime Minister of Australia, Robert Menzies.

The news footage was informative, showing the design and style of the hotel, including air conditioning and TVs in each room, which were unusual for the time.

The ‘Mayfair Room’ features 19th century fixtures and gas lamps (some taken from the Old East Market), the ‘Coolibah Restaurant’ features Aboriginal art, and the underground ‘Tavern’ is designed as a traditional English pub with a dark atmosphere. Parts of wooden boards and led lights.

‘This new building is really unique. How can I explain it? On the drab Exhibition Street, the Southern Cross seems to have been bought from the Gold Coast or Florida. The bedroom looks great. As a special concession to Australians, people can open their windows and ignore the air conditioning. The passages on the different floors are blue and gold, and the rooms have 7 different color schemes. Inside is a courtyard as you walk through the store, away from the madness of the street. At the center is the garden and waterfall sculpture. It’s its own town, on Exhibition Street. “—Keith Dunstan, “Walkabout” magazine, July 1962

Southern Cross Station Stock Video Footage

The rock band’s popularity has grown rapidly over the past two years, but as early as 1964, when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, they were already international superstars. An estimated 70 million spectators tuned in to their show, and the next stadium concert was sold out.

But beyond their success as musicians, the band began to associate with the genre of wood that followed them. ‘Beatlemania’ features a group of happy young men crying and screaming as they desperately scramble to see the band.

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The Beatles landed at Essendon Airport, Melbourne’s main airport, on June 14, 1964. An estimated 5,000 people saw John, Paul, George and drummer Jimmy Nichols get off the plane.

Ringo, who was unwell and did not play in Australia, joined the team that day.

Best Western Melbourne City, Melbourne

The procession was at the Southern Cross Hotel, and an estimated 200,000 people gathered in the surrounding streets. Many people have been waiting for hours since the early morning.

A senior police officer was there to control the crowd, but it was difficult to keep the peace. Equipment set up on Exhibition Street so that the hotel’s entrance remains obscured was swept away by fans, many of whom then climbed trees or cars to get a better view.

After arriving in a closed car through the staff door, the Beatles appeared on the hotel balcony for a few minutes. They laughed and laughed and gave the Nazi salute to the crowd below. A favorite joke.

“During the ‘Great Crash’, the Aussie Club lounge looked like a battlefield full of corpses. Cases of bruises, foot and leg injuries, and hysteria were spread over blankets and rugs on the floor and supported In armchairs around the walls. Many were brought in unconscious, others crying in pain or struggling with their thoughts. The ignorant were pushed over the heads of the crowd to keep them safe.” Time Reports The Beatles’ Arrival, June 15, 1964

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Things calmed down when the Beatles returned indoors. The group travel is tired, their travel plans are not finished and they are in bed before 9pm. A small group of people kept watch on Exhibition Street all night.

After they left, the cloth they used at the Southern Cross Hotel was cut into pieces and sold, with the proceeds donated to charity.

During the press conference, a female reporter asked questions and Sinatra (who also appeared in the festival hall) said on stage that all Australian journalists were “sluts”.

Anger at the insult came immediately. Local organization, needs members

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